Live The Magic“How can it be December when my to-do list is still so full? I have goals I tell ya!  I have things I committed to doing in 2017 and I just can’t do it. “


This is the December panic every year.   Sometimes this panic starts in October, sometimes in November, but I get the 4th quarter blues and start feeling bad about myself, even feeling like a failure.  This was not healthy and I needed a new perspective.  I got that new perspective from Danielle LaPort and her book Desire Map.  Instead of hard fast goals, she talks about changing your ideal to how you want to feel.


I learned when it was time to dig deeper with my goals and when it was time to let them go.


Think about it, what if you focused on creating the emotion your goal’s success would generate rather than getting stuck in the exact details?   It’s freeing.  What is it you are really going for with each goal?  Are you looking for a new better paying job or are you looking for stability?   Maybe you are looking for creativity.  If your goal is to get your house in order, are you looking for a perfect house or clarity and calm?  If your goal is to lose weight, are you looking to be a certain size or do you want to feel healthy?


Goals are most often treated as a sacred tome that none shall change. The reality is that they are a moving target.  You set your goals when you are living one set of circumstances.  As you work toward your goal perspectives and your circumstances start to change.  You may want to reorganize your house and in the process you realize you have too much stuff.  It’s ok if you shift to downsizing and the organization happens along the way.


Treat your 2018 goals like a moving target and add the spice of magic to them along the way.   The Affirmation candles are perfect for this.  If you are not inspired already as to which candle you will use, try this little goal setting spell. I guarantee more of your goals will come to fruition at the end of 2018 than you thought possible.


New Year Blessing

Gather these tools:

  -Success, Prosperity and Intuition Affirmation candles

  -New notebook

  -Your favorite pen

  -Bowl for burning

Light the three candles in separate candle holders.  Open your new notebook and write yourself a letter as to what you wanted to accomplish and how you wanted to feel in the past year.  What went right, what went wrong and what you left undone?  Now take a look at your answers and think about how you want to feel in 2018.


Move to a new page and start with how you want to feel throughout the year.  Use adjectives like strong, calm, abundant, loved, etc.  Fill an entire page.  When you are done, look back at that page and look for the pattern.  Distill it all down to 2 or 3 words that encompass your ideals.

Turn the page and put those 3 words on a new sheet.   Look back at what you didn’t do and what didn’t work in the last year and see if any of those things need to be part of your 2018 goals or if they need to be let go.   Whatever needs to come forward, bring it.


Tear out the pages of 2017 and burn them in the bowl, lighting it from the success candle.  Focus on letting the unfilled expectations from 2017 go.  Think about your successes and how you were able to overcome the unexpected and expected challenges you navigated through.

Go back to your notebook and your 3 words for the year.   Write down 12 things you can do in the next 12 months to manifest those feelings.  Keep them based in reality, something you have to reach and push for and something you will feel proud to accomplish.


Divide the remainder of your notebook into 12 months.  Divide each month into 4 weeks.  Each week for the next year, write what you will do for that week to work toward the feelings you want to manifest and at the end of the week, write what you did do.   Stay in the positive whenever you write in this notebook.


Give yourself an inspirational quote, something to be grateful for or some kind of prompt for each month and week.  You are spreading the magic of success, insight and abundance through your entire year.  


Keep this notebook where you will see and use it all year.  


Make 2018 exactly what you need it to be.  Practice loving kindness on yourself first and be at peace with your journey.

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