img 2017 2Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year.We can't just sit and wait for Cupid to work his magic all on his own.Time to time, we may need to help that little fella out. After all he is a very,very busy little cherub. And,what sets the stage for romance better than our candles and oils? Certainly, not a myriad of cliches, like dinner reservations,candy and flowers.TWe want to show our sweetheart`s that they are really someone special. Let's face it, the world could use a little more love and romance.No worries, Arcadia Marketplace has got ya covered, sugar britches!


All through the month of February,Dorothy Morrison candles and oils are 10% off!! How sweet is that? If that doesn't fire you up and set your heart all aflames (cheesy, I know. I couldn't resist) turn up the heat and try this tip:


 Gift a couple of candles with meaningful intentions. light one up, create your ambience,double your display of affection`s and increase the chance at getting lucky, by adding a oils to the party. Arcadia Marketplace oils can be added with a carrier oil and used for a hot and steamy……. oh , wait …..I meant “therapeutic” massage!! ::: wink, wink:: Check out our list below for just the perfect way to say that you care.


Blessed Herbal Candles & Power Votives:

Attraction Love
 *candle and oil

Inner Balance

Love’s Enchantment

Blessing Kits:

Happy Marriage

Make Up or Break Up


Motor City Hoo Doo:

Adam & Eve

Adam & Steve

Alice & Eve

Come to
Me *candle and oil

Cleo Mae

High John *candle and oil

Wicked Witch Mojo: *candles and oils

Come to Mama

Everything and Then Some

Red Stilettos

Wishin’ Mojo

World Magic:


Wicked Good Spray:

Come Hither

Keep Calm and Lavender On




Soul Mate

Inner Beauty