LTM Youll always be guided homeI think we are all much more scared than we admit to.  We have fears that have hidden themselves in intellectual reasoning.  We have fears that mask themselves as common sense (only common to ourselves).  We have fears that look like failure or inadequacy. All these fears are roadblocks to achieving what we want.  They are not the only road blocks we have, but until we deal with the fear, no other blocks matter. Yup, we are scared.  We either put on a brave face to the world and/or have buried the fears so deep we have lost touch with their presence.


When I help clients (and myself) with these fears we often tap into the emotion of being lost and alone in our journey.  These fears are scripted in many ways with the same plot twist; “you will be alone, you will lose yourself and the divine will turn away from you if you don’t heed this fear, stay small, and stay home”.  That is how fear works, they are a tool of the ego to keep us safe from any hurt, even when hurt that is necessary for our growth. What I remind myself of and take my clients through is the exercise that; we can always find our way back to our soul, our destiny and the divine never turns away from us.


This sense of being divinely guided is what inspired the Divine Guidance patch.  That small still voice inside of us is what will guide us true. Just like when we are using a compass we must be still to find true north.  We have to be still to find our inner divine guide.

Not every spiritual journey is to be taken on an untried path.  Many of our journeys are built upon our past experiences and the experiences of our ancestors of blood and ancestors of spirit.  We can use their road map and take the journey just a little deeper to a new discovery of the self. We do this by being grounded in our root chakra.  It is here we find the connection to our ancestral past and the building blocks of success.


When we have a deep root into your life and a connection to divine guidance, we can never get lost.   


No matter how far your roam, you will always be guided home.

Mapping your future spell

Ancestor Blessed Herbal Candle

Success Chakra Magic Spray

Divine Guidance Patch

Large sheet of paper

Colored markers

Draw a circle in the middle of the paper and write your name in it.  Place the Divine Guidance patch and the Ancestor candle in its holder in that circle.  Spray yourself with the Success Chakra Magic sprays.


Take the time to quiet your spirit and your mental chatter to find the small still voice within you.  Connect with that voice and allow it to help you connect to your root chakra and your ancestral heritage.  Bring up the power of the earth into your entire body. Come back to your inner voice and allow it to help make the larger connection through your crown to the divine and your spiritual ancestors.  Bring that energy down into your body and blend it with the earth energy.

Bring your entire spiritual essence into your body, making your aura tight around you.  Feel the power fill you up completely and then bring your attention to the large paper in front of you.


Using colors that make you happy, start making a mind map of all the things you want to manifest, accomplish and love.  Using one subject at a time, see where all your dreams connect and how you are mapping out your future. Tap into the deep emotions around these dreams and let your fears try and talk you out of them.  Write your fears out and where in your future map they land.


There is no right or wrong way to do this.  You are letting your higher self show you what your potential is and where you will sabotage yourself.  As you look at this map from above, ask the Divine to show you what your next 5 steps will be to manifest your dreams.  Circle those on your paper.


Write out, on a clean sheet of paper, how you feel about these next steps and think of the most unusual ways you can manifest them.  This will take you out of your normal thinking and allow new ideas to come forth. Spray this paper with Success Chakra Magic spray and save this large mind map for review in the future.     


Put the Witches Union Patch where you can see it every day.  For the next week, light the candle, spray yourself and look at your list of what is next.  Be mindful of these goals as the candle burns. Three hours a day is optimal for getting the most out of your candle. Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Go make magic!  The future is yours to create!

Remember, if you keep your magic close with a daily practice, it will keep you close in it effectiveness and speed.  

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