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Heart Chakra is a busy little bee HM blogLet’s get to know the wonderful Heart Chakra.  It is in the center of your chest and a beautiful emerald green. The chakra is a busy little bee because its chief purpose is to process your life events.  This is so your soul can take experiences and turn them into lessons learned. It is an important part of your spiritual evolution. This chakra is also in charge of the health of your circulatory system, heart, lungs and thymus.  The personality archetypes are the Lover and Actor. The Lover archetype expresses through honest communication and its actions are filled with integrity. When you are expressing the actor archetype you scoot around being who you need to be to get what you want.  The physical posture that improves the energy flow of your heart chakra is lying quietly with shoulders back. The crystals that improve heart chakra energy are Rose Quartz and Aventurine. The hearts favorite aromatherapy scents are Lemongrass, Jasmine, Rose, and our Healing Chakra Magic spray.


Strengthen your heart chakra with a mantra


It’s true, life does suck sometimes and you will feel the weight of it in your heart chakra because this is where the brunt of those difficult realities roosts.  During these times your heart chakra needs help lifting these burdens so it can become filled with the joy of living again. To protect the heart and help it move through the tough terrain of relationship challenges, creative failures, and battles with prosperity, meditate with our Healing Chakra Magic candle.  When you light the candle, sit with it and visualize beautiful clear green light filling your heart chakra. Ask that it be balanced and harmony be brought back into your life. Speak the mantra from the label and feel your heart grow stronger as it releases the effects of the struggles you are managing.

My heart is my own and only I have the power to break it or let it be broken.

Instead, I protect my heart and soul.  

No longer do I believe the pain I feel as being my enduring truth.  

Life is full of experiences both uplifting and hurtful.

With every breath I take, I leave the pain behind

and lift up my eyes and let my heart be light.


Now affirm that you have all you need for a life well lived. Develop faith in yourself by being more flexible about life and embrace the mindset that you can handle whatever life has to dish out.  Every time you connect with the earth in a meditation, be grateful for all the abundance the earth has provided and ask for a blessing. She will gladly send you the energy you need to fulfill the goals you have yet to reach.


Spritz a little Healing Charka Magic spray in your aura to clear out residual emotions and thoughts.  Do not spray toward your face and keep the sprayer at least 6” away from your body. Spray across the body in front or back.  Never leave a candle burning unattended and remove all packaging before lighting it.

Does using magic, meditation and spell work sound like a great way to improve your life? It does to me too. Our magical products are available at CoventryCreations.com or at your local spiritual supply store. To get more unique spells, great articles, monthly specials, and new product announcements, subscribe to the Coventry newsletter here.

Mercury Rx keeping it positive HealingMagicBy the time you finish reading this, you will already be under the influence of the first of three times Mercury goes retrograde this year.  I’m going to share with you the way I turned Mercury Retrograde into an opportunity rather than a hostage to its shenanigans.

Initially, I ignored this astrological event. I couldn’t be bothered and honestly, I didn’t want to admit that astrology could have that kind of power over the events in my life. That is what most people say when they don’t want to know something. I’m no different.

Things have changed since then and I have found there is a healing opportunity for us when Mercury is at rest or sleeping.  When a planet goes retrograde it appears to be stopped or going backward in the sky. The impact it has is as if the monkeys got out and started running the zoo. There is chaos and confusion and destruction. In addition, when the monkeys are put back in their homes, many if not all the changes they made get undone because they were not what we wanted in the first place.  This is why we are advised not to make big purchases, sign contracts, accept a job or do anything really important during the 20 to 25 days of Mercury Retrograde. Most of them will fall through or there is buyer’s remorse. For more information about mercury retrograde please read these great articles.
http://stormcestavani.com/2014/06/07/forget-the-hype-mercury-retrograde-is-a-powerful-healing-tool/, and http://www.astrologyzone.com/forecasts/mercury.html.

Instead of grousing about MRx, now is a great time for looking back, re-connecting and revisiting events, especially where we did not have closure. It’s wise to take this time to think about the past and what could have been done differently rather than press forward, expend way too much energy and failing anyway. Every time you put the prefix re in front of a word you are handling an MRx phase properly.  When you mimic a retrograde planet by sleeping, resting or going back and reviewing you are in alignment with the spirit of its energy. Plus you won’t be frustrating yourself by swimming against the cosmic stream.

Now is the time for a great healing opportunity.

We are going to redirect a destructive royal pain in the past so it no longer has an influence in your life.  We will do this with candle magic and your intention.

You will need a Needed Changes Blessed Herbal candle, candle holder, paper and pen, a pin or nail.

  1. Plan to do this exercise when you have some privacy without interruptions.
  2. Create your sacred space and connect to the earth. Invite in your beloved guides to love and protect you.
  3. Reflect on your habitual negative emotion. The one that jumps in as your first reaction. Is it pessimism, anger, jealousy? Are you still hurt from an old rejection or abandonment?  Mine was cynicism. I was very critical of everything. This went way beyond critical thinking. I was finding fault with just about everything. It really kept me from moving forward and being happy.
  4. Allow yourself to move deeper into that emotion. What is underneath it?  Be brave. Underneath my cynicism was shame. It was rough. Shame is hard to grab a hold of.  It’s pretty painful and I had to face the knowing that I screwed up, a lot. When looking at the base emotion you may remember something that happened that started it all.  You don’t need to relive it, just remember that it happened and what feeling it triggered in you. Ask your guides to hold that for you. Don’t incapacitate yourself, you have work to do.  
  5. Now write your base emotion on the candle. I wrote shame on my candle.  This is what you are going back to so you can let it go.
  6. Call upon your guides to take authority of the base emotion you need to release.  They may also need to take authority over some negative teachers (entities), wounded soul parts and other people’s wounded soul parts.  
  7. In your meditation imagine you are walking up a marble staircase in a gorgeous temple. Your guides are coming along and bringing all the components of your base painful emotion. They will help you take all of it to the altar of God or your name for the being that created you.  Place all this stuff there and ask for help with it. You will be guided as to what you need to do. Do you need to face a truth you missed? Do you need to forgive or ask for forgiveness? Listen. The longer you spend at the altar following the guidance you will notice that the ‘stuff’ is dissipating and dissolving. Keep at it until it’s all gone.  I had to do a lot of forgiveness work and I had to mean it. I also had to get a lesson on loving myself. Eventually all my energetic burdens faded away.
  8. Take a dip in the healing waters.  Notice a pool of water is there next to you. It will show up when you are done at the altar.  Step into the pool and release all the pain you’ve been carrying with you. As the pain flows out of you like mist or fireworks, ask that the pure white light fill you.  The exchange of energy will help you feel better on every level.
  9. After you are done in the healing waters, thank your guides and your creator and finish your meditation.
  10. Open your eyes and write your name and a word that is opposite from the one you etched into the candle on a piece of paper. For me the opposite of shame was accepted.  You will find your word by reflecting on your trip to the altar.
  11. Place that piece of paper under the candle holder and light your candle. This is the physical ritual that represents the mental ritual you just did.  Let you candle burn all the way down then finish your release by throwing out the left over candle stub and burn the paper. You do not have to burn the candle continuously.  Practice safe candle burning.
  12. Last step.  After your Needed Change candle is all gone, light a Sweet Grass World Magic or a Ganesh World Magic.  Light it and let it fill you with joy and enthusiasm for life. Let this one light up your life for many days to come.  It’s beautiful how long this candle will last. it will keep reminding you that the joy you have created in your life is not fleeting or temporary.  

For more self- healing meditations see Healers Almanac by Patricia Shaw and DIY Akashic Wisdom by Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw.  For more candle magic rituals please check out Coventry Magic with Candles Herbs and Oils by Jacki Smith.  All three books are available at www.coventrycreations.com.

Three steps to creating a charmed life HealingMagic 470sqWhen you look into the mirror do you like what you see? The best way to gauge your level of self-love is to notice your reaction to your reflection in the mirror. Did you go straight to critical analysis or did you smile at yourself? If you did not fall deeply in love with your eyes, the mirror of your soul, it’s time to re-evaluate everything you stand for and how it’s manifesting in your life.  It’s time to renew your vows to honor, cherish and love yourself forever and always, for better or worse.

It’s time to fall back in love with yourself.

Everyone has something that they hate about themselves. They blow it up so big it’s all they see and it’s all they think others see too. Now that is just sad and such a waste of time and energy.  Personally, I’ve got big thighs. Whenever I go out in public I think everyone is looking at my thighs and saying horrible things about me. Truthfully, they are not, because I am not my thighs. Those that don’t know me may notice my thighs and decide they know who I am because I allowed my thighs to get so big, but they would be wrong.  They would miss an opportunity to know what magic Patty holds deep in her heart and is willing to share if given an opportunity. Now take your own feelings about your worst feature and shrink it down to nothing and start the process of not just accepting yourself, but loving yourself. You are not your worst feature.

Use Magic to hold the space of love for you.  

Doing a candle ritual is one of the best ways to create a space of love while you re-evaluate why there is so much negative self-talk in your head.  This three step candle ritual is easy to remember and very effective.

First step is to forgive yourself for being a jerk, lazy, uninspired, or mediocre. You were never meant to be perfect anyway. Remember the gift is in the journey, not the destination.  I recommend lighting a Wakin the Dead Wicked Witch Mojo candle. In meditation, ask your ancestors to help you stop kicking yourself for making mistakes or missing the mark or not being whatever it is you think you should be. You are their dream of a better future for the family and they love you very much.  Mostly, they want you to see what they see, that you are a gift to the world and full of potential.

Second step is to let go of all the judgements put upon you by others, starting with your parents. NO ONE knows you as well as your creator does. Spend some time listening to the intuition coming down from on high.  You will be blown away by what you hear or see. Let it replace all the criticism you heard from your parents. Enhance the experience by meditating with our Uncrossing Motor City Hoo Doo candle to help release all those attachments between you and the past. As you meditate ask the attachments dissolve and protection surrounds you.  Another thing you need to do is release the internal dialogue you accepted from family, friends, school mates, authority figures about you. Just let it go. It’s irrelevant now and besides it was more about them than it was about you anyway. Put it all in the flame of the Uncrossing candle to be transformed.

Third step is to affirm that it is time to love yourself again. This may mean doing some affirmation work and lighting a few candles until you really own this.  I recommend, from our Affirmation line, working with the Love or Soul Mate candle. Light it every day while you affirm that you are all that and a bag of chips too.  Remember, you don’t have to be perfect to be lovable.

Louis Hay gives us 10 ways to Love our self. From The Essential Louise Hay Collection. These are abbreviated from the original text.

  1. Stop criticizing yourself
  2. Stop terrorizing yourself with frightening thoughts
  3. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Parent yourself.
  4. Be kind to your mind. Don’t hate yourself for having negative thoughts.  Stop blame, shame, guilt and punishment.
  5. Praise yourself. It will build you up.  Even when you make mistakes there is something there to celebrate.
  6. Surround yourself with supportive people.
  7. Love your negatives, they are all part of your creation.
  8. Take care of your body. Love your body.
  9. Do mirror work to find out the cause of an issue. Say I love you, what can I do for you today at your reflection and listen to your inner voice.
  10. Love yourself NOW. Don’t wait until you get it right.  Loving yourself attracts good into your life.

Before you can take your first step you need to get your magical supplies.  Get on the phone, on the web or over to your local magical store and stock up on the candles you need for this powerful bit of magic.  Then get ready to live a charmed life.

Does using magic and spell work sound like a great way to improve your life? It does to me too. Many magical products are available at coventryCREATIONS.com or at your local spiritual supply store. To get more unique spells, great articles, monthly specials, and new product announcements, subscribe to the Coventry newsletter here.

HM Divine love fixes everythingThere is no higher love than divine love.  When the chips are down and you need support, calling upon divine love is your ticket.  It doesn’t matter if you are in need of a change of thought, your emotions need balancing or you need a reset with your physical condition, the power of love is real and can work miracles in your life.  On one condition though, you have to ask for help and let it in. Many of us forget to let it in. We all deserve to be loved and if you are feeling so beat up that it is hard for you to allow love in, we have a candle for that.  

Healing is about lifting your vibration.

This is done by filling your aura and chakra with spiritual light and changing the way you think, feel and act.  Where ever you carry lower energies like fear, anger, hatred, jealousy and envy your little cells and atoms have lost their light and can’t help you feel vibrant and loved.  Spiritual light equals life and where you lack life, your body starts to die, your mind gets dull and your emotions fall out of balance and can become your worst nightmare.

These lower energies pollute your thoughts and feelings first and then start to influence your life in many ways.  It doesn’t matter if they started with others or came from within your own heart. These lower energies vibrate very slowly and get stuck in your energy field.  Over time if they are not dealt with, they will solidify and start to become a cancerous mass, infection, hypertension, depression or any other disease or illness.  This is why you hear over and over again, you can’t afford the luxury of a negative though, word or feeling. When one happens, you need to deal with it quickly while it’s still fresh and easier to release.  

If you do find yourself already dealing with an illness, trauma or disease, you can still heal.  It will take attention, time and you guessed it, divine love. Getting in touch with divine love is easier than you may think.  Many believe we need to be spiritual or religious. Sure they are pathways to God, the source of divine love, but not one individual who asks for help is turned away.  Not even on their worst day.

No worries, Love comes to us all.

Love is everywhere and in everything.  The strongest sources of love are from God. Then love is found in nature, then animals and then people.  I put people last because we were given free will. This gift has put us all on an amazing journey of evolution and that makes people kind of tricky.  The ones who have learned how to love themselves and want to share it with others are the ones to go to for help. Nature just oozes love all the time.  Take a walk in the woods and notice how your blood pressure comes down and you feel a sense of peace and even connection with the woods itself. Not a walk in the woods kinda person?  Then go spend some time with animals (domesticated ones are the easiest). Animals are not judgmental and share their unconditional love easily. It gets even better after you’ve bonded with them.  

We have a candle for that.  Our candle ritual

Prepare yourself to receive divine love with this candle ritual.  It will help you lower your resistance and open the way to healing all the reasons you are feeling isolated and unloved.  Yes it takes a willingness to surrender that you don’t know everything. In the surrender we soften your need to be in control.  This is definitely faith in action. Especially if you don’t have a religious or spiritual foundation yet. Don’t worry about that.  Just ask for help. Your quality of life depends on it. You will need a Blessed Herbal Attraction Love candle, Love Chakra Magic Spray and Neroli Energetic Oil, Love Magic Witches Union patch.

Decide when and where to do this candle ritual and make sure you won’t be distracted or disturbed.  Set aside 15 minutes, but you can go longer if you wish. Make this space a place that makes you happy and peaceful.  Prepare your Attraction love candle by anointing it with Neroli Energetic oil. This oil has the ability to banish negative thinking.  It’s always a good idea to deal with and release your negative thoughts. Put your candle in a candle holder. Before lighting the candle, take three deep cleansing breaths and let all thoughts of stress and trauma fall away.  If you are challenged with this, ask that the more difficult memories be put in a bubble and placed in your Akashic record room or on the altar of God. You should notice your mind and emotions start calming down right away. Now stop thinking about that situation.  Light the Attraction Love candle and say a prayer. Here is a suggestion. “The path of life is filled with love, I accept that love and ask it to fill me, bless me, heal me and flow along with me every step of the way of my life.” If you’d like, you can mist your heart chakra area with the Love Chakra Magic spray. It will help you become more receptive.  

Begin visualizing pink light flowing from above and surrounding you.  Get very detailed in the visualization. Imagine the quality of the color pink to be a deep rose pink and feel the unconditional love and acceptance it brings to your mind and emotions.  See it coming straight down from a place far far beyond your conscious awareness. See it surround your aura and then start filling your aura and then your physical body. Now visualize it filling all of your chakras completely.  Start at the crown and then flow into the Third Eye, now the throat, next your heart chakra, now the solar plexus, next the sacral chakra, and lastly the root chakra. Now see the pink light flow down your legs to below your feet and fill your earth chakra.  Now visualize it flowing back up to fill your aura again. Let the deep rose pink light cycle up and around you while you repeat the prayer. Do this as many times as you desire. When you are done, ask that the light is anchored, sealed and protected in your aura, chakras and body.  Give thanks for this blessing and ask again to be protected spiritually. Then ask that your family, friends also be loved and protected. After the meditation is complete, sit for a moment to let everything settle and you feel ready to engage in the world again. Get the Witches Union Love magic patch, activate it with the ritual provided and use it as a reminder that you are loved so much you can not only face your life, you will thrive.  Now go out and have an amazing day.

Does using magic and spell work sound like a great way to improve your life? It does to me too. Our magical products are available at CoventryCreations.com or at your local spiritual supply store. To get more unique spells, great articles, monthly specials, and new product announcements, subscribe to the Coventry newsletter here.