Live the Magic- HappinessCh-ch-ch-changes – they are made of magic!

I know a lot of folks are frustrated with Coventry and we’re hearing from some of you that we are making too many changes.  Some are even worried about our mojo.   It's ok – making changes is part of our mojo.   Change is magic and magic is change – they go hand in hand and if you do not embrace the change that your magic requires then you are denying the magic that is at work in your life.

If change is simple, then it is not easy and if change is easy, then it is not simple.  Coventry has a bit of both going on to meet the changing world we live in and we did not come to it easily or simply.   Whenever we have to re-melt old stock or see a trend in candles that are being returned under our No Dust Guarantee** it is time to dig deep and see if that product is still needed by the greater community.  

Since 1992 we had not subtracted from our Blessed Herbal Line, it was sacred to us and we would never dare limit the magic of that line.   We love all of our candles and use them regularly in our own lives, how could we bear to part with them!!  We realized last year that we could not grow with new products that our customers are asking for if we kept some products untouchable.  It took us a whole year to track the sales, comments and responses to Blessed Herbal Candles before we decided who was ready to retire.  It is time.  We have new issues and challenges, and trends in this growing spiritual world are different than when these ideas were young.  

Innovation mean change and the Blessed Herbal Candles and Blessing Kits were itching for some.  Our magical combinations needed to be updated to reflect today's challenges.  We are technically in a new generation of spiritual seekers and their language has evolved with them and if there is one thing Coventry embraces, it is the evolution of an idea.  There are still "New Agers" and we love them dearly (hey, we are part of that community), but today's buzz words are "conscious living", "insightful" and "green".   To keep Coventry viable and growing, we need to speak both languages.

Coventry also needed to simplify our packaging process to keep up with your growing sales, which is why at the end of this month you will see new packaging for your favorite Blessing Kits.  We used the Coventry Oracle deck to test the new combinations, and boy, are they powerful!


Getting Ready for Next!

I am so excited for what is coming next, we were able to add 2 candles to the Blessed Herbal line that you have been asking for; Happiness, and Truth & Justice as well as make plans for container versions of our bestselling candles!!!  YES, we are doing it, we are making a magical candle in a container so your candle holder scramble will be minimized!  June 2014 is our target date for the new candles and if we can get through this round of changes then maybe we can add that line of Chakra candles everyone has been hollering for!

We have been trying to bring these products in for years and it was not until we opened our eyes to the answers we have been crying for that we were able to begin this process.  We kept getting the messages of; "Stay true to your vision", and "You cannot be everything to everyone".  These messages seemed to contradict each other, but when we slowed down to really look at them we realized that the confusion was in our fears of change and not in the message.  

"Stay true to your vision" was a message encouraging us to stay faithful to our vision of creating products that awaken magic within our customers.  Speaking our customers' language is also an important part of being able to reach and connect with them.  "You cannot be everything to everyone" was a message warning us about spreading ourselves too thin. Slipping sales on specific product lines became the indicator of where we needed to narrow our focus.  When we listened to the messages and made strategic changes, more magic started to happen at Coventry.

Keep your eye on Coventry because we have cool new stuff coming to spark that magic within!