WU weathering the storm 1Your customers rely on you to provide the tools that will help them not only get through life but to master it.  This includes challenges that many times feel like violent weather. When they come to you fearing the worst and really at a loss on how to deal.  Show them this spell. It is just for those times when they are not sure they will survive the storm.  


Coventry Products they’ll need: Motor city Hoo Doo Helping Hand candle, Protection Blessed Herbal oil, Truth and Justice Blessed Herbal candle

Other items your customer will need: Photo of themself, pen and paper,  potted plant or access to a garden.


Weathering a storm spell


Bring yourself to a relaxed state.  Remove all of the candles’ packaging. Focusing on self-care, dress the Helping Hand candle with the Protection oil.  Repeat with the Truth & Justice candle focusing on fighting back self-sabotage and promoting a healthy self-image. Place the candles in their holders and light them. 

Lay the photo in front of you and begin writing a letter to yourself with gratitude for getting you through this storm, forgiveness for any mistakes, and encouragement to keep going. Place the photo on top of the letter and fold it 3 times.  Bury the letter underneath the plant so that your love and gratitude continue to grow. Be sure to tend to the plant’s needs as well as your own. Light the candles every day even as you begin to feel the sunshine again, and wear the protection oil when there’s a black cloud above you.  Never leave a burning candle unattended.


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