WU SCCC WS blogAre your customers in a Tizzy?  Never fear, you have been prepared for this exact situation for a long time.  You’ve developed your skills and knowledge, stocked your shelves with products that work, now go to it.  Guide them to the exact remedies they need to bring the chaos back under control and balance into their daily lives.  Let us make if fast and painless for you too. Here is our Calamity Calmer spell from our Witch’s Union Spell Caster Club library.  Share the wisdom, sell them the products, pat them on the head and send them on the way, confident they will do a great job and come back to you for more sage advice and more tools.  


Here’s what your customers will need.

Coventry Products needed: Calming Blessed Herbal Oil, Inner Balance Blessed Herbal Candle

Other Ingredients needed: Lavender oil, evergreen or pine bough, bowl of cool clear water


Calamity Calmer spell to the rescue


Anoint the candle with the calming oil, light it and place it in a candle holder in the center of your home or the area that is in turmoil.

Place 9 drops of the calming oil in the bowl of water and walk the bowl through each room while visualizing the stress and turmoil being attracted into the water.  Walk the bowl of water outside and dump it in the street.

Use the evergreen bough to sweep out the energy in the entire building. Sweep toward the windows or exterior doors, visualizing that you are collecting and sweeping the energy out of the door and down the street.  When you are done, take the bough outside, off your property. Break it in half and toss into the street.

Walk the candle into each room, filling it with calm balance.  Set the candle to burn in the center of your home. Neve leave a burning candle unattended.


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