Crown-of-GloryAgain, today I sat watching another diet commercial that portrayed a miserable life until that magic 40 pounds was lost.  I see this message repeated not only in the media but in our lives as well, we are waiting for everything to be just perfect before we can be happy.   This is not true. 
The best moments in life are unscripted, spontaneous and filled with messy variables.   Those are the moments when we are fully immersed in our own charisma and power.  It is these moments that make us fall in love with life all over again.  This is the energy that Coventry taps into with the Crown of Glory Candle.
The Crown of Glory candle gets you in touch with your own charisma or divine gift and inspires you to become the leader in your own life.  When you wait to really “Live” or reward yourself until you lose that 40 pounds, finish that great American novel or until company comes over you are hiding your light under a barrel and eventually the oxygen will get used up.   When you feel your power now, today and treat yourself with the respect that you want to give the perfect version of you, everything is attainable and your resources (or oxygen) unending.
Try living some magic today with this 5 minute magic with the Crown of Glory Candle.  Start with collecting the following ingredients;   Small cloth bag or coin purse, cinnamon stick, small feather, rubber band, orange peel and a new crayon in your favorite color.    Light your Crown of Glory candles and lay out the pieces in front of the candle and say the following words as you put the items into your cloth bag.
Cinnamon spice and everything nice, I no longer fear my power
Birds of a feather, I keep it together and fly higher than the tower
Pulled long and tight, I will be alright, because I always snap back together
Stress free and easy my words are so pleasing and any storm they can weather
Color all new, my magic a-brew, my life is buy a story
Charisma fulfills, my soul does will that all will bend to my Glory.  
Set the bag by the candle as it burns down and carry it with you when you go out into the world as you create a new spiritual habit of being comfortable in your new happy and glorious life.