LTM Dont know how to energetically protect yourself You may not want to hear it, but once you need protection, the damage has taken root and you are in crisis management.  We certainly have a candle (or 5) for that and it works fast, but what if you could avoid having to spend time in recovery?  What if you could avoid the attack in the first place?


Setting up your protection is not the same as stepping into paranoia.  Setting up your protection is like exercising and making yourself strong.  You won’t need it every day but when you do, you will have the strength to accomplish what you need.  A strong spirit, mind and emotions work the same way.  When you work your spiritual practice regularly it will keep the random energetic attacks from taking root in your life.


YES YOU CAN Build up your fiery wall of protection.


It is that simple, keep calm, keep clear, stay focused and have clear boundaries.  We have just the combination to use in your daily life to start the process before the traumatic need for protection hits.


Sacred White Sage World Magic oil, Ganesha World Magic Oil, and Fiery Wall of Protection Motor City Hoo Doo candle are an effective and powerful combination to build the foundation of your natural protection.  Clear the energy that doesn’t serve you, bring focus to your intent and set your boundaries as you travel forward.


Try this little ritual to start your day:                          

Light the Fiery Wall of Protection candle to set up a spiritual space to work in.

Put a few drops of Sacred White Sage oils on your hand and run your hands through your aura. Pull off the residue of energy that does not belong to you and the energy that would not be useful in your day.  Place your hands on the floor and let that energy flow into the earth.


Get ready for your day as normal, making sure to rinse off the oil, thus clearing yourself of any lingering destructive energy.


Before you put on your shoes, set your intent for the day.  Anoint your hands and feet with the Ganesha World Magic Oil and visualize obstacles falling away and your road to success opening up.

Return to your Fiery wall candle and see your aura becoming stronger and your boundaries clearer and empowered.  As you extinguish the candle, you bring that protective energy into yourself.

Doing this ritual, or one of your own builds those protection muscles.  Just like your back muscles need your abs to be more effective, your protection energy needs your clarity, focus and calm demeanor.  This is your foundation, and if breached, it’s quickly apparent and you can take additional action and resolve the situation is quick order.  


Remember, if you keep your magic close with a daily practice, it will keep you close in it effectiveness and speed.  

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