If is takes a spell to get you to love yourself do itWomen have been talking about self love for a long time.  They even took the scary out of it by switching up and calling it self care.  We women have to really put effort into self love or care because it’s not a natural first response in us, not yet.  Hey you men out there, this goes for you too. I have found that self love has to be learned. I personally needed it to be explained.  Once I understood what it meant, I could hear all my internal negative self talk, I recognized when someone was disrespecting me and most of all I started to crave feeling good about myself.  It’s kinda sad to find we are more accustomed to abuse than we are love. Much of your customers searching centers around this very reality


A first step to mastering self worth.


Interestingly enough, forgiveness is a big part of self love.  It’s a real game changer and when we forgive with honesty, we set ourselves free.  To forgive means to let go of holding someone else responsible for our self worth and happiness.  That stuff is too precious to put in someone else's hands. Let forgiveness help you reclaim your worth.  This beautiful spell can be a first step to mastering self love. I encourage you to do this and other things to get you in the habit of seeing yourself worth love, forgiveness and an important and precious part of our world and the universe.  Take your time and enjoy the unfolding of the lovely you, then guide your customers toward the same unfoldment.


Self Love and Forgiveness Spell


Coventry Products you’ll need: World Magic Sweet Grass Candle, Chakra Magic Spray Confidence

Other items you will need: Rose Quartz, pink & yellow sidewalk chalk, fresh flowers

The spell: Go outside and find a big space of cement. Spray the Sweet Grass candle, chalk, flowers and rose quarts with the Confidence spray.  With a piece of chalk draw a pink heart, big enough to lay down in. Then with the yellow chalk, draw a sun around the heart.


Take a seat in the center of the heart, light the Sweet Grass candle, and place it at the bottom of the heart. Lay each individual flower down around you while stating something you love about yourself or one thing you forgive yourself for.  Lay down and place the rose quartz on your solar plexus.


Honor yourself by thanking yourself for getting through tough times and promising yourself you will minimize negative self-talk from now on.  Slowly stand up straight, feet together, hands by your side, and fingers spread apart. Take a few smooth breaths with the last exhale ending in a smile.  Never leave a burning candle unattended or while sleeping, always remove all packaging before lighting a candle.


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