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Victorian Moon Antiques and Enchantments is a delightful place of magic, beauty and sanctuary with a Coventry Power Votive burning bright every day to light the way"!


Victorian Moon Antiques and Enchantments offers aromatherapy bath salts, body dusting powders, sugar and salt scrubs, perfume balm and mustache pomade from scratch, and carries a line of waters, lotions and oils for skin care. Books on magic, tarot cards and leather bound handmade journals are tucked in nooks and crannies with vintage bottles and jars. A rainbow of Coventry Creations Blessed Herbal Candles and Power Votives, Blessed Herbal Oils, Blessing Kits and glass candle holders catches customer attention with the delightful aromas and powerful affirmations.


"I have noticed an increase in sales on the Coventry line these past couple of months.  I have regular customers that will buy several at a time so that they don’t run out!” The aroma of the candles draws customers off the street and down the hall to this little shop of vintage treasures! “Everyone always says that it smells so amazing in my shop, and I tell them it’s a little bit of everything but mostly my wonderful Coventry candles!”


FeaturedRetailer.July2018L.E.A.F - Live Enlightened And Free

2623 Gateway Rd #104

Carlsbad, CA 92009




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Conceived by an artist with a desire to inspire others to create, L.E.A.F. is a mindful living gift store that supports local artisans, handmade items, and fair trade companies.
LEAF is the result of a child's fascination with crystals and art. For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by stones and creating my own interpretation of what I see in the world. Eventually I began working in metaphysical gift stores, and that was when I knew I wanted someday to create a space of my own where creativity can flourish and people can come have a unique experience. People don't come to LEAF just to shop; they come to ground themselves, re-center, and just be. We live in a world of constant rush and pressure to do, it's good to have a place you can go to decompress and reconnect with your inner self.

One of the most important things about LEAF is supporting people. Most items here are handmade, either locally or by fair trade companies around the world. You can find products from Africa, Nepal, India, Peru, and many more places including right here in Carlsbad. Most everything you see is the result of hours of trial and error, some person's own creation. When you shop with us, you help these people continue their livelihood.

When you need a gift for someone or just want to treat yourself, we've got you covered! Our gifts are meant to delight and inspire. Carefully chosen with intent, we have items to indulge all of your senses.

I chose Coventry for my store because the quality of the candles are great and they have intent and meaning poured onto them.  My customers love them and I can't keep them in stock! Not only is the product top quality but the customer service is wonderful and helpful too!  I am a proud retailer of these candles.

Magik Craft compositeMagikCraft  - A Unique Shoppe

1916 Perry Street (right next to Ninth Street and Wholefoods)

Durham, NC 27705





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About Us

After dreaming of opening a brick and mortar store for many years Lynn and Tom opened  MagikCraft in August 2016.  

She is a seventh generation International Intuitive Psychic Medium, Energy reader, Shaman, Profit, Mystic, Spiritual Mentor, Healer, Animal communicator. I use Extrasensory Perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses along with Psychometric, metaphysics, Para psychology, using integrity and confidentiality.

The store is stocked with all the supplies and tools that she likes to use for her personal Magick.  There is a vast assortment of Candles, essential oils, therapeutic oils, crystals and gemstones, , Spell Kits, local handmade soaps, bath bombs, and lotions, peruse bookshelves full of alternative healing and magical reading material, raw local honey, local beeswax, local jellies and jams along with ritual candles, jewelry, incense, dream catchers, wind chimes and a variety of bits and bobs.

After thirty-five years Lynn continues to have teaching workshops and individual training.  She believes that positive energy is contagious.  There is a Full Moon Gathering every month.  All are welcome.  Sign up for their newsletter at to be notified about all the upcoming happenings.  By signing up your name is submitted for raffles and promos and free gifts.

The following is what Lynn tells us about the Coventry candles.

When we opened our Brick and Mortar in August 2016 we had no idea what the community would love to purchase as such I ordered items I love and used in my personal Magik.  Coventry was our first vendor selected for the Candles, Oils and Sprays.  I was like a Witch on a broom stick flying high when the customers walked into MagikCraft so I would welcome them with a magical dose of the many sprays from the Coventry such as Dragons Blood, Rosemary and Sage, Karma Cleaner, Stay Calm and so many more.  The clients truly get the MagikCraft and Coventry experience as soon as they enter our Unique Shoppe.  The number one selling product in our Shoppe are the Candles that Coventry has created through their own Magick.  I must say THEY WORK. We have customers that come in every week for a candle and this is a testament to the amazing smells, Magick and handily spells on each candle if a person needs that extra help. Every day before we open the door we light a Coventry candle to invoke the desire of the day on a personal level, we have actually had customers come in based on the “smell floating out the door of our Shoppe ” of the candle to our delight.  Coventry Candles, Spray & Oils will always be MagikCraft preferred vendor due to the proof in the pudding.  They are AMAZING.


Alchemy Arts CompositeAlchemy  Arts

1203 W. Bryn Mawr Ave

Chicago, IL 60660



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things that Ken said,  This may not be appropriate for all audiences)

Our Story:

Alchemy Arts is the most comprehensive Occult and Metaphysical Book and Supply Store … in the known universe. We have been around since 1989, honing our craft, ever improving and expanding. Alchemy Arts has seen four locations, though we have occupied the current location for over sixteen years.   (You can tell by the carpet.) Though we focus on the Western Mysteries, we cater to all faiths. We carry tomes of secret wisdom; icons of arcane worship; instruments of healing and meditation; talismans of ancient power; tools of divination; and the waters, candles, oils, herbs, and stones of the Craft. The authors of the books we sell shop here. People who work for other metaphysical stores shop here. We have seen our statues transform into objects of worship. We have seen tables and cases turn into altars, and our storefront transform into a sacred space. We have watched our customer’s children grow up. We have shared the joy of our customer’s victories, and provided solace and solutions in their times of strife. We are a candle in the darkness, and ever brighter we burn.

Our Philosophy:

Ours is a place of learning, and of practice. We are purveyors of knowledge, by way of the lettered page, or words of wisdom. We cater to those who practice Magicks, Study the Mysteries, and those who wish to learn how. Alchemy Arts is both a store and meeting place; our goal is to illuminate the mysteries for any and all who wish to learn. What makes us truly different from other Metaphysical stores is that we do not sell spells, healings, or workings, and we do not employ readers. We never have, and never will. We are not here to do the work for you, we are here to help you learn to do the work for yourself. We painstakingly craft our blended oils, incense blends, waters and inks by hand, in the store – from the correct magickal ingredients. We do this for ethical reasons, religious reasons, and because we use our products ourselves – and will settle for nothing less than the best.

Alchemy Arts has been proud to offer Coventry Products for years ... many years ... more years than we care to admit, really. As we have expanded over the years, we have been happy to carry more and more of Coventry's Creations - we have had to create unique packaging and display solutions to accommodate them! We painstakingly package each Manifestation Votive by hand. (This practice has, over the years, threatened Amara's sanity.) We at the shop have enjoyed the range of Coventry's products in our own practices, and readily promote them to our customers. (Store favorites include the Motor City Hoodoo Crown of Glory candle, the Manifestation Happiness votive, and - of course - the new Wicked Witch BITCH BE GONE candle.) We have seen customers develop strange addictions to the Manifestation Votive candle in particular: if we run our of Prosperity Votives, some of our customers get the shakes.

The new venture undertaken by Coventry Creations of providing Witches' Union spell cards has been particularly popular with our customers - they (and we at the store) look forward to new spells each month. As a Teaching Store, we have the utmost respect for these spells being offered free of charge. We love those who love learning, who love teaching, and who spread knowledge with joy. So we love Coventry.

Scarlet Sage Herb CoThe Scarlet Sage Herb Company

1193 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA 94110


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About Us

The Scarlet Sage Herb Company was founded in San Francisco's Mission District in 1995 by two revolutionary herbalist women, Dino and Lisa. Dino and Lisa are western herbalists and homeopaths who created a sanctuary of healing in the city where little has been able to match it's weight in witchiness, variety and herbal medicine knowledge.

Coventry candles provide a rainbow of candle resources for our city witches, witches on the go, customers dipping their toes into the world of magic, and magical adepts alike.