LTM Wear your crown of glory“Crown of Glory” seems such a self-explanatory title.  It gives a sense of being fully vested in your power and reveling in it.  “Crown of Success” is equally self-explanatory; giving the sense of activating that power and knocking your goals out of the park.  I get a charge every time I even say those phrases, let alone work their magic. Ponder on that a second. Close your eyes and visualize what it does to your energy when you place either or both of those crowns on your head.  How would you feel? What could you do? The possibilities are endless.That is why I created the Crown of Glory candle and the Crown of Success patch. They are designed to create the push we need to feel the inner power and permission to put our own crown.  

Often, we forget that power is in our hands.  Even myself, after doing some big healing work and unpacking some of my repressed emotions I started to wallow in the sadness that I needed to have these emotions.  I got stuck in the “Poor Me’s” and my personal power just leaked out of me. I forgot how to put my crown on. I forgot how to be the queen of my own life.

That’s where the Crown of Sovereignty comes into play.  Orion Foxwood, one of my favorite conjure teachers opened this idea up for me.  I thought I had to put on the crown of sovereignty, but in its nature it is always there.  This crown is not you being sovereign or being god, but about you being a part of it. This crown reminds you that you have divine within and you cannot kick it out.  You can only ignore it. Once you tune back into it, even for a second, you get all of the divine back into your life. This is another kick in the pants to remind you to put your other crowns back on.  

All it takes is a moment of mindfulness to back in alignment with that crown of sovereignty.  A few breaths where you let go of your outer world control and let yourself be. You can feel divine energy fill you up from the top down.  From this place, more than you imagine is possible.


Mindful manifestations are not easily dismissed or sabotaged because you are co-creating with the divine and giving up the control of the tiny details that can pull you off center.


The Motor City Hoodoo products are a powerful tool with your mindful meditations.  They touch upon a deep rooted need and hold a safe space for you to move past the issue and make the change or manifest the goal.  We all sabotage that next step when we are uncertain or not in our power. Our ego protects us from those scary changes that we fear.  When we combine mindfulness with magic we calm the ego down and bring a clear focus and certainty to our goal.


A customer favorite is the Motor City Hoodoo Road Opener.  This candle’s recipe is all about that next step, the new opportunity you are not seeing or the block you put in your way.   When you light this candle and mindfully sit with it, writing out your thoughts or fears you are opening your road right then.  I personally have done this more than once and had the phone ring, an email come in or someone show up that came through that newly opened road.  I never expect anything to immediately come of the work because that takes me out of the mindfulness and trust in the magic. I just know it works - in the moment or in the near future if I keep up the work.


The Black Cat Motor City Hoodoo candle is a bit of an question for a few customers.  Black Cat is that old though pattern that says your luck is in the hands of outside influences.  Your luck is not determined by that cat across your path, it is determined by your faith in magic, in your intuition and your ability to make the right decision at the right moment.  When you mindfully manifest with the Black Cat you are getting into the moment and taking inventory of the decisions you have made to get to this moment where you need to change your luck for the good.  When we can see the steps we have taken, we can see the steps that are next. When we take inventory of the present we can find our gratitude and from that place, magic multiplied 100 fold.


There is no one in the hoodoo world more mindful than High John.  He is fully in his power and he is reading every moment to get the best out of it.  He is the crown of glory in action and he does it with such magical virility. When you bring High John Motor City Hoodoo oil into your daily magic, this helps you see what is going on around you in real time.  Just wearing it on your feet helps you see where you are going with every step you take; into trouble, away from your goal, toward your goal or into someone else's business. High John helps you stay in your lane and when you do that, you get to your goal without distraction.


The Cedar trees reach high into the heavens, bringing the divine down to earth making it a powerful addition to your Crown of Glory work.  Astrologically, Cedar is associated with Sun energies as it powers up your intent and strengthens your roots. If part of the glory you are manifesting has to do with money, cedar is your go to.  Using this with your mindful exercises, it will help build your intuition and psychic abilities to know when and where to make your next move.


If mindfulness is new to you or even part of your practice, here is an easy meditation that brings in the power of candle magic and Crown of glory energy.   


Mindful Manifestation Spell:


Use the Crown of Glory Motor City Hoodoo candle to bring focus to your mindful manifestation.  Co-create with the magic of your breath, intention, surrender and divine influence. The Crown of Glory will help you let go of the fearful ego and refocus on your connection to the divine.

Get comfy in your favorite sacred space in your house.  Light the Crown of Glory candle and place a pen and paper within reach.  Start a short 5-minute meditation of mindful breathing. Breath in and out, 3 counts in and 3 counts out.  When thoughts bubble in, let them keep going out and bring your focus back to your breath. This 5 minutes allow you to let go of the day, week, month, crisis that you are holding onto with white knuckles.   The first 5 minutes is the most important time in your meditation, as it sets up your success for the entire mindful manifestation.


After that first 5 minutes, open your eyes and look at the flame on the Crown of Glory candle.   That flame is a representation of all three crowns. It is bringing heaven (sovereignty) down to earth (success) through your beliefs, thoughts and actions (glory).  Meditate on the flame of the candle and allow the color, scent and intent of the candle open you up to possibilities, ideas and willingness.


When you feel you have hit on something, write it down.  Allow yourself to just write without interruption or judgment on the idea. Watch as your ideas open up to change and evolution.   There is no time restriction on this process, write until you feel your inspiration is complete. Extinguish the candle.


Bring yourself back to the moment with 5 cleansing breaths while wiggling your toes.  

Carry this paper around with you and as you move through your day, you will get more insight.  

From this insight you will find yourself manifesting your idea or goal.  You will see more opportunities that will help manifest it, you will be empowered to take action on those opportunities getting you closer to your goal, and you will recognize when you start to sabotage your success and stop it in the process.


When you co-create with divine energy, your outcome is always greater than the original need.

Being magical is an everyday thing.  We can live our magic moment to moment and you are your most powerful magic maker.

Remember, if you keep your magic close with a daily practice, it will keep you close in it effectiveness and speed.  

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