118LTM Finding your hive is also about trial and errorWelcome to 2018 – the year of the collective power.   There is going to be a strength in numbers this year as you will find your tribe or hive faster than ever before.   People of like mind are actively looking for each other because we know that together we go farther.


The Witches Union Hive Magic patch is the badge of community magic.  You earn it the moment you commit to a goal larger than yourself and join forces with others to make it happen.  It’s amazing how many hives, or groups of likeminded people we are already involved with.  Just look at social media and who you are following and who you follow.  You are part of a larger voice, a hive right there.  Yet, this social media hive it not so warm these days and it can be downright alienating.  How do you find and celebrate your hive?  How do you get that connection with others, feel a part of a larger family of love?  


It starts with you, your intention, your need and your ideal.   Often we think that our perfect soul family or hive should be perfect, unconditionally supportive and never a cross word. This is not a realistic goal.  Hives are messy, we crowd each other, expect more from each other than can be given and we generally get annoyed.  That messiness pushed us to grow and you know you are in the right group when you feel yourself growing with the others and everyone is looking toward the same ideal in the long run.


Finding your hive is also about trial and error, it’s ok to find yourself in a place that you don’t fit as long as you can step away from what is not healthy.  We stay for a while and then we change and move on, that is how it works.


Finding your hive is also magic.  You call to them, you empower each other and you thrive.   When you find yourself in a lonely place put out the call to your hive with the following spell and then make sure you get out into the world to find them


Finding your Hive spell


Problem Solving, Heart and Attraction Blessed Herbal Candles

3 candle holders

Jar of Honey

Bunch of flowers or a flowering plant

A list of what type of group and qualities of people you are seeking

Thread (of any color that inspires you)

Optional – Witches Union Hive Patch

Place the flowers in the center of the altar.  Place the candles in their holders in a triangle around the flowers (at least 6” away from the widest part of the plant.)

Open the jar of honey and taste it.  Recognize the sweetness that can be created through cooperative work.   Dip a length of the thread into the honey and loosely wrap the thread around the flowers and each candle holder.     Anoint the top of each candle with a light smear of honey.

Light all the candles in whatever order you are inspired.  The Problem Solving candle is to see and remove what blocks you have constructed to keep you apart from like-minded people.  The Heart candle is to look for your hive from your heart center first.  The Attraction candle is to help your hive find you while you are looking for them.  Speak aloud to the candles what type of group you are looking for and the qualities you admire and want to be a part of.  Place this list under the candles.


Let the candles burn for 3 hours at a time up to 7 consecutive days. Never leave a burning candle unattended.  Dispose of the candle remains and cut flowers after 7 days or sooner if the flowers have died.   If you are using a flowering plant, toss the petals that have fallen out with the candle remains.


Every day, get out into the world and connect with people.  Talk to new people and let everyone you know in on your search.  You will find a hive to connect with within 30 days.  Try it out you may just like it.

Keep every day magic and you will be leading a magical life!

Jacki Smith