LTM Many TraditionsBeing an eclectic witch is the inspiration behind Coventry, more specifically, why the word Coventry was chosen 25 years ago as our company name. When I first looked up in word in an old 1980’s dictionary the definition I got was “A gathering place of witches”.  Today as I look it up, that definition has faded away to be overtaken by “a state of ostracism or exclusion.”  That makes sense if you think about attempted reassure of witchcraft, anyplace where witches gathered was considered a place you wouldn’t want to go.  Thank goodness we have a new take on witches and a reclaimed definition of Coventry.  We look at Coventry as a gathering place of traditions, especially traditions that have been ostracized and excluded by the traditional religions.


There are as many paths to the divine as there are humans looking for connection.

How could the vast presence of the universal creator be embodied by only one perspective?  I see the divine as a finely cut diamond and we can only see one facet at a time.  We are all blind to the totality of our god/goddess experience with only our time bit in focus.   At Coventry we want to open up to many more facets and bring validation to others like us.   It’s in our bones and it’s in our her-story.


In 1990 when Coventry was first conceived of, I was heavily into the study of the Wiccan traditions.   I got there thru the love of the Christian mysticism and my journey thru a 12 step program.  These three ideals shaped the Blessed Herbal Candles, the Affirmations, Blessing kits, and Witches Brew line.


My journey didn’t end there.  I studied with a teacher from a Krisha Temple, a shaman, a transformational healer and a Santeria house.  All of these paths brought me to a wider understanding of traditions around the world and that we need to honor those who kept the traditions alive in a time where they would have been erased.   My study of Conjure and folk magic from around the world brought us to the creation of the Motor City Hoo Doo line and the World Magic line.


Patty keeps us in balance with her foundation in Christianity, Reiki, and transformational healing.  Her influence along the way helped keep every product we make relevant to the changing needs of people today.  (We are working on a few new lines that speak closer to these paths)

What we do here is ensure that we are authentic in our magical creations.  We don’t make products that we have not become intimately acquainted with their tradition or energy.   We have to connect profoundly with the message and recipe, that’s why when Dorothy Morrison and I were talking about products, it took us 2 years to create the Wicked Witch Mojo line.   It had to be right, not just marketable.  


We have come and gone with many product lines, and our current passion is the limited editions that speak to the energy of the moment.   (Hekate, Ghost, Firecracker, Crossroads, and Peace candles.)


Coventry is made up of many traditions and yet we all travel in the same direction, a deeper connection to our higher power.   We invite you to experience our products to awaken your own divine connection and create your own powerful personal magical tradition.


Visit our website to browse the many Coventry candles lines and make sure to check out our new Witches Union swag. This line of fun products celebrates the powerful witch in you and your part in our community.

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