It’s October 19th, the moon is full and the folks at Coventry are really digging into that message about connecting with the spirits.  It is the best time of the year to do this and using moon magic to launch into spirit communication will be exhilarating.  Our reflective beauty (the moon) is calling us out and telling us the opportunity is here, so get our butts in gear.  Today is the day you talk to the spirits in a meaningful way. Why so much urgency?  It’s because the moon is sitting with Aries the Archer, and being ruled by Mars, the energy says; “go and make no excuses”.  Take advantage of the wave of courage this full moon will fill you with and knock on spirits door, make an introduction and start a relationship with it.  Be discerning though.  We want you to make friends with your spirit guides, guardian angels and spiritual teachers of the highest caliber.  Light the way with an Energy Will/Fire Blessed Herbal candle and the sweet Sandalwood will relax your mind while the ginger will keep you motivated.

Living with Moon Energy - June 2011

New moon on July 4st is in Cancer. It’s all about you this new moon. Relax
into it and get to know yourself on a deeper level. What makes you
tick? Express
what you learn through your own personal environment. Do you need to do
some redecorating or closet cleaning at home and office? Throw yourself a
party and invite your favorite people and fill the table with your favorite

Living with Moon Energy Apr 2011

Living with Moon Energy
New Moon on Sunday April 3rd   in Aries means procrastination over something was soooo 15 minutes ago.  Take the fire in the ram’s eyes seriously and rise to the occasion under your own power before you get butted into action.  It’s better for your ego to make it your idea anyway.  Ram time is me time on steroids and you’ll have enough energy to assert your ideas and follow through too.  We look forward to seeing what you’ve got on your mind.   

The full Moon on Sunday, April 17th in Libra means wrapping things up in a balance and equitable way.   Whatever is going on that has tipped the scales can now be righted because the Libra moon has us all feeling co-operative and more open to the compromises that felt one sided earlier.  Deep breath everyone.  It’s going to be ok.

Living with Moon Energy (May 11)

Living with Moon Energy
Full moon May 17 in Scorpio, The planting moon
This full moon is called the planting moon.  Big surprise right?  Take advantage of that vibe and finish what you started and the first step is planting the seed.  What wonderful projects do you have your heart set on accomplishing?  This full moon will give you the stamina to fulfill that desire.

New Moon May 3 in Taurus
This is the perfect time to set up that new budget to reflect your changing finances.  Have a special event or project to save for?  Put it in the budget as a line item.  This is such a grown up thing to do, believe me, I’m doing some growing up too. After fussing with the bottom line, head outside and breathe in the abundance of nature. That will help you feel rich.

Living with Moon Energy

Living with Moon Energy

This month, the new moon on March 4th is in Pisces which is ruled by Neptune.  Please be careful not to overindulge in recreational drugs or drink. Our desire to escape our harsher realities is strong.  A better choice would be to meditate or go to an inspirational gathering with like minded people since we are really open to our spirituality at this time too. 

The March full moon is visiting Virgo the Virgin on Saturday the 19th.  This lovely task master will be eying the dusty corners and messy desks of your personal space.  Not to fear!  You'll totally get her vibe that spring cleaning is a good idea and will not only organize your space but clear the clutter in your mind.  You can get to those goals much easier when the junk is cleared out of your way.