May2021 NewMoonThis New Moon is aligned beautifully to help you put your money issues to rest. With your cooperation, the financial boo-boos of the past can be resolved along with the painful poor self-image that goes along with it. Bonus, luck can be your lady and she could pad your wallet with some cash. Let’s see what the two of you can make happen with May’s new moon candle ritual.

Candle Ritual for Healing Financial Woe’s

You will need a Blessed Herbal Emotional Balance candle, Hoo Doo Uncrossing candle, and the Hoo Doo Money Draw Candle, candle holders for all three candles, a fist full of coins, an 8 ½ x 11” piece of blank paper, and a pen.

Begin by doing a meditation to ground and center yourself. Stay in the meditation until you feel focused, clear-headed, and calmer about your financial picture. If you need to, during your meditation imagine putting all your financial worries and burdens in a beautiful box and place that box on a white table. Imagine the table being filled with so much light, you can no longer see the box.

After your meditation, get out your supplies. Remove the packaging from the candles and place them in their holders.

On the paper draw as large a circle as you can while leaving a little room between it and the edge of the paper. Inside the circle write down as many things you can think of that you want to do if you had the money to do it. Outside the circle, write down all of the circumstances that have stopped you from being prosperous. For example; getting a divorce, losing a job, having large medical bills.

Place the Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal candle in the center of the circle. This candle represents you. Light the candle and after the flame settles, say the blessing on the label. “I call on forces higher than I to awaken the wisdom I hold inside. To be emotionally stable is what I need, please bring this to me with all speed. My vision needs to be clear, to know which way, my soul to steer. Let my emotions flow free of pain, so that I may learn and gain. Harming none and helping all is how it shall be, this I make true 3x3x3.” 

Next you will light the Uncrossing Hoo Doo candle. After its flame settles, carefully follow the path of the circle with the candle and holder. Say, “I uncross myself from all the circumstances that have prevented me from being in the flow of abundance and supply.”  Set the candle down, outside the circle on the piece of paper and let it’s flame continue to consume all the energy you created from the stress and worries about your financial situation.

Now, light the Money Draw candle and gently follow the circle with it, saying this affirmation. “The doors of prosperity are open to me now and I thank God for all that I have and all that I receive. I now have more than enough money and opportunities to take care of myself and all my needs for the rest of my life.”  Set the candle down on the piece of paper inside the circle with the Emotional Balance candle. Take your fist full of coins and place them in the circle with the two candles.

Burn the candles for a few hours each day until they are gone. Now keep your eye out for gifts and opportunities in your life and act on them. Say yes to the gifts and explore the opportunities with an open mind. The more you do to increase your prosperity, the more prosperity will flow to you.


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May2021 FullMoonThe Full Moon is in Sagittarius on May 26, 2021, and is also experiencing a lunar eclipse. The funny thing about this eclipse, which is also in the south node, is that it compels us to let go of beliefs that used to be precious to us but are now the source of our pain. It’s nerve-wracking to let go of what used to make us feel safe. We all grow out of needing the security blanket or teddy bear one day. Today could be that day.  

Candle Ritual for Gently and Lovingly Setting the Past Free

You will need a Fiery Wall of Protection Motor City Hoo Doo and Spiritual Cleansing Motor City Hoo Doo candle, your willingness to look at your beliefs, paper, and pen.

This ritual is more about supporting and protecting you while you assess what is important to you now. Start by removing the wrapping from the candles and putting them in candle holders. Light the Fiery Wall of Protection candle and do a grounding meditation. Stay with the meditation until you feel clear-headed and confident. If you need to, imagine you are putting your worries in a silk bag. Then place the bag on a white table of sacrifice, then watch while the bag evaporates. You should feel like there is much more space between you and your concerns.

The next thing you are going to do is do an inventory of what you believe about yourself, life, and family traits. Separate the positive beliefs from the negative by putting them into two different columns. When you are done, rip the paper in half so you now have two pieces of paper with a list of beliefs on each. Take the list of positive beliefs, fold it towards you three times, and put it under the Fiery Wall of Protection candle holder. The energy will surround these words with a protective wall of fire. Say an affirming statement. “Please surround me with all the protection I need in my mind, heart, soul, and around my body.”

You can do this next step outside. 

Now light the Spiritual Cleansing candle. Roll the list of negative beliefs up and put it in the flame of this candle. Put the burning paper in an ashtray to finish burning. Say a releasing statement, “I let go of all the things I used to believe about myself, my life, and my family that are not good for me and held me back from realizing my full potential. I ask that I am protected while I let go of the past and renew myself.”  

That’s it! You can finish burning the candle a few hours a day until they are done. Also, do something really nice for yourself. Always fill yourself with something positive and uplifting when you let something go. Choose something that is not something you’d do in the past to reward yourself, like drinking alcohol or retail therapy. What else makes you feel good about yourself?

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Lighten up your life with help from products from Coventry Creations and advice from Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, Discover your potential in your Akashic records with Patty Shaw,

April2021 NewMoonThe New Moon in Aries occurs on April 11th. The Aries New Moon urges you to climb higher fearlessly and go after what you want. Yet, if you are still stuck at the bottom of your mountain, Aries wants you to know that determination and courage are what you need to break through what is holding you back. Be ram tough this New Moon and push through your blocks with your head. Meaning, use your mind to overcome what has got you befuddled and in emotional knots about why you haven’t been able to get to the top.

Candle Ritual for Igniting Determination and Courage

You will need a Goddess Affirmation candle, a candle holder, a Citrine quartz and Sodalite crystal, paper, and a pen.  

1. Remove the packaging from the candle and carve your goal or project on the side. Place it in the candle holder.


2. Place the Citrine and Sodalite crystals next to the candle.


3. Write out all the reasons you have not moved forward on your goal. Some of them will be about the circumstances around you that you can’t control, but many of the other reasons will be of your own making. Your own thoughts and feelings need to be brought out into the open and dealt with. List them all. Then add at the bottom of the list, “and all reasons unknown to me”.


4. Light the Goddess Affirmation candle and ask that her light fill the affirmation on the label. Then say the affirmation out loud. “I am filled with the strength, wisdom, and abundance of the Goddess, uniting me with the rhythm and flow of life.”


5. When the candle has melted enough wax, let it drip all over the words on your list. Let the wax obscure the words.


6. Now say, “The Goddess knows my challenges and has absorbed them into her light. I am now unburdened and more able to take my next step toward my goal.”


7. In prayer, ask the Goddess to fill your Citrine and Sodalight with the courage and determination you need to get you to the top of your mountain. Thank her for sending you the steady, sure-footed energy of the Aries Ram to get you where you want to go.

Repeat the steps until the candle is consumed or you feel you are on your way up the mountain.

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Lighten up your life with help from products from Coventry Creations and advice from Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, Discover your potential in your Akashic records with Patty Shaw,

April2021 FullMoonThe Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26th swirls our subconscious and brings to the surface what still needs to be understood and healed. As old traumas, giant mistakes, and sins of the fathers come calling, do this candle ritual and release the past forever. Embrace the gift of this Full Moon and let it bless your soul with wisdom gained through experience.

A Candle Ritual to Release the Past with Love

You will need three candles, three candle holders, and three roses of any color. We recommend our Healing Affirmation, Inner Beauty Affirmation, and Home Blessing Affirmation candles. 

Step 1 Disrobe the candles (save the labels), and place them in the three candle holders. Place the candles in a triangle with the vase of roses in the center. Go into meditation and say a prayer of intent about releasing the past traumas, mistakes, and “sins of the father” during this candle ritual.

Step 2 Light each candle in the below sequence as you say the affirmations on the label.

First, light the Healing Affirmation candle. “My healing begins with my intent of health, is empowered by my desire for wholeness, and is materialized by my willingness to flow within my truth.”

Second, Light the Inner Beauty Affirmation candle. “I am a child of light, the bearer of love and the keeper of beauty. I free myself of the negative self-defeating thoughts that blanket my beauty and I cleanse myself of their poison. I embody brilliance and show the beauty of my true self to all who will see.”

Third, light the Home Blessing Affirmation candle. “My true home resides within the center of myself. From this place, I energize and bless my surroundings, creating a warm and balanced home.”

Step 3 The roses will express their life force into the triangle and will absorb all the negative energy of your past. As the candles burn down and the roses fade, know that your own life force is being renewed as the past is being healed.


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Lighten up your life with help from products from Coventry Creations and advice from Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, Discover your potential in your Akashic records with Patty Shaw,

March2021 NewMoonA new moon in Pisces is a great time to dig deep into the problem areas in your life and ‘seek’ higher meaning. Not just to find a reason for all that has happened, but also to accept, forgive, and release. When you keep reliving the past traumas, you re-traumatize yourself on every level. How are you going to heal and be healed if you keep picking at the wound?

Finally, the New Moon in Pisces provides the right atmosphere for seeking answers and insight from the other side. Pull out your tarot cards, oracle or ruins, or visit a medium or spiritualist for a good heart to heart with a loving ancestor.


Candle ritual for cleansing your mind and heart of toxic energy

You will need a Miracles Blessing Kit. Three votive candle holders, 8 ½” x 11” white paper, a green crayon or marker.

Step 1: Remove all packaging from the candles and put in their candle holders. With the green marker or crayon, draw a heart on the paper about 5” x 5”. Place the Heart candle in the center of the heart. At the top of the heart, place the Healing candle, and at the bottom of the heart place the Spiritual Cleansing candle. This represents you, your mind, heart, and emotions.

Step 2: Go into meditation and do this creative visualization. See golden light surrounding your aura. Feel its power protecting you. See it grow thick as seven layers of this golden light surround you.

Step 3: Light the purple Healing candle and ask that your mind, your memories, and conscious thoughts be purified. Call upon Archangel Michael to purify all the energy of negative self-talk, criticism from others, painful memories, and all other damaging mental pictures, illusions, and delusions. Surrender these vibrations from your mind into the flame of the candle. They will be reduced to a cluster of null and void atoms. Imagine these atoms falling into the earth where they are absorbed. As memories come up, push them into the flame of the candle with your willpower. Use this affirmation to help you. “You are not the truth of who I really am. If I am to be free, I need to release you forever into the flame of transformation. I release you into the flame.”

Step 4: When you feel complete, light the lavender Heart candle in the center of the green heart. Close your eyes and imagine the flame burning all the energetic hooks, drains, attachments, and tie-ins connecting you to all toxic relationships. Known and unknown.  If you need help, ask Archangel Michael to come to your aid. Declare yourself free of all entanglements of the heart.

Step 5: When that feels complete, light the white Spiritual Cleansing candle. Close your eyes and release all emotional reactions and responses to people and events of your life that are still active in your emotions. See the light of the flame brightening all the corners of your emotional body and lifting all the darkness out. Feel the release of anxiety, fear, grief, anger, frustration, depression, and anything else in there that is holding you back from being happy, joyful, creative, and dynamic.

Step 6: When you feel complete, blow out all the candles and write positive affirmations inside the heart. What do you see for yourself now? Happiness, love, success, prosperity, community? Fill your heart with a beautiful description of realized dreams and goals. Repeat this ritual as often as needed, but not more than necessary. Remember to allow time to rest, process, and let the energy re-balance within you.

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Lighten up your life with help from products from Coventry Creations and advice from Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, Discover your potential in your Akashic records with Patty Shaw,