WU Finding your familiarWitch’s Familiar, Magical familiar, Spirit Familiar are common terms denoting a symbiotic relationship with a pet or animal in spirit. How can you support your customers in understanding and finding there familiar? Direct them to this great spell that Jacki Smith wrote for this month’s Witches Union Spell Caster Club Card to do just that.


Coventry Creations products you will need: Pet Blessing Blessing Kit, Blessed Herbal Happy Home Oil, Witches Union Witch’s Familiar Patch


Other items you will need: Shell, Rock, Leaf, Sand


The Spell


Set up and altar with the shell, rock, leaf, and sand in the center of your working space. These represent the 4 magical elements and the animals that reside there; fur, feather, scale, and fin. Anoint each elemental symbol and each votive in the blessing kit and your patch with the Happy Home Oil. Place the votive candles (in their holders) side by side in front of the shell, rock, leaf, and sand. Place the patch on your altar in front of the candles.


Whether you need to find a familiar or you want to connect to the one you have, call upon the divine allies of pets and familiars. Artemis, Hekate, Epona, Anubis,  Bast, Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel, St. Francis are a few examples. Allow all of these divine beings to fill your space and fill you with the magic of animal communication. Ask for them to guide you to your familiar and help you to connect and talk to them. Your familiar may be in physical form or in spirit and you can connect with them at any time.


Ask your familiar  to send you a sign by the time the sun rises and sets again to let you know that you have made a connection and it is welcome. Relight the candles every day and tune into your familiar. Talk about how you can assist each other as this is a partnership of balance.


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