DM-LimitedEdition2015Dorothy Morrison Limited Pour


This February, we are very excited to roll out a limited edition straight from Dorothy Morrison’s favorite recipes.  We are making 50 sets available on a first come first serve basis. The sets will include recipes in direct collaboration with Dorothy Morrison herself.  There is Hot Damn, Extreme Bad Ass, St Dorothy the Wicked and Ritch Bitch. The set will include 4 of each candle for a total of 16 per pack.  The will be available on the website starting February 1st and will be available for sale until sold out.  The will be under the category Dorothy Morrison Special Pour and also featured on the front page. The candles are not connected to anything seasonal and can be easily sold throughout the year.   There is currently a lot of interest in this set so please do not wait.  They may go fast!  

Increasing Sales by Creating Gift Sets

We are trying something new this year on our retail site and we would like to pass the idea on to our wholesale customers as well. Inspired by the success as websites such as Birchbox, Blue Apron and Firebox, we are starting to market our product in thematic gift sets.  We are just starting out with this but we think it has some great potential.  

Throughout November you may have seen our posts about various gift set ideas such as Adventures in Dating or Cha Ching.  Jacki personally walked up and down our stock aisles creating some of her favorite combinations for some of the more popular themes we get asked about.  If you missed them, I recomend clicking through our updates page on the website to have a look.  We invite you to take this idea and run with it.  Perhaps creating your own combos or adding items from your store.  Whatever you come up with, we would love to see it.  Stop by and share it to our Facebook page Coventry Creation.


Container Candles Price Reduction

Great news!  Our new glass container candles are getting a lot more profitable!  Same high quality wax, same 8% essential oil same  burn time, same reusable glass and you still get a box of wooden matches but at a much reduced cost. The container candles will go from $13.95 each  to $9.75 each.  That means that a set of 3 will now be $29.25 instead of $41.85. That's a 30% reduction!  This will make the price more competitive an in line with some of the other glass candles you may already carry.

Already purchased the candles at the higher price?

Don't worry if you have already purchased the container candles.  You will not be left out on this reduction.  All the stores that purchased the glass container candles will be receiving a credit on their account for the difference in price. This credit does not have to go toward more container candles if you don't want. Please call us at 800-810-3837 if you have any further questions about the container candles or the credit.


The container candles will still be sold in sets of three candles for shipping purposes so the price will reflect the three container candles.

Halloween Candle Display1 Halloween Display 21Halloween Display 11 This time of the year is truly magical, and at Coventry Creations it is our favorite time of year hands down.  We are located in Michigan full of crisp Autumn air, Cider Mills, the Changing Leaves and of course the Halloween Spirit is alive and well!  This is the time of the year that our Witches Brew Candles line really shine.  Those along with our Ghost and Halloween special editions can make a wonderful display to make your store something fun to see and promote other products in your store as well. So break out your cauldrons and start playing the Monster mash and create a fun and profitable space for your store!  


For more features about using our Halloween themed candles in display and tools to sell our special editions, please visit under updates.  If you like the articles, go ahead and subscribe and we will bring them to you!


I don’t need to tell you what a busy time of a year this.  It is wonderful this hustle and bustle it really is..but isn’t it just exhausting too?!  We are here to to save the day with the perfect gift, stocking stuffer or treat yourself item; our blessing kits!  The Blessing Kits are a combination of our votive version of our Blessed Herbal line.  We have created some of our personal favorites to create some wonderful combos. By getting three candles instead of one, it makes the blessing kits one of our most popular sellers!  Throughout the month, we will be posting blogs on our website on some ways to display these little guys.  Do you have a display of our blessing kits you would like to display?  Post them to our facebook page coventry creations candles and let everyone see!Blessing Kit Image1

Witches Brew1We absolutely love the Autumn here!  I mean it’s our time.  There are tons of celebrations and holidays happening and around the corner.  We recommend embracing this spirit and stocking up on out Witches Brew line for the fall. The line comes as pillars, votives, oils and now in a container candle.  They also look great displayed with our drawing down the moon series and the limited edition ghost candles.