Copy of Blog LiveTheMagic 470sqI have been working with a trainer for about a year now and it has changed the way I deal with the challenges in life.   When I started this new routine, the last thing I expected was reinforcement in my spiritual philosophies and a few new ones that I was lacking.   I have to give mad props to Kevin Baird at Station 515 in Ferndale, MI for these spiritual lessons

1 – Every hard decision is a negotiation.   

When I get up in the morning, I negotiate myself out the door to the gym.  Lately, my negotiation is “You will be disappointed in yourself if you don’t go.”   I am reminded of the spiritual lessons of giving yourself permission to be powerful and amazing.  We negotiate ourselves to that place, one small step at a time. “If you do this, you will feel better in the long run.”  “If you speak up in the moment, you won’t die.” We negotiate our way into our power and eventually, we believe in ourselves.

2 - Your mind gives up before your body does.

My mind or my emotions give up long before my spirit or my body ever does.   Living life is hard. Working out is hard. We find ourselves having to push beyond where we think we can go emotionally.  I can address the hard lessons without falling apart. I can get to the other side of this uncomfortable situation and be stronger and better for it.   I can have that difficult conversation and keep my integrity intact.

3 – The more you panic, the harder it is

Breathing all the way in and all the way out.  When I keep my breath at the top of my lungs, I don’t have enough oxygen to push myself to 90% of my capacity.   Most people only work out up to 50 – 70% of their capacity and then give up because they ran out of breath. When they feel like they don’t have enough oxygen, panic sets in and it’s game over.

When I take everything in front of me emotionally and spiritual with slow steady breaths I get so much more out of each moment.   I can tackle anything and I can deal with the surprise flairs of drama that take me off my center. When I panic or stay in a place of reaction – aka – breathing too shallow, everything is a crisis, everything is bad and I have to stay in defense mode.   Take the panic out and breathe in every moment to the bottom of your lungs.

4 – It only takes 5 breaths to get back in the game

It’s ok to take a moment and reset, take the 5 breaths, and get back to the work.  More than 5 breaths are not going to get you any further, actually, it can give your mind room to give up.  Five breaths are the max and your body will compensate and dig deeper.

When you are diving deep in your spiritual paths, doing the hard work or even the long game, keep going.   There are moments in my spiritual path I want to give up. Give up the study, give up the shadow work, give up the light work because it’s a lot.   Take 5 breaths and then get back to it. Take a walk and start working again, otherwise, you will convince yourself it’s time to give up.

5 – Stay calm, you are not having a stroke

I had a particularly stressful week and I was tensing my shoulders and jaw.  I thought I would go to the gym and work out the stress. I started hot and fast and nailed my first round on the rowing machine until I got up.   I got shooting pains up the back of my head and I was sure this was it, I was stroking out at the gym. My trainer calmed me down and made sure I was ok.  Then explained I was having muscle spasms in the back of my head from all the tension. I finished my workout and outright impressed myself.

How many times in the middle of a spiritual crisis do we think we are having a stroke and this is It – if we don’t make it, we will die.  You are not going to die, you are not having a stroke, you are growing. Sometimes they feel the same.

This year of working with a trainer 3 times a week is the most self-care I have ever participated in.   I learned that self-care is not easy or even comfortable. I have to plan, stay hydrated and make sure I don’t imbibe or eat crap the night before or the experience is more hellish than normal.   Yet, I have the energy and strength to travel, play and take on the next challenge in my life.

I have learned, most importantly, growth doesn’t happen in comfort, but comfort comes from growth.   

Keep it Magic!  Jacki

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