LTM I believe in magicI love being a witch!   I love believing in magic and magic believing in me.  I love walking into a room of business executives and telling them that I help them awaken their inner magic. I love that I embrace my challenges with a mix of practicality and witchy-ness.  I love that my desire to be living, breathing, walking magic is the inspiration for the Witches Union.   I love that so many fellow witches are with me in this.


In February 2018, Devin Hunter and I taught a class at Convocation called “The Modern Witch”.  Devin has a podcast, magazine and soon to be, book titles. Devin and I have a mission to make the words “Witch” and “Magic” household words; together we were a powerhouse of witchy inspiration. Times have changed and we don’t have to be as closeted as in the past. Thanks to Hollywood and paranormal romance, Wicca is a well-known word and although I am not Wiccan, I appreciate the stereotype that word has broken.  The modern witch is genderless, timeless and brings magic into their daily life in little ways. You can find that modern witch touch everywhere. From your semiprecious stone jewelry, to Alex and Ani Bracelets to water bottles that say “Power” and “Believe”. Magic is all around us and we can grab onto it.


Magic is as Magic does and we are the doers of our daily intentions, actions and vibrations.    This true embracing my magic, my witch-hood is shown in the Witches Union Adept patch and our Witch’s Brew product line. These products help us laugh with life, find joy in magic and be the badass witches we are.


The moment you set an intent, you are a witch.   The moment you decide to be empowered, you are a witch.  The moment your intent manifests, you are an adept. Embrace your inner witch!  When you do, as stated in the Magical Adept Patch you get to do all these fun membership benefits.  


Members of the Witches Union who choose to wear their adept series of patches do so with the following commitments:

  1. Will be true to themselves and in keeping with their soul’s purpose.
  2. Will be a champion of magical living.
  3. Will use magic to better their life and the lives of those around them.
  4. Will maintain a badass, superhero stance as often as possible.
  5. Will be the keeper of the sacred lyrics of Stevie Nicks.
  6. Will acknowledge other witches union members upon discovery
  7. Will watch every witchy movie available.

Now that you are feeling all witchy and empowered, tap into the power of the Witch’s Brew products.   You will love the magical results:

Dragon’s Blood – What is it and what does is do?  These are familiar questions concerning dragon’s blood.  Dragon’s blood is a resin that has been used in for centuries as a cure-all as well as a empowering scent.   There is a version of this on almost every continent and is consistently used to increase power, luck and love making this is an all-purpose intention booster.  Whatever your need, Dragon’s Blood might be the answer for it. Burn the candle in any ritual to power it up, wear the oil anytime you need a boost of power.

Evil Eye – This candle and oil stop the evil eye in its tracks and protect your vulnerabilities.   We all have walked into a room where everyone suddenly stops talking and gets a bit uncomfortable. We all have has the boss/co-worker that is the subtle saboteur, we all have the in-law that makes us defensive in our own kitchen.  This is when you pull out the Evil Eye. Light the candle on your alter or in a place where you feel most empowered and know that your strengths are growing large enough to protect your weaknesses. Feel that divine energy fill up all the dark spots and make you glow.  Then wear the Evil Eye Oil on your feet, heart, back of your neck, 3rd eye, and crown to shore up your soft spots to stay in your power.

Witch’s Brew – this is one of our most popular scents.  Frankincense, myrrh and mugwort are the perfect combination to unlock your magic and imagination, making all things possible.  We hide our power from ourselves until we are ready to handle the repercussions and responsibilities. The Witch’s Brew blend releases this power to you increments you can wield.  The more you practice, the easier it gets. The more you use it, the more power is available to you. Burn the candle to help build confidence and belief in yourself and your magic.   Wear the oil to stay focused and protected through you day.

Witch’s Purse – a witch’s purse is never empty.   You may like living close to the land, but that doesn’t mean you need to be financially broken.   A witch’s resources are as abundant as the rich green land. Where ever you need to increase your resources and abundance, set the intent and light the candle (or wear the oil) and watch as your coffers start bursting at the seams.   Strega Nona’s spaghetti pot has nothing on the gems found in a Witch’s Purse.

Claim your Witch-hood with the Witches Union and Witch’s Brew.   Be a witch all year-round and let the posers save it for October!

Remember, if you keep your magic close with a daily practice, it will keep you close in it effectiveness and speed.  

Live the Magic with Jacki Smith though her blogs, books and products here.