LTM 5 ways to use energetic oilsAre you on team candle or on team oil?   I find that many of my customers are committed to using the Coventry candles in their spiritual practice and don’t get how to use the oils, or they are masters of the magical oil and don’t feel the same connection with the candles.    We all have our preference for our magical tool kit and I want to widen your horizon just a bit more with the energetic oils.

Oils are a wonderfully portable magic.  I travel with mine as well as keep them in my house, on my desk, and in my car.   The Wicked Good Energetic Oils are perfect for hitting that perfect magical note or blending on the fly to get a custom charge in the moment.

I have my favorite blend-able oils to share with you in 5 ways to use them in daily magical life.


1 – Cleansing on the fly  - Grandma was right when she said a peppermint candy would calm an upset tummy.  A cup of peppermint tea can soothe a troubled spirit and peppermint gum is a must after a garlic meal. See the rhythm here?  When things are upset or unpleasant, peppermint it the energy you need.   I defuse the Peppermint Energetic Oil in the air, to keep the calm and clear the crud.   Peppermint is really good for cleansing overwhelming emotions.  


2 – A handshake of power – Shaking hands in a business environment can be a power play.   The hand crushing, the limp noodle, the clammy, the never ending, the touch and go handshakes are ways to read the room, but you can be the quiet power that quickly seals everyone’s attention with a bit of Amber Energetic Oil.   Rub a little of the oil on your hands while you fill your aura with calm, grounded, powerful energy.   Next thing you know, your voice and demeanor will follow.


3 – Zen on the go – Sandalwood can just transport you away from your stressors.  It’s a calming and uplifting scent that can change your day in an instant.  Keep the Sandalwood Energetic Oil on your desk.  All you need is a cotton ball, a few drops and few long inhales.   You will be ready for that next meeting.  (run that scented cotton ball on the edge of the conference table and see if everyone gets a bit zen?


4 – Make more money – Date reminds us of the sweetness of life and vibrates with the power of abundance. Put a few drops of the Date Energetic Oil on every bill you spend with the intention of 10 more coming home to roost.   Hunting money on the fly!


5- Stick to your goal – Getting your paper done, sticking to your new healthy routine, staying strong in your goal are all empowered by the Juniper Energetic Oil.   Juniper helps you stay true to your own resolve and clear out that self-sabotage.    Put a few drops in your shoes and walk tall and strong through your day!


Now you can expand your magical tool kit and be both team candle and team oil!

Keep living that magic!