AuntJackiLivingheMagicI may not dress like a witch, wear a pentagram or call upon the goddess in every stressful moment, but I do live a daily magical life.   You do not have to be a witch, a priestess or a conjure woman; you can be of any religion or spiritual path; you can live in the city or country and you can be of any socioeconomic status to bring magic into your life on a daily basis.   

Magic is healing, empowerment, connection to the divine, intuition, manifestation, prayer and laughter.   Magic is not a religion or even a system; it is a result of your focused effort and intent.  It is not so hard to live a magical life, if just takes personal awareness and a willingness to laugh at your own issues.

To me living a magical life is changing the tide on a bad day with slowing down for a moment, ranting at the frustration and then purposefully changing the tone in my voice.   I get my magic on when I verbalize what is causing me to worry and then asking for divine guidance out loud.  It gets even more magical when I listen for the answer.  It usually comes within the hour.  

I fill my day with magic when I start it out by deciding what I want from the day.  I may want to be productive, to relax, be creative, or some days just get through it.  I also light a candle that will help me manifest the day I need.  I score more magic in my day when I remember that it takes 2 people to manifest anything; me and the person who will be the catalyst for change.  When I do that, I remember to treat the people around me with respect.  

I walk with magic throughout the day when I remember to be grateful to my spirit, my heart and my body for surviving and getting me to where I am today.  When I remember that, I am filled with the power to manifest my dreams.  

I also do a lot spiritual maintenance in this magical life; I clear my energy of emotions and thoughts that do not belong to me.  I apologize.   I am imperfect, loud, excited, inspired, sad, neurotic, and angry; I am everything I am supposed to be in the moment, and only that moment.  I obsess about things and then pray for divine help to let it go.  Then I write it out, talk it out or work it out to get myself back in balance. 

I burn candles, use symbols, light incense, wear oils, make offerings, pack mojo bags, mark my words and a slew of other things all in line with my connection to life.  And that my friend is how I live a magical life – now it is your turn.

HoneyMinespellSometimes we do not know what we want in a love life, we just want something!  Or maybe you keep going for the same thing over and over again and that brand of love does not work so well for you.   With the holiday of love literally right around the corner – latch onto that energy and use it to bring more honey into your life.

One of the tricks for a good conjure that will change your life (for the better), you need to clear away the junk that is blocking the success of your work.   Make your clearing specific to the work you are doing and your success is almost guaranteed.   

Honey Mine – Love Jar Spell



Uncrossing Motor City Hoo Doo Candle

Unlined paper

Clear glass jar with lid; A 16 oz canning jar is the perfect size.

Tumbled or raw stones; Amethyst, Emerald & Clear Quartz

Dried rose head – OR dried rose petals, Jasmine Flowers, Vanilla Bean, orange peel, Lavender

Honey – the more natural the better

Come to Me Oil

Cleo Mae Hoo Doo Candle

First – Clear out the bad

Cut into the center of a lemon, but not in half. 

On a clean unlined sheet of paper, list out what hurt you in your past love relationships; the undesirable traits of others, the bad habits you have and anything else that you want to never see again in a love interest.  

Turn the paper counterclockwise one turn (90 degrees) and write across it Cut & Clear out of my life 9 times.   

Cut the cords of what you no longer want in a love interest from you by snipping the scissors around your aura as you restate the things on your list.

Cut the paper up into small bits and put into the lemon.  As you are cutting up the paper tell it that you are cutting those things out of your life and people with those traits are sour to you and you to them.   

Light an uncrossing candle and place it in front of the lemon, blocking the old energies from you.   

Wash your hands of the past situations with soap (if you can use real handmade soap all the better)

At your first opportunity, throw the lemon in a dumpster far away from your home or work.   Throw it and do not look back.   Continue to burn the candle daily until it is done (never leave a burning candle unattended)

Second - Decide what you want and sweeten them to you.

List out the important ideas in your partner – including what is attractive to you visually.  Fill the page up and make sure you put human on your list.   When it is filled, turn the page clockwise and write across it 5 times – Come to me.    Write your name all around the edges of the paper without lifting your pen.

Fold the paper 3 times towards you and place in the jar.

Light Your Cleo Mae candle – telling it what you want in a love interest.   Tell her you want it now!!!

Start placing your ingredients in the jar and tell each one what you want it to do:

Roses – If you can put a fresh rose head in the jar all the better.  Roses are for love, soul deep love.

Jasmine – To be warm and sweet and bring sweet to you.

Vanilla – To be alluring, helping the one you seek to see the beauty in you.

Orange Peel – For beauty, joy and a healthy sexual pull.

Lavender – for fidelity, happiness peace and love

Emerald - for passionate love

Amethyst – for love, trust and joy

Clear Quartz – to increase the energy of your jar

Put in 5 drops of Come to me oil

Water - fill the jar ½ way with water

Start to slowly drizzle the honey into the jar – talking to your future love interest.  Tell them what you are looking for and tell them what you have to offer.  Taste the honey as you are drizzling it in and say, Be sweet on me, be mine

Do not fill up the jar all the way – you want room to grow together. 

Put the lid on the jar and shake it up!  Call your new love interest to you!  Wake them up to your call and tell them that you are ready for them.

Place the Cleo Mae candle on the top of the jar and put the jar on a plate.  Let the candle drip onto the jar.   Shake that jar every day and call your love to you.

One you have them – keep them!

Keep that jar for a year once you have the new love you are looking for.   After a year or if you are no longer interested in who you called to you, empty out the contents of the jar into the earth.   Now it is on the two of you to build a solid relationship.

If your Honey Mine Jar has not called anyone to you – do a series of cleansings for a week – then shake the jar again.    

AuntJackiSaysDecIt’s time to lighten up your mood!   The holiday season makes serious animals of us all and before we step into the new year with a defeatist attitude, it’s time to make personal success our friend.

This is the perfect time of year, this time of lighting the darkest nights, to ignite our own passions and find the drive we need to manifest our goals.    Harnessing the momentum of the sun as it begins to wind up for its return to brilliance will give us the same inertia!  This is truly living the season, living the magic and using the turn of the year to your benefit.

This is your Aunt Jacki’s recipe for putting the fun back into success and we all know what we enjoy we put more energy into, what we put energy into become successful...

aunt Jacki January

Transformation is the definition of magic.  When you are creating magic in your life you have become the alchemist that blends your past experience with your future dreams to create a desired outcome.  You are carefully balancing all the elements of your life; the passion for your goal, the brilliance of your idea, the emotional baggage that defined the old you and the person you are today and from this juggle you are transforming – creating magic.

You must let go to receive more.  It feels counter intuitive that you have to empty to refill, but there it is, in every spiritual teaching.  When you hold onto fear, darkness, old behaviors, old ideals or definitions there is no room for the new one that will help you transform from what has been to what you want to be.   

This is a scary thing – to become something else that is unfamiliar to you.  How do you even do that?  How can you be someone else when you are already who you are?   What is the tipping point from who you used to be to who you are next?  This is a close your eyes and jump moment where you set your course and steer true to your next destination.  This is a time of faith in yourself and your spiritual allies and here are a few magical steps that will get you through to the other side.  

When we need to make a change in our lives that involve another person, one of our go-to statements it “It’s not personal”.  We don’t want it to be personal, we don’t want to be the bad guy, we don’t want the other person to be the bad guy and more importantly, we don’t want drama.    So, how do we reconcile the need for this change with the hurt we are feeling?  How do we avoid hurting the other person, even if they hurt us first?