Live The Magic June Our new normalI hate transition and I love it at the same time.  

I hate the chaos, but I love the removal of what is holding my in a place of pain.   

I love the fresh, new feel, but I hate the fears brought out by letting go.


Some, like me, embrace change and welcome the opportunity to evolve and some will hold back change until the last moment until the choice to evolve or die.    I love this quote by Kristin Armstrong, 3 time gold medal cyclist.


“Times of transition are strenuous, but I love them. They are an opportunity to purge, rethink priorities, and be intentional about new habits. We can make our new normal any way we want.”  Kristin Armstrong*

If we think about transition as an opportunity to build a new normal that we define ourselves, it becomes a natural evolution instead of a rip and tear.


Transition is opportunity to level up to what it is you are desiring to create in your life.  We are in a time of transition socially and astrologically and they are coming in hot, forcing more change than is comfortable.   Things are happening fast and it seems to take over your life and stopping from you from making traction on what you really want.  But is it?  Is it interfering or enabling what you really want? Is this a setback or a level up?  That, my friend, is up to you and your wants and desires may be at the core of why all this transition is happening.  


What you want to level up isn’t necessarily always ambition.  Yes, most often it’s something like a better job.  Society tell us to strive for more, better, faster and we often succumb to that pressure showing us a standard meaning for these transitions.  There is another thing I see happening with all the change happening in our world these days – our secret needs and desires are finding their voice and forcing some transitions of their own.   Since you are the secret needs and desires, look for the deeper into these changes and discover what you are telling yourself.  Are you needing more quiet?  More peace?  More time with the family?  Are you needing to slow down?


When you allow yourself to flow with the change presented, you are co-creating with the divine.   The space of co-creation is the sweet spot of magic where you get the biggest result for the smallest effort.   This is the perfect opportunity to make that new normal, that new reality, just the way you want it.

Stop, breathe, listen and change – embrace the magic of Needed Change


Your magic formula for navigating transition and change is easy: 


Start with Needed Change, Truth & Justice and Prosperity Blessed Herbal candles (or the Transition Blessing Kit).   The Needed Change is help you let go of what no longer works for you and embrace the new.  The Truth & Justice it to help you hear that inner truth and cut thru the mental clutter and the Prosperity is to anchor this transition into your life in a fortunate way.  


Light the candle and just relax and let your mind float and unwind.   A light, silent meditation is great way to do that.  Set the intent that you are going to flow with the change and infuse yourself with this magic.   


Go about your life, never leaving a burning candle unattended.   Relight the candles at least once a day to reinfuse your intent with magic.   You will find that the answers to your frustrations present themselves in a calm and actionable way.  Watch as what no longer serves you just falls away.


For the big transitions, use the full size candles to commit to at least 5 days of setting your intent.  The blessing kits are perfect for a smaller change or need.


You can also shortcut all of this and get the Limited Edition Firecracker candle and quicken that transition or bust the blocks that are in your way!  The dragon charm reminds you daily that you are generating magical energy and helps to use that quickening to manifest your goal.


You can find all the candles at or ask for them at your favorite spiritual retailer.


Now – go make some magic and change your life!

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