Mad Skills With Low Self-Esteem? We Have a Candle for That

have-you-checked-your-self-worth-latelyWhat is your value? Have you checked the pulse of your self-worth lately? If the answer is no, I feel ya, but I also want to inspire you to go ahead and do it. Figuring out your worth touches many aspects of your life, including your salary or the fee you charge for your services.

Turn Summertime Blues Into Summertime Schmooze!

It’s summer and we know you’re not sure if it’s a blessing or something to endure until gift-giving season. We’ve heard your sighs over the phone when we call and ask how you’re doing. So, how do you sell candles during the hot summer months? How do you help your customers need the Coventry candles that are sitting on your shelves, waiting to be purchased?

Have a Coventry Magic Oracle Party!

Yes, a party! Make it fun and get your customers hooked on using the Coventry Magic system as their go-to when they need solutions, comforting, predictions and inspiration.

Navigating the Space Between

patty-shawMany great thinkers of our time (and this includes you) have indulged in the philosophy that when one door closes, another door opens. This is a very positive and hopeful idea, and quite true as well. There is always something waiting for you after the party is over.