July Live The MagicHaving healthy boundaries is the topic of conversation this month at Coventry.  I drew Coventry Magic Oracle cards on them, Patty is writing about healing boundary issues, and our Witches Union Spell caster card is about sending someone out of your life.   I want to take a slightly different tact on boundaries in this month’s Live the Magic article and talk about how to keep your boundaries fluid and influential.    

We don’t think about these things every day and except in crisis, “How are my boundaries feeling today?” is not top of mind.   We only pay attention to where we end and someone else begins when there is pain and drama. What if I told you that you can use you’re your boundaries to create magic?  Not only can you, you do it every day.   In my book Coventry Magic with Candles Oils and Herbs,  I dedicate a whole chapter to “Spheres of Influence.”  Spheres of influence are your boundaries in action.  

“Take a moment and think about who influences your life. No, not Prada, and it’s time to let the Reagan Era go. I am talking about who really influences your day-to-day life. If you are still living with your parents, then I would say that they are influencing your life, but the guy who sits next to you at work influences your life as well, and so does the salesperson who told you that outfit looked great. Your every day is influenced by many people and people you don’t even know.” Coventry Magic, P13

Where our boundaries touch each other is where we influence others and in turn are changed by their perspective.    

“In world political terms, the sphere of influence is when one governmental power has influence within or over another government. In personal political terms, it is all the people who are affected by your actions and all the people who affect you. You place yourself within others’ spheres by the choices you make and the way you act within those spheres of influence. So what in the world does this have to do with candle magic?

“Think about it this way: When you send out a ripple into these spheres, it does end up returning to you (they are circular). When you want something, cast a spell for something; it does fill your own sphere. You send out fishing lines of energy to see if anyone responds and can help manifest this energy. It’s not like you took out a billboard on the side of Route 66; you are not recruiting for Amway. The energy of your spell is looking for a response and a way to manifest so it will test what and who you know first. Any intention you create needs the connection or influence of another body to manifest.”  Coventry Magic, P13

You make magic when you consciously and with intent, send ripples through those spheres.  As your sphere touches another, theirs touches another and on and on and on.

“These spheres of influence are the stepping stones to attaining that magical goal. There is that old saying, ‘you are your friends.’ If you surround yourself with people (including family) that are negative, then it takes a lot of energy to break through that. I can’t count the number of times I have sat in counsel with clients who just want to be able to make the rent every month. When it came down to it, they were surrounded by family that just sucked up anything positive that came their way. Then there are the clients who worked in such a toxic situation that it scrambled their brains until they thought there would never be another job for them ever. It is very hard for your magic to take root in toxic situations like these. Even mildly toxic situations, like a friend who is always in crisis, can suck up your energy so there is nothing left for you.”   Coventry Magic, P15

In other words – network you magic!   It takes 2 people to manifest any spell so send it out on the wire, talk about what you are looking for, get advice, make contacts and see how much faster you are able to make that intent into reality.

Try this, take the Intuition Affirmation candle (and holder) and place it in the center of a large circle drawn on paper.  Light the candle, say your intent and ask for the magic to ripple through your sphere quickly to bring to you what you need.  Then draw another circle intersecting that first one, then another circle that overlaps both and on and on until you fill up the paper with interlocking circles.  Around the edge to the paper, write your intent and draw arrows toward your candle to bring it to you faster.

The Intuition Affirmation candle helps you instinctively know where to connect to make magic happen.  For the next three days, tell three people what your goal is.  You will start to see lots of sign that you message is getting through and your intention fulfilled.   You have to look for these signs as they don’t necessarily come in the way you expect.

Burn the candle for 9 days total, or as long as the candle lasts.  After the 9th day, discard of everything from this spell and release it to the universe.  The bigger your intent and change, the longer it will take to get to you, make sure you put in the work.

Aunt Jacki says – go make some magic!

You can find Coventry Magic with Candles, Oils and Herbs as well as the Intuition Affirmation candle at www.coventrycreations.com.

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