live the magicLet me start this article by saying, I do not have any answers or advice for you.   I just know that a large percentage of my friends, customers and family are feeling the stress and anxiety of our social climate right now.   I am setting aside all political issues, race issue, sex and orientation issues and I want to get down to the core feeling that I see driving the bus on our collective anxiety.  We don’t feel safe.


How can we come together, resolve anything, or do more than take a side and growl from the corner we are protecting if none of us feel safe. Everyone has a perspective on this and I don’t have the energy to dive into any other perspective than my own.  Why?  Because when one doesn’t feel safe, most of their energy goes into resolving that.  We chose to get angry and fight back, to shut down, to retreat into our safe community, to break ties, to be defeated, and we choose our battles. We choose what works in the moment and then have to choose again in the next and next and next moment.




Don’t get me wrong, I am still mad, stressed, and worried about my future. But I am out of energy to continually make life changing choices every other moment.  I am distracted and ready to break, so I created something to help me get back in balance.   I found an answer for myself that I want to share with everyone.   Peace magic.


This is not my answer FOR you.  This is my answer and I want to share it WITH you.  What you do with it will be wholly unique to what anyone else does.  That is the beauty of peace magic. It’s a collective of all of our particular needs and gets stronger with each intention.

Peace is a very powerful concept and an uncomfortable one at that.  To choose peace you have to find it within yourself first.   Starting with your own inner peace isn’t easy, and a little disconcerting at first.   It feels foreign, a little too still and maybe a little passive.  It’s ok, breathe thru this discomfort.  That awkwardness is just your spirit taking a moment to unwind to be able to find your true self again.   Your divine inner-voice has been drowned out recently by the discontent we have been bombarded with.  It is worthy discontent, but that jarring energy prevents you from finding a balance and getting traction for yourself.


When you fill yourself with the Peace magic, understanding follows.  Understanding breeds wisdom and wisdom breeds security.   When you talk, act and express from this place, it breeds safety and security in others.  They can start to be still and find their true selves again and the ripples carry out from there.   Can one person change the entirety of the world?  The answer is yes.   We are all doing it every day, the repercussions of our intents ripple out into our worlds and changes them.


What if our Peace magic met up with other moments of peace magic?  That is the power of the Peace candle.  Not only to help you find peace within, but to link this energy to the growing prayers for peace from every corner of your world and the bigger world as well.   What if all prayers for peace joined to create the larger force?   Imagine the shift that could occur.


I invite you all to join me this month in your own prayer for peace.   There is no one special day for this, as every day is a new opportunity to create peace.  I invite you all to find your own answers as to how you will move from anxiety to surety.   I invite you all to use the new Peace candle and create this magic that will change our world from the inside out.   Use the spell below, or create your own.   Send me a note (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) on how you feel after this magical moment.  I want to hear about it and collect our wishes for Peace and share them with the world




-Peace Candle with safety pin charm from Coventry Creations


-Collection of stones, beads, charms, buttons, cards or anything you can hand out in the world


In a place of solitude, place the candle in a fire safe candle holder.  Put the safety pin with key charm on your shirt, close to your heart.


Light the candle, close your eyes and start imagining what peace looks and feels like in your personal life. Start by remembering a moment of pure joy from your past.  Just a moment.  Within that moment of joy, you will find stability, security and peace.   All's right with your world in that moment.   Let that feeling become a color, a sound and a sensation that exists in the center for your heart.  That center point begins to grow in strength and intensity.


It grows so much that it spills out into your body.  It expands and flows into your arms, legs and neck.  It flows up to your head and out of your hands and feet, spilling everywhere.


Pick up your collection of items and the prayer for peace from the candle.  Say the prayer and feel the items you have collected fill with the power of peace.  Feel your safety pin fill with this energy.  Sit with this amazing flow of peace energy and start to imagine what your world would be like if it was filled with peace.


Imagine the strength and surety you can feel if your heart is at peace.   Imagine how your conversations will sound if you speak from a place of inner peace.   Image how others will feel if you interact with them from a place of peace.  Now imagine this as strands of a web reaching out to other prayers and spells for peace.   Imagine them connecting and growing in strength and energy.


Let this image go and release it to the universe for manifesting.  


Place your items around the Peace candle and allow the candle to burn for at least an hour (never leave a burning candle unattended).  Allow this energy of peace to stay with you for as long as you can maintain it.   Use the pin and charm as a reminder of this feeling.  Relight the candle daily and repeat the visualization.


Wear the safety pin and charm every day.   Not only will it remind you of the peace you wish to cast into the world, it will protect you from negative influences or intents of other people.


Give away the items that you blessed with peace energy.   As you are inspired, lovingly pass on or leave behind these talismans of peace.  The intent is for the magic of peace to be a contagion to everything it touches, passing on the peace energy and adding to our web of peace.   


Drop me a line with the results of your spell!  The more we connect to each other the faster this web will grow.

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