May2021 RetailAstroMagicWelcome to the month of May! As we enter the heart of Taurus season, we have the biggest sign change of the year as Jupiter moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces, the sign he rules. 

Pisces is the sign associated with collective dreams, but what does that even mean? 

Well, we all have dreams and not just the ones we have when we go to sleep. We have visions of how we would like our lives to be. We have dreams about a perfect world and a perfect society. Some of us even have dreams of perfect cheesecake – mine is raspberry flavored. But there are dreams that are bigger than individual dreams, they are the visions and aspirations of nations, groups, generations (current, previous, and those no longer with us), and even political parties. They are all governed by the sign of the fishes.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and when he dives into the deep water of Pisces, those collective dreams of a perfect world will become a predominant theme over the next year. Carl Jung believed that everyone’s dreams and aspirations add to the whole, and it is this energy that is the deepest core of  Pisces, and that the actions that we take as individuals decide whether those dreams solidify into tangible realities. So, it’s a great time to work on our dreams, what we would like to see happen in our lives and in the world in the future. According to the kabbalah, the most powerful force in the universe is unity (another lovely Piscean word), but to effectively create change, we all need to do our part to uplift and inspire a better tomorrow by beginning to dream – and DREAM BIG!

Magically speaking Jupiter is a celestial powerhouse, especially when he is in his own sign. Jupiter is associated with expansion and growth. In mythology, he is a fertility god and can be used for fertility magic, prosperity spells, and increased vitality. Jupiterian magic is also good for reputation repair, public impressions, and career advancement. Amethyst and quartz are his stones to keep on hand when harnessing the power of the King of the Gods. So, when you need a bit of extra ‘oomph’ added to your magic, Jupiter is your go-to guy and over the next year, you should sup with him frequently.

Later in the month, Mercury the trickster god will go retrograde. Mercury retrograde disrupts communication, creates havoc with electronic devices, and plans go completely awry. Since Mercury will retrograde in the sign of Gemini, it’s best to try to be as clear and concise as possible when communicating and avoid overstating your opinions. Mercury remains retrograde until June 22, 2021. 

Recommended for Taurus Season: Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer (Astro Magic), Sage Energetic Oil  (Wicked Good Energetic Oils), Everything and Then Some (Wicked Witch Mojo), and Prosperity (Blessed  Herbal)


Lunar Magic: 

New Moon in Taurus 

The New Moon in Taurus occurs at 21 Taurus on May 11, 2021. The New Moon makes beneficial aspects to Neptune and Pluto that provide us with creative options (Neptune) to potentially resolve long-standing (Pluto) Taurean issues. We can also harness these additional planetary energies in our  New Moon magic.

Taurean magic is about prosperity, money, and self-worth. So, getting control over your finances, planting seeds for financial stability, and improving your self-image are constructive ways to work with this month’s New Moon. Taurus season is also great to pull in a little bit of fast cash and pad your wallet. 

Recommended: New Moon (Astro Magic), Stability (Blessed Herbal), Money Draw (Motor City Hoodoo), Goddess (Affirmation)


Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 

The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurs on May 26th. I don’t recommend aggressive magic during an eclipse – especially when the eclipse involves the South Node. South Node eclipses reflect the need to let go of areas that are governed by the sign they are in, and in the case of Sagittarius, it’s our beliefs that are on the chopping block. Letting go of beliefs can be daunting because they have often propped us up and been the main feature of our personal psychology. However, now is the time to let go of outdated beliefs that may no longer be useful, and in fact, may be hindering our personal growth. Instead, I recommend protection and healing magic to heal old wounds and protect us from the eclipse’s energies.  

Recommended: Full Moon (Astro Magic), Fiery Wall of Protection (Motor City Hoodoo), Spiritual  Cleansing (Motor City Hoodoo), Protection (Blessed Herbal)


Weekly Breakdown 

May 3, 2021 – May 9, 2021 

Although the first week of May starts off a bit sketchy, the rest of the week is free of obstructions and difficult energies. 

On Monday, the Sun forms a tense square to Saturn in Aquarius. Feelings of self-doubt, insecurities, and difficulties with authority figures may attempt to steal your joy. Later in the day, Mercury moves out of Taurus and into his own sign of Gemini. Expect conversations to increase, the urge to learn new things,  and appreciating the opinions of those around you throughout the month because Mercury spends an extended period in his own sign because he turns retrograde on May 29th.  

Midweek, Venus forms a potent trine to Pluto in Capricorn. If you have experienced relationship issues,  now would be the time to resolve problems and leave the past behind. Otherwise, you will be forced to deal with them towards the end of the month. Financial opportunities may present themselves, and some may be lucrative.  

This weekend, Venus joins Mercury in the sign of the twins. This is a beneficial time to enjoy the company of others because you will need mental stimulation now more than physical. 

Recommended: Outta’ My Way (Wicked Witch Mojo), Truth and Justice (Blessed Herbal), Adam and Eve  (Motor City Hoodoo), Clarity Candle (Chakra Magic)

May 10, 2021 – May 16, 2021 

This week the bulk of the cosmic energies occur during the first part of the week beginning with the New  Moon in Taurus. 

On Tuesday, Mars forms a beneficial aspect to Uranus in Taurus. All Mars-Uranus aspects bring a surge of energy, but Mars sextile Uranus often gives enough gumption to take risks and not be complacent.  This leads us to Wednesday when Mercury forms a lovely trine to Saturn. It’s time to focus on projects or tasks that need focus and mental power.  

Over the weekend, The Moon moves through emotional Cancer. Family issues and concerns may surface that leaves you a bit frazzled. Home repairs and improvements may also be on the menu. 

Recommended: New Moon (Astro Magic), Problem Solving (Blessed Herbal), Energy and Will (Blessed  Herbal), Home Blessing (Affirmation)


May 17, 2021 – May 23, 2021 

This week the bulk of the astrological energy features the Sun. So, issues surrounding identity, inner goals, and personal destiny will be a primary focus.  

On Monday, the Sun forms a harmonious trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Sun-Pluto aspects require us to look within to discover what areas of our lives are not working and then using this insight to make changes. Sometimes life throws us curve balls and we go off course, but now is a cosmic opportunity to make a course correction and get back on our path. 

Later in the week, the Sun moves out of Taurus and into Gemini. Gemini season is a great time to look at your social network and sphere of influence and to use these resources when necessary. If you want to take a course or learn something new, now is the time. 

Finally, this weekend, the storm clouds roll in as Mercury forms a nasty aspect to Neptune in Pisces.  Communication issues may surface and it’s best to believe half of what you see and even less of what you hear. Avoid shady people. 

Recommended: Inner Balance (Blessed Herbal), Answers (Chakra Magic), Hot Damn (Wicked Witch  Mojo), Van Van (Motor City Hoodoo)


May 24, 2021 – May 30, 2021 

The last week of May comes with a punch with a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, a tough Venusian aspect,  and Mercury retrograde. 

We start the week off with the Moon moving through turbulent Scorpio. As we approach the Full Moon,  emotions will be on edge and difficult feelings may emerge. Further, problems from the past may leave you feeling anxious, but you will need to find a resolution to move forward. 

On Thursday, Venus in Gemini forms a difficult aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Difficulties in relationships may surface if the foundation of the relationship is based on fantasies rather than realities. Breakups may occur and love lost while this configuration is active could be difficult to handle. Try to keep your expectations low and allow people to be human. 

Finally, on Saturday, Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini. Communication issues may be a major concern in this retrograde cycle because Mercury is in his own sign. Avoid making firm agreements or signing documents until after Mercury goes direct on June 22nd.

Recommended: Full Moon (Astro Magic), Emotional Balance (Blessed Herbal), Healing (Affirmations)Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer (Astro Magic)

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April2021 RetailAstroMagicSo, this month we enter the first full month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere (autumn in the Southern Hemisphere) and April begins where March left off – a bit of relief from the cosmic energies of the last 15 months with some minor hiccups until the end of the month when the astrological storm begins once again.

Now before we dive into Aries season, let’s get our party hats on because throughout the month of April none of the inner planets (Sun – Saturn) are retrograde. In fact, the only planet that goes retrograde this month is Pluto towards the end of the month. Can I get an amen?

Last month we ended the astrological year with Pisces season and moved into Aries season towards the end of the month. Although Aries season often gets labeled as the sign of the zodiac most associated with ‘Fight Club’, the sign of the ram has a deeper meaning and many-layered textures that are limited by keywords such as competition and aggression.

The key to understanding Aries season is that it represents beginnings. The beginning of the astrological year, the beginning of a new season, and the beginning of a new journey for the next astrological year, and like any journey, we can make the choice to become our own hero. 

The sign of Aries belongs to the element of fire and is concerned with potentials and possibilities. However, these potentials and possibilities have little to do with the physical realm which is governed by the earth element. Instead, the element of fire is concerned with the pursuit of something spiritual in nature that ultimately gives us inner meaning, identity, and the pursuit of wholeness. In essence, Aries season is our yearly call to action.

In any heroic story, after the call to action, the hero begins to face challenges in pursuit of his destiny. In myth, the hero always is given assistance from a deity that he/she is aligned with to succeed. Jason is assisted by Athena, Zeus, and Hera; Perseus received some groovy objects from Hermes, Hades, and Athena; and Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) had gifts delivered to her by using her ingenuity to curry favor with sponsors whenever she faced a ‘malady of the moment’ in the arena.


Astrologically, we receive help and guidance from the transiting Sun forming aspects as he moves through the zodiac.


In April, the Sun makes several aspects, but the two to watch out for happen on April 16th and April 30th.

On April 16th, the Sun forms a tense aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Sun square Pluto is a gnarly aspect because it arrives in the form of some powerful outside influence that attempts to exert its power upon us in some way, and it is often problematic because it often is a circumstance that is beyond our control. Since the Sun is in Aries your current path could go through changes and you may need to let go of something in your life that is past its expiration date. The difficulty with Pluto is that if you resist him, he only makes matters worse. However, if you look in the areas of your life that need change, then this aspect could help you reclaim your personal power once you purge the garbage out of your life.

Next up is the conjunction of the Sun (now in Taurus) with Uranus that occurs on April 30th. Let me be blunt, Uranus really does not like the structure and limitations of Taurus. He likes to shake things up and create new ideals in the sign he is in, but Taurus likes to resist change and will stubbornly cling to comfort and security. So, it is not surprising that collective ideals about money, cryptocurrencies, the stock market, and the overall economy are consistently in the headlines. The key to working with Uranus is to shake things up yourself. You may want to try something new, maybe dip your toe into alternative forms of wealth creation. Uranus doesn’t require a lot, so even exploring other alternatives of creating income and examining whether your current fiscal picture needs a reboot. Creating change is sometimes scary, but to move into the future we need to embrace progress on one level or another. Just do it strategically rather than impulsively. 

Recommended Candles for April: Guardian Protector (Affirmation), Outta My Way (Wicked Witch Mojo), Needed Change/Banishing (Blessed Herbal), Transitions (Blessing Kit)


Lunar Magic 

New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries occurs on April 11th. The Aries New Moon urges you to go after what you want and understand that part of what may be blocking the success you desire is you. It’s time to push past any inner (or outer) blocks that may be preventing you from achieving the results you desire, and this may require changing yourself and your relationship to the outer world.

Magically, the New Moon in Aries is great for overcoming obstacles, breaking free from the pack, and becoming your own person, and boosting your personal power.

Recommended Candles: New Moon (AstroMagic), Success (Affirmation), Road Opener (Motor City Hoodoo), Goddess (Affirmation)


Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on April 26th. Now, this is an interesting Full Moon because it reactivates the Saturn square Uranus aspect that occurred in February. For those needing a refresher, Saturn square Uranus reflects the need for us to create change in our lives and begin to let go of old structures that may be preventing personal progress and this energetic shift (remember that astrological storm I mentioned earlier?) will continue for the next few weeks. The good news is that Scorpio magic involves releasing old habits and patterns that may be holding you back. It’s also a great time to work on issues that are the result of familial trauma.


Recommended Candles: Full Moon (AstroMagic), Grief (Affirmation), Emotional Balance (Blessed Herbal), Home Blessing (Affirmation)

Weekly Breakdown 

April 5, 2021 – April 11, 2021 

We start the first full week of April with a lovely aspect between Venus and Mars on Tuesday. If you need an extra energy boost to kick start love and romance in your life, take advantage of the energy while you can. Financial opportunities may also present themselves.

During the middle of the week, the Moon moves into emotionally sensitive Pisces. Your emotional connection to others may be heightened along with your sensitivity to the environment. Spiritual concerns may take precedence over mundane concerns. 

Although Friday may be a low energy day with Mars square Neptune, the rest of the weekend may prove to be fruitful and productive, especially with the New Moon in ‘get up and go’ Aries. Avoid powerplays in relationships on Sunday evening when Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn.

Recommended Candles: Love (Affirmation), Clarity (Chakra Magic), Prosperity (Blessed Herbal), Fast Cash (Wicked Witch Mojo) 

April 12, 2021 – April 18, 2021 

The second week of April is filled to the brim with energy and features eight aspects and a sign change. O.M.G. 

We begin the week with a decent boost of energy to help tackle tasks that need some extra gumption and old-fashioned elbow grease. 

Midweek, financial activities will receive a needed assist from Lady Luck. Financial investments and business matters will surface,  take advantage of opportunities that  come your way.  

This weekend you may need to battle the demons in your head as insecurities and fears may surface. 

Recommended Candles: Luck (Affirmation), Energy & Will (Blessed Herbal), Sweet Grass (World Magic), Poof (Wicked Witch Mojo)

April 19, 2021 – April 25, 2021

This week, we have another week packed with energy as we shift out of Aries and into Taurus. Keep in mind that throughout Taurus season, all the planets moving through Taurus (Sun, Mercury, Venus) will be co-present with disruptive Uranus and in sign square to Jupiter and Saturn. Expect sudden changes coupled with frustrations and self-doubt. 

On Monday, both the Sun and Mercury move into Taurus. Financial matters and security concerns will be your focus throughout the next few weeks. Try to focus on creating budgets and getting your fiscal picture in order. Taurus season is also a good time to focus on whole foods that aid your overall wellbeing as well as the number of resources that you may be wasting.

During the middle of the week, Venus conjoins Uranus. Relationships and financial issues may need to be handled with care. Avoid making choices and decisions impulsively. 

This weekend, Mars moves out of Gemini and into Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the family and when the war god moves into the sign of the crab, past familial problems and grievances are bound to occur. Use this time to try to resolve issues by communicating and listening rather than letting your emotions drive the bus. In some cases, it’s just best to walk away. 

Recommended Candles: Needed Change/Banishing (Blessed Herbal), Prosperity (Affirmation), Healing (Blessing Kit), Tranquility (Affirmation)


April 26, 2021 – May 2, 2021 

We start the last week of April with a Full Moon in transformative Scorpio (see above) that will last until Wednesday when the Moon leaves the sign of the scorpion and flies off into the heavenly realms of Sagittarius. It’s worth reminding that ghosts from the past may resurface leaving you feeling emotionally exhausted or traumatized. Release the energies as quickly as possible. 

On Thursday, Mercury sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Mercury sextile Neptune is great for creative activities, spiritual work, or just escaping (for a day) ordinary life. You may want to enjoy a movie, listen to music, or do a meditation. The main objective is reconnecting with your inner being.

This weekend is highlighted by the Sun forming a conjunction with Uranus (see above) and a couple of soft aspects – Mercury trine Pluto and Venus sextile Neptune. Expect the unexpected as Uranus often brings sudden changes. However, Mercury trine Pluto is a great tool for getting to the root of problems and having the power to implement actions that lead to results.

Recommended Candles: Grief (Affirmation), Meditation (Affirmation), Tranquility (Affirmation), Problem Solving (Blessed Herbal).

Feb2021 RetailAstroMagicFebruary 2021, we take on the sign of Aquarius, which is often associated with groups and large collective bodies. Our Aquarius season desire for large gatherings and socializing is pretty much out of the picture, at least for 2021. We redirect this desire by using zoom and other digital platforms as the place to meet, which may temporarily appease Aquarius considering its association with technology. 

This month we have a massive stellium in Aquarius (up to 6 planets). Aquarian themes of reform, innovation, and even revolution will spring out of the colloquial collective soup. However, there is one astrological aspect that will dominate February: Saturn square Uranus. 

This month Saturn squares Uranus on February 17th highlighting the clash between generations. We can see this alive and well today with a generation that relied upon earthly resources to progress and acquire wealth and a new generation that is concerned with global warming and economic disparity. Be prepared to see the clash of these generations and ideals to reach a fevered pitch this month. Usually, this aspect brings about changes with the establishment and the status quo. Although the spirit of change is upon us, it will take several years for the choices and decisions made to be fully realized. Even in the cosmos, there is NO instant gratification.


On the personal level, Saturn square Uranus signifies the need to change structures that may be too rigid or that you are hanging onto because they are comfortable. Of course, any time we are faced with the need to make changes, frustrations, and anxieties often arise. The key to this aspect is to find ways to make changes without blowing up your life. Take a deep and honest look at the areas of your life that feel stagnant and begin to find ways to change them up. If you feel stuck in a dead-end job, now would be the time to look at new opportunities and discover a career path that brings you meaning and purpose. Likewise, if your relationship feels stagnant and you are losing that loving feeling, then you may need to add a bit of spice to your relationships and/or change your day-to-day relationship patterns. In some cases, you may need to make difficult decisions about your relationships and whether your needs are being met. It is necessary that you make the changes, otherwise, changes will occur on their own and usually not pleasantly.

Recommended Candles for February 2021: Uncrossing / Needed Change / Inner Balance 

Lunar Magic 

New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th 

The sign of Aquarius has to do with groups, associates, and collective ideas. During a New Moon in Aquarius, expanding our sphere of influence and being open to new experiences is our magical focus. Aquarius prefers to be free to explore new avenues and to remain detached from conventional standards, so we can use this energy to take risks and break free from restrictions that limit our personal growth. Additionally, since this New Moon is separating from a square to Mars, it’s time to leave problems and conflicts from the past behind and focus on the future. 

Recommended Candles: Needed Change / Muse Blessing Kit / Problem Solving 

Full Moon in Virgo on February 27th 

February’s Full Moon is in Virgo. Virgo is associated with how we manage our day to day lives and how we take care of our bodies. Since Full Moons reflect a two-week cycle of eliminating obstacles from our lives that may be preventing forward progress, this Full Moon can be used to remove self-defeating behaviors, addictions, and to focus on areas of your life that may need healing. This is also an auspicious time to start a diet to remove the excess weight that is holding you down both physically, and psychologically. 

Recommended Candles: Goddess / Healing / Outta My Way / Uncrossing 

Weekly Breakdown 

February 1, 2021 – February 7, 2021: 

The weekly deluge of astrological aspects that occurred in January is not repeated in February, which is a bit of good news after an astrologically calamitous year. Even though there are some difficult aspects that occur this month, breath easy, there are some bright spots too. 

The beginning of this week begins with the challenge of the Sun squaring Mars. You may need to keep your ego in check, especially since energy levels will be high. You may find it difficult to not react to other people pushing your buttons. Before you engage in conversations that may ultimately lead to hostilities, decide whether the end results will really be worth it. On the emotional front, Venus moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. Your connection to others will be stimulated by an intellectual one. Seek out people that can engage your mind as well as your body. 

Mid-week, spend time balancing and recovering from the tension Sunday, Monday and Tuesday brought.

Later in the week, Venus in Aquarius conjoins Saturn and squares Uranus. Venus conjunct Saturn wants to solidify relationships and make them more structured;  Venus square Uranus wants to break free. This could lead to some rather uncomfortable feelings and deep ambivalence. The more you add elements to your relationships that are exciting and outside the box, the better things will be. Avoid acting impulsively or making decisions based on fleeting feelings. 

Best candles for this week - Inner Balance / Adam and Eve / Love’s Enchantment / Red Stilettos.

February 8, 2021 – February 14, 2021: 

This week is the most active week of the month with five aspects and a New Moon in Aquarius. Although we have a tough mid-week aspect, the cosmic energy for the rest of the week is extremely favorable. 

We start off the week with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius. It’s a great day for conversations and self-expression. If you want to start a new project or research a new business idea, Monday would be the day to do it. 

Midweek, we have a nasty square between Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus. This aspect brings out ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome so watch what you say because you may not be able to take it back later. Expect disagreements and combative feelings to surface, but good news comes on Thursday as Venus conjoins Jupiter. If you don’t get out of control with Mercury-Mars, Venus-Jupiter should smooth over matters easily. 

During the weekend, we could not have better aspects for Valentine’s Day as Mercury conjoins Venus and Jupiter. Love is in the air for many, and the positive vibrations will linger into next week.

Best candles for this week - Uncrossing / Everything and then Some / Road Opener / Love’s Enchantment / Forever Mine 

February 15, 2021 – February 21, 2021: 

The beginning of the week starts off with the incredible Mercury-Venus-Jupiter conjunction from last week. These three planetary energies shine a favorable light upon pretty much every area of your life. If you take advantage of these energies, you will plant the seeds of success for the rest of the year. 

Midweek brings the highly anticipated Saturn square Uranus aspect that will shake things up and drive the need to change structures that may be too rigid and outdated. You will be pulled out of your uncomfortable comfort system. Thursday, the Sun moves out of airy Aquarius and moves into Pisces. Pisces season shows you it’s time to listen to your inner world and the messages our Higher-Self reveals. Use this energy to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level.

This weekend Venus forms a discordant aspect to Mars, and you will begin to question your purpose in relationships. Try to seek the middle ground in disagreements and keep your motives in check. Finally, and possibly the best news of the week is Mercury stationing direct on Sunday. Communication issues will slowly begin to improve over the next week. Mercury remains in Aquarius until March 15th. 

Best candles of the week - Road Opener / Emotional Balance / Adam and Eve / Mercury Rx Neutralizer 

February 22, 2021 – February 28, 2021 

We begin the week with the Moon in Cancer. You can expect family issues to surface and be a dominating theme on Monday and Tuesday. The Moon in Cancer is also a great time to do home repairs and renovations. 

Midweek, Venus moves into Pisces making you sensitive to the emotional needs of others. Keep firm boundaries and avoid sacrificing yourself to their needs. If this energy is not dealt with properly, it can lead to codependency and emotional disillusionment. The good news is that the aspects of Mars trine Pluto and Sun sextile Uranus should give you enough gumption to stand in your personal power. 

This weekend we have a Full Moon in Virgo, so get out of the house, breathe some fresh air, and get some well-needed exercise. However, do continue to follow health precautions and CDC guidelines.

Recommended Candles: Happy Home / Heart / Healing / Energy and Will 

See you next month!

March2021 RetailAstroMagicMarch 2021, Pisces season is an energy that many are uncomfortable with because this represents everything that has a beginning and must come to an end.  Our immortality-obsessed culture has difficulty incorporating into everyday life. If we dive into the depths of Pisces, we can hear the magical song of the mermaid. Listen close enough, she may give you the glimpse of a better life that is only possible when you let what is ending or no longer useful disintegrate.

Grounding the archetypal symbolism of Pisces into everyday life appears as a deep sensitivity to the environment around us. We may begin to care about things a little more and may find ourselves more compassionate, understanding, and forgiving. Magically speaking, the month of March is about letting go of the old and embracing your future potential. Candles or oils such as Blessed Herbal Needed Change, Wicked Witch Mojo Tornado Alley, Motor City Hoo Doo Uncrossing, and Transition Blessing Kit are recommended. This is also the month where we replace all our cleansing tools – mops, brooms, buckets, sponges, and outdated or expired cleaning products for new ones. This magically helps us release the old and embrace the new. Start the spring cleaning your soul and get to creating a better you.


Lunar Magic: 

New Moon in Pisces on March 13, 2021 

The New Moon in Pisces is often difficult for many people to work with magically because of the confusing collective urges. The best use of the New Moon in Pisces is to dig deep into the problem areas of your life and ‘seek’ higher meaning. This is a powerful time to do healing or trauma clearing work. This New Moon forms a beneficial sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, giving you an empowering opportunity to release toxic emotional pain from the past. Finally, the New Moon in Pisces is good for divination, mediumship, channeling, and ancestral work.

Recommended candles and oils: Blessed Herbal Healing / Blessed Herbal Heart / Affirmation Meditation / Wicked Witch Mojo Waking the Dead


Full Moon in Libra on March 28, 2021

The Full Moon this month occurs in Libra, the sign associated with relationships and partnerships. This Full Moon opposes Venus and Chiron reflecting the need to release painful relationships that are no longer serving your greater good. Past relationship wounds may resurface and need to be resolved. Letting go of relationships may be painful, and you may need to initiate this process with care, but the ‘end’ result opens the door for future healthier experiences that are beneficial for your overall growth. 

Recommended candles or oils: Motor City Hoo Doo Adam and Eve / Wicked Witch Mojo Outta My Way /Blessed Herbal or Affirmation Healing / Transition Blessing Kit


Weekly Breakdown 

March 1, 2021 – March 7, 2021

We begin the month of  March a lot differently than we began the last fourteen months.  

We start the week off with the Moon moving through fair-and-balanced Libra. Minor relationship issues may surface on Tuesday but should be easily resolved.

Midweek, Wednesday, is a favorable day to think outside the box and change your relationship patterns by adding new and exciting elements. It’s also a positive upbeat day for socializing and networking, yet you may find it difficult to stay disciplined and focused. Thursday is superb for business matters; strategize a bigger picture, sign contracts, engage with partners or even begin an advertising campaign. 

The weekend is a fine time to relax and enjoy yourself for a change. Do something entertaining and exciting.

Recommended candles and oils: Motor City Hoo Doo Adam & Eve / Blessed Herbal Love’s Enchantment / Blessed Herbal Energy & Will / Wicked Witch Mojo Everything and Then Some


March 8, 2021 – March 14, 2021

We begin this week off with a good time to focus on work or career matters. You may experience some mild powerplays at work, but seeing people for who they really are will help you manage your interactions with them in the future.

Midweek brings compassionate and empathetic energy. You will be able to easily understand others on a more human level. Keep your boundaries if you are highly sensitive to prevent being overwhelmed. This is also a good time for spiritual activities and meditation.

This weekend is great for expressing emotions and creative work. Be cautious of the information you receive and trust and verify everything. 

Recommended candles and oils: Blessed Herbal Protection /Affirmation Meditation / Affirmation Tranquility / Blessed Herbal Truth & Justice 


March 15, 2021 – March 21, 2021  

The week starts off highly sensitive to your surrounding environment. Listening to your inner voice will enhance your imagination and creative projects will flow easier. Your personal power increases helping you fix problems that have been difficult to resolve.

Midweek is favorable to exploring your emotions and how deeply you feel for your partner(s.) You will understand the deep and more meaningful connection there and if your needs are being met.

Weekend, we move into fiery Aries, which should bring a boost of much needed energy. This is a great time to do spring cleaning and embrace the change of the seasons.

Recommended candles and oils: Chakra Magic Empowered Candle / Blessed Herbal Problem Solving / Blessed Herbal Inner Balance  / Blessed Herbal Energy & Will 


March 22, 2021 – March 28, 2021 

We start the week off with the only tense energy of the month. Watch your tongue because this energy is argumentative and quite discordant with unwanted aggressive behaviors from those around you. Be careful with this energy because it is accident-prone.

The middle of the week brings us individual expression and creativity. Issues with children may occur, but overall things should flow relatively smoothly.

This weekend we have the Full Moon in Libra.  It’s an excellent weekend for socializing and romance. So put your feet up, let your hair down, and enjoy!

Recommended candles and oils: Affirmation Guardian Protector / Wicked Witch Mojo Makin’ Tracks / Blessed Herbal Happiness / Blessed Herbal Love’s  Enchantment

March 29, 2021 – April 4, 2021

The beginning of the week starts off with confusing but creative energy. Your imagination will be active so make sure that you check and verify information while being clear and concise when. Tuesday is beneficial for business and relationships.

Midweek is great for self-discipline and to put yourself in a positive light on the job or in your career. If you are looking to get a  raise or increase your fees, now would be the time to do it.

The weekend is good for problem-solving and getting to the roots of long-standing problems. This could help you resolve them once and for all.  You will be filled with pioneering thoughts and focus on potentials and possibilities.  You will find yourself more enthusiastic than normal. 

Recommended candles and oils: Blessed Herbal Truth & Justice / Blessed Herbal Stability and Self-Esteem / Motor City Hoo Doo Road Opener / Wicked Witch Mojo Everything and then Some

Jan2021 RetailAstroMagicThis month, the sea-goat takes over as we enter Capricorn season. After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, settling into a routine and hard work can be a downer or a welcome relief, depending on your take on life. January is the beginning of a new year and perhaps a new you if you are willing to do the work. We encourage you to take it easy and create goals that are manageable and achievable. We want you to succeed.

For those of you who don’t know, Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and he rules time. He’s a taskmaster and requires steadfast determination and patience. He wants us to really internalize that hard work may not be glamorous, but it is required to create the solid foundation needed to support our reality. So, during Capricorn season we need to turn inward, take an honest look at ourselves, decide what we want to do with our lives, what we would like to achieve, and create realistic plans to make our goals a reality. Then put in the time and effort.

During Capricorn season our magical focus is on career matters, securing employment, putting ourselves in the best possible light, and creating enough financial prosperity to afford our desired lifestyles. The Coventry candles best suited for Capricorn season are Motor City Road Opener, Wicked Witch Mojo Outta' My Way, and Blessed Herbal Prosperity, and Stability


As the Planet’s Turn 

This month we have only one major astrological aspect and one planet turning retrograde. Let’s begin with Jupiter square Uranus. One of the most prominent features of the planet Jupiter is his ability to expand the energy of the planets he contacts, which can be especially harrowing when he contacts the outer planets. For example, last year Jupiter conjoined Pluto in Capricorn three times and during each of the conjunctions. The pandemic exploded each time with new hot spots appearing around the world. In 2021, Jupiter squares another outer planet, Uranus. Uranus is a planet associated with tearing down existing structures and rebellion against outdated social norms. Although Jupiter square Uranus usually reflects struggles and obstacles there are positive benefits we can look forward to. First, Jupiter-Uranus conflicts usually bring a burst of energy that gives us the ability to break through areas of our life where we feel restricted. Secondly, changes of fortune or sudden opportunities may infuse our spirit with potentials and possibilities that have been previously out of reach. We urge caution because impulsive decisions can lead to recklessness. Pause and make time to think things through and consider everything before launching. If these planetary aspects are kicking your butt try, Motor City Hoo Doo Road Opener, Affirmation Success, Wicked Witch Mojo Wishin Mojo and Everything and then Some to ease your pain.

Plan for Mercury going retrograde on January 30th in the sign of Aquarius. Make sure you wrap up any travel plans, decisions, legal matters, or signing documents before Mercury then. Additionally, with Mercury in Aquarius, communication issues with friends and associates may become a little stressed. Choose your words carefully and be compassionate. Mercury turns direct on February 20th. Coventry will be stocked up with their Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer.  Other products that will help are Motor City Hoo Doo Van Van, Wicked Good Smudge spray, and Florida Water.


Lunar Magic 

The New Moon is in Capricorn on January 13th. This New Moon is conjoined to Pluto and reflects the need to let go of everything old and past its expiration date and starting over once again. Capricorn New Moons are good for applying for new jobs, taking the next step in your career, starting new businesses, and improving your reputation by putting yourself in the best light. Best Coventry candles for this New Moon are Blessed Herbal Needed Changes, Motor City Hoo Doo Road Opener, and Querent  Caller, and Wicked Witch Mojo Everything and Then Some

On January 28th, we have a Full Moon in the sign of Leo that is a potential powder keg. Emotions can be turbulent, so you will need to keep them in check, or major damage can occur. Long term relationship problems may surface and need to be addressed to bring them back to a harmonious place. Leo magic is about self-focus, and you can use the Full Moon to let go of the parts of you that may be dysfunctional or problematic. Best Coventry candles are Blessed Herbal Inner Balance, Motor City Hoo Doo Adam and Eve and Uncrossing, Affirmation Tranquility


Weekly Breakdown 

January 4, 2021 – January 10, 2021.  Lots to deal with this week. We begin with Mercury conjoined to Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury-Pluto gets you to think deeply and allows you to see things that you would ordinarily overlook. However, digging deep can often lead to opposition from others. You can best handle this by applying the knowledge to yourself and not using it to get your way. That thinking will only lead to blowback and nobody likes a know-it-all.


On Wednesday, Mars moves out of Aries and into Taurus. The sign of Taurus is normally associated with money and wealth however, Taurus is also associated with security. When Mars moves through Taurus you will notice that financial security will be top of mind. Friday brings tons o’fun with Mercury and Venus changing signs. Mercury moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. Mercury in the sign of the water-bearer helps us successfully get our point across to others. Venus will help matters when she slips into Capricorn and begins to focus on business and worldly matters. This combination is great for business deals or negotiating policy. However, on Friday be careful of what you say because Mercury squares Mars and could provoke disagreements.


Finally, on Sunday, Mercury conjoins Saturn in Aquarius. It’s a great day to focus on matters that need extra mental acuity. You will be better able to find solutions to long-standing problems that previously eluded you. Best Coventry candles this week are,  Blessed Herbal Truth and Justice, Stability, Emotional Balance, and Problem Solver


January 11, 2021 – January 17, 2021. The week begins with a burst of energy as Mercury translates the light from Jupiter and brings it to Uranus triggering movement in the wrong direction and at the wrong time. Although you may be filled to the brim with ideas, it’s best to let them settle to make sure they are viable. Jupiter-Uranus aspects can be very impulsive and potentially lead to problems if not handled carefully.


On Wednesday, Saturn puts a kink in the abundance of energy available in the cosmos and tells us to slow down as Mars squares the ringed planet. Expect some mild frustrations and annoyances that may be amplified by the Sun’s conjunction with Pluto on Thursday. Expect powerplays to occur so stay in your lane. Finally, the Moon moves through emotional Pisces and may help to temper the erratic energy of the Jupiter-Uranus square. If you feel overwhelmed or short-circuited, try to find your center through meditation or grounding. Best Coventry candles for this week are, Blessed Herbal Inner Balance, Protection, and Stability, Affirmation Meditation.


January 18, 2021 – January 24, 2021. The week begins with a power-packed surge of energy and ends with more sobering concerns. Make sure you take care of social obligations earlier in the week when the energy is available. The start of the week brings an immediate shift in the cosmic energy as the Sun moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. Aquarius energy is great to use if you need to make dynamic changes in your life. If there are areas of your life that need repair, then Aquarius season is a great time to work on them.


Later in the week, Mars is going to conjoin Uranus and square Jupiter bringing the Jupiter-Uranus energy that’s been around all month back on stage again. Since this energy is Mars influenced, and with Jupiter Uranus already an impulsive aspect, you need to think things through before acting. Moreover, Mars conjunct Uranus is accident prone so proceed with caution, and perhaps wear a hard hat.


This weekend the Sun makes its yearly conjunction with Saturn. Sun-Saturn is great for personal advancement and taking care of your responsibilities, but don’t expect fun and games this weekend because completing tasks may supersede personal enjoyment. Best Coventry candles for this week are Blessed Herbal Problem Solver, Protection, and Stability, and Wicked Witch Mojo Wishin’ Mojo


January 25, 2021 – January 31, 2021. The astrological energy slows down for the last week of January, but we still have a few configurations that pack quite a wallop. At the beginning of the week, a difficult square occurs between the Sun and Uranus that could shake things up. The main strategy to navigate through Sun-Uranus aspects is to expect the unexpected. That way when they occur you are not thrown completely off course.


On Thursday, besides the Full Moon in Leo, Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. Venus-Pluto’s contacts are usually extremely intense because Pluto likes to drag love and relationships into the underworld. Often, difficult emotions such as jealousy and anger can enter relationships and become problematic if not handled correctly. The good news is that the Sun conjoins Jupiter on the same day, which could lighten up the energy enormously. Finally, on Saturday, Mercury turns retrograde in social Aquarius. Remember to back up your computer and data devices, finalize any plans and decisions, and expect communication snafus to occur. Coventry Candle best for this week are Blessed Herbal Protection, Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer, Affirmation Tranquility, Motor City Hoo Doo Adam and Eve.


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