2017.12.Magic jpgLetting go of the fear that stands somewhere between the barriers of suffering and healing is scary stuff. I came into this practice emotionally spent and quite fragile. The exercise of ritual brought to me a quiet, slow growing courage. I had always possessed a kind of grit and resilience. They became buried and lost in the aftershocks of trauma and abuse. The fierce warrior within finally began to reappear.

I began to realize my own strengths. Maybe magic has brought you into your own personal power as well? I began to dare to dream of the possibilities that I alone had the authority over my life to create.  I had abandoned the fairytale notion that a  knight in shining armor would appear and rescue me.

For the first time in my adult life, I set goals for myself. Practicing magic sorta does that. It requires us to focus on our personal development. To peel back the layers and start owning our own shit, and confront our deepest emotional wounds. For me, magic personifies healing. To help our healing, we must first identify where the wounds live and move forward from there. Easier task than it sounds, right?

My alter is the center of my practice. It's a refuge. Each candle I light and every drop of oil are a catalyst. It lends itself for the next great adventure in coming to know myself on a much deeper level. Spiritual tools serve a purpose. They create a beautiful and a more effective ritual. But, our most powerful instrument is ourself.

With this being my last blog for this year, I find myself reflecting on my journey. I am thinking about the many ways this path has enriched my life. Three years ago, I would never would have imagined  how much conjure would transform me. If you had told me, I would have laughed straight to your face.

I have met amazing people in the Pagan community. From that, I have developed a deep sense of responsibility to my “tribe.” These folks have inspired me to be a better human in every sense of the word. I have become confident, more responsible and self-empowered. A better mother, daughter and friend. My self awareness has expanded and continues to do so. I have discovered beauty and magic. They appear in the most ordinary of places, people and circumstance.  Most importantly, I have learned that magic lives within me and within each of you.

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12.2017.Energy jpgSome of us relish the chilly winter months. Cozy hoodies, comfort foods, and dusky skies. The shimmering beauty of the first fresh fallen snow. Winter, for me, is much like my taste in music. The sadder the song, the more joy I seem to extract from it. By the end of December, I lose the delight of the winter festivities and icy veils of frozen divinity. The war within myself with seasonal sadness will emerge.

It becomes a grueling chore to fulfill daily responsibilities.  At my stage in life, I am aware that getting my tail into the gym or some other form of exercise is beneficial. It will help increase my energy and help to relieve my winter blues. The struggle is real folks! First, I  gotta get my ass out of the bed!  I need tools to get my energies in line. There are a few other steps we can take to combat the seasonal sadness.

The lack of direct sunlight is a big contributor to a lower vibration and feelings of sadness. In these colder months, we spend more time indoors. Consider consulting with your family doctor and having your vitamin D checked. If you're low, your physician can direct you to a supplement that's right for you. My family is fairly active and last year I had my family checked. I was pretty surprised when we were low. So, you never know and it can't hurt.

Bundle up and get and enjoy a  walk. Exercise is an effective way to shake that stifling feeling. It greets many of us during the colder months. If you live in an area where you can not imagine braving those lower temps, maybe practice self care near a window? Stimulate your senses! Apply a little oil on yourself. Use oil in a diffuser. Get an inexpensive oils burner (I sourced mine from a dollar store).  

Wicked Good Peppermint Oil will awaken your energies and ignite what we need. Or Blessed Herbal Energy Oil, my aromatherapy "holy grail.” Either will inspire your olfaction,  The reason why I prefer this over others is simple. The hard part has been mapped out for us in this little 8ml concoction. Sandalwood and Ginger have been carefully, hand poured with just the right lunar cycles. This process is to anoint all things and inspire you  full force. So come back kickin ass like the super accomplished bad ass that you are!

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2017GRGCSome spirits remain “earth bound.” They have taken all their experiences and created a reality that makes sense for them. They will attach themselves to people they love, things or even strangers. They need an energy source to keep them tied here. They use people and things to do this, drawing from the living's energy. These spirits are confused and can mistake a person for the light. This is how some people wind up with a spiritual attachment. For the person who the spirit has attached themselves to, this can become draining and can even make them sick. Ghosts need a person to show them the light. They are too disoriented. The light is dim and and they need our help.

These spirits tend to stay in places that they are accustomed to. It's not unusual for them to roam homes, or other places. This is when you hear people say a particular place is "haunted." Spirits are unaware that they no longer have a physical body, yet continue to exist. Although, these disturbances can be annoying, they are generally, not malicious. These are souls that are muddled and fearful to to move on. They need reassurance that they will not go to a hell. Tell them this. Talk with them, kindly. Encourage them to cross over into the divine white light to find peace. Speak to them. Tell them that it is time to move on from this place and onto the next. Tell them that any transgressions are forgiven. Let them know that they will still be able watch over their loved ones. Rescue them, and send them away to where they now belong. These spirits were people with loved ones, interests and hobbies. When a person's life has ended abruptly, some mediums see the wounds emotional scars the ghosts carry. Ghosts are souls that are in need of relief from their earthly concerns. Then they can move forward into the light.

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2017NTGCP2If this caught your attention, you probably don't need me to tell you how frightening night terrors can be.  For the person experiencing them, you know they are far more dramatic than a nightmare and differ greatly. When Night Terrors occur, it's common to yell out, scream, sweat, breathe rapidly, sit straight up and thrash around.

I once woke up to my face wet with tears and a nice shiny, black eye that I had given to myself. I recalled on some level, that I had a terrible dream, yet had no memory of the details of my dream. Some can recollect the dream. Some will have no memory what so ever. Having no memory seems more common in children, yet, it's not exclusive to them. Waking up from a night terror can be difficult.

Witnessing these sleep disruptions can be both unnerving and worrisome. Occasional sleep terrors aren't a major cause for concern. You may want to consult with a medical professional if your night terrors lead to excessive sleepiness or lead to safety or concerns of injury. Luckily, for me, the black eye episode was a one time deal.

It may be comforting to learn there are things we can do to release ourselves from what feels like a wretched curse.  Learn your triggers. For example, sleep deprivation and extreme tiredness, stress, fevers, too much caffeine, new medications, new places.

But, what if we have addressed all of the this, only to find what should be a peaceful slumber still disrupted? We begin to look towards other possible origin causes of night terrors. What if there are other energies at play?  What if it is a spiritual affair or other negative lingering energies that are affecting us?  How do we reclaim our dreams, when we are the most vulnerable? Much of the solution is found in what we do BEFORE we lay our heads to rest. Clearing our sleep space with Sage, saying “you are not welcome here” as you clear. Place Salt in the corners of the room to absorb negative energies.

Some of my Wiccan “peeps” shared that they found meditation to be helpful. Implementing oils, such as lavender oil added to our laundry when we wash our sheets and pj's is another example.  Burning a candle to manifest protection may work, too. Young children may find Night Terrors Ghost Candle especially effective to shield against the “powers of fright.” Envisioning a protective  bright, white light surrounding their bed.

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2017.9.WGMD.blogThere seems to be some misconceptions about how magic works in our lives. Case in point, I recently received an email from a woman out of Washington. The woman was eager to know how fast her money spell would start to work for her. She explained she had a special money pot to win at bingo. The woman wanted me to tell her how quickly her candle would work for her. I explained that the principles of magic do not work in this way. Magic requires us to put forth effort.

It is unrealistic to expect to light a candle, drop oil or spray some spray and some “Johnny on the spot” money fairy to show up on your doorstep. Spells need time to be effective. They are not instantaneous. Magic generally does not work in a way that enriches us with big bingo lotto winnings, as she was expecting. I suggested that she look for her prosperity to show up in some unexpected places.  

The woman didn't win the BIG pot of money that she had her heart set on at Bingo that following weekend. As a result, she sent me an angry email, demanding me to tell her  “when she would see some money show up in her hand!” I felt a little defeated that I could not bridge her thinking to a more self empowered position.

We are not victims of circumstances. The universe and its laws are not separated unto us. We are apart of it, and in fact, it resides within us. Magic is of the Divine and we are by design, its most well crafted, formidable instrument.  When we perform our magic, that is only half of the recipe. It is you and your intentions that are the most powerful and important when spell casting. Tools such as sprays, oils and candles are meant to support and further enrich your efforts.

I don't care if a pack of mystical unicorns and dragons collaborated in crafting your spiritual tools.  Your spell will be ineffective and fruitless without your efforts. Magic is energy work and motion Your effort is required here. Isn't that encouraging and Empowering? Your outcomes, in many ways, are up to you. Magic is Knowledge. Simply knowing isn't enough. Believe in your spells. Believe in your magic. Believe in yourself. Prepare a plan of action to accommodate your spell casting and be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Know that you are supported in all that you are, and all that you manifest. When we do these things, magic will always work FOR us, never against us.  

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