Dec2020 RetailAstroMagicThe year 2020 was packed full of collective events that will become permanent backdrops to our tapestry of history. We opened the year with potent Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and ushered in a new deadly virus that began infecting the citizens of Wuhan. By the time Jupiter conjoined Pluto in April, a global pandemic was unleashed. We experienced isolation, restriction, and overwhelmed feelings caused by circumstances beyond our control as country after country began to enforce quarantines to stop the spread of the SARS-COVID-2. All of which are attributes associated with Saturn-Pluto aspects. Just as we were feeling that it’s safe to go back to work another huge wave occurred in October going into November as Jupiter conjoined Pluto in Capricorn for the last time.  

We’ve juggled a global pandemic, extreme fires in California, an unprecedented hurricane season, murderous bees, and a contentious presidential election, and the cosmos sees fit to unleash more. We will close the year with another aspect that occurs once every 20 years when Jupiter conjoins Saturn in Aquarius on December 21st.  Let’s unpack this together.

Aquarius is a sign that is associated with groups and collective consciousness. Its symbol is the water bearer, and it is through the flow of information, ideals, and networking that our values as a society are formed. However, unlike Saturn ruled Capricorn, Aquarius is not concerned with laws and rigid structures, it is concerned with progress and evolution.  Aquarius is the sign where the gifts of invention, scientific breakthroughs, and social reforms are born.  

Now, on to Jupiter conjunct Saturn. In ancient astrology, the conjunct of Jupiter and Saturn was considered an ominous warning. They believed that the conjunction reflected the death of one thing and the rise of something else which would bring great difficulties, and a period of disruption and chaos.  It can be a leader, an idea, a  philosophy, or even generational attitudes. 

It’s easy to see many of these themes at work now because Jupiter conjunct Saturn doesn’t just occur on  December 21st, it builds up over time. You can turn on the evening news and see the themes of old ways of being giving way to something new, and even though we usually see them once the ‘battle’ has begun, the germinated seeds were planted long ago.  During this twenty-year cycle, we will see tremendous scientific discovery and intention. We could also see changes in social media and corporate responsibility for the dissemination of information. Additionally, hot topic issues such as the environment, health care, and systemic racism will be analyzed, discussed, and hopefully resolved.  

So, although Jupiter conjunct Saturn can be difficult, it also provides the vehicle through which growth and change can occur. Just keep in mind, status quo structures take time to change, and often during the initial process, setbacks will likely occur, but eventually the old gives in to the new and the cycle begins once again.  

Moon Magic 

There will be a solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14th.  Sagittarian eclipses are about long-distance travel, big picture ideas, and higher education. This is a great time to do travel spells, vision boards, and spiritual activities. Coventry Candles for this New Moon are Blessed Herbal Spiritual Cleansing and Problem Solving

The Full Moon is in Cancer on December 29th. Cancer Full Moon’s are great for resolving familial issues, strengthening family bonds, making changes to your house and home,  and even doing a little cooking magic. Coventry Candles for the Full Moon are Blessed Herbal Happy Home, Heart, and Affirmation Tranquility.


Weekly AstroMagic

November 30, 2020 – December 6, 2020. We begin the week with a lunar eclipse in Gemini. The sign of Gemini is focused on learning,  communicating, and developing opinions. You may notice during this eclipse that many of the ideas you have held near and dear over long periods of time are slowly changing and embracing change can be a  good thing. This eclipse cycle is great for affirmations, incantations, and the spoken word. Gemini lunar eclipses are also great for resolving and repairing communication issues with others. On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Sagittarius. Use this energy to look at the big picture and develop goals for the future or you can use it to learn something new. Moreover, focusing on potential and possibilities helps inspire you to create a better you. Later in the week, Venus forms a lovely trine to Neptune. It will be a great weekend for escaping the real world, connecting with your spirit, and maybe a side dish of romance. Best Coventry Candles for the week are Blessed Herbal Truth and Justice, and Wicked Witch Mojo Forever Mine.

December 7, 2020 – December 13, 2020. The beginning of the second week of December starts off with the Moon moving through dutiful Virgo.  This is a great time for finishing tasks, working on hobbies, or beginning to focus on exercise and health.  Activities that you begin while the Moon is in Virgo have a high chance of success because the Moon makes a beneficial trine to Saturn in Capricorn. During the middle of the week, you may feel your energy dwindling and may need a boost to perform activities as the Sun squares Neptune. Focusing on personal needs and taking care of your soul may be a  more productive use of this energy.  This weekend there is a lovely trine between the Sun and Mars which should help bring your energy levels back up, but be careful when making decisions on Sunday with Mercury squaring confusing Neptune.  Coventry candles for the week are, Hoo Doo Road Opener, Uncrossing, and Blessed Herbal Energy and Will 

December 14, 2020 – December 20, 2020. The third week of December brings us only positive aspects despite the solar eclipse that occurs on Monday. During the beginning of the week, Venus forms helpful aspects to both Jupiter and Saturn. Financial decisions made this week could potentially have long-term positive results. If you need to cement a  business deal or partnership, now would be an auspicious time to make it happen. Later in the week, the Moon moves through social Aquarius, and your focus will be on groups, sharing ideas with others, and networking. Reach out to your social circle. A zoom date may be in order. Coventry candles for the week are Wicked Witch Mojo Everything and Then Some, Blessed Herbal Stability, and Truth and Justice

December 21, 2020 – December 27, 2020. Happy Holidays! This week the Sun moves out of Sagittarius and joins Mercury and Pluto in the sign of the sea-goat. Capricorn season is the time of the year to get your New Years’ goals in order and create a  plan to make them happen. During the middle of the week, Mars forms a nasty square to Pluto. Expect power plays and aggressive behavior. It’s best to walk away from any conflict that occurs because Mars square Pluto can take things to a level you don’t want to venture into. Avoid seedy places! This weekend, the Sun and Mercury trine Uranus. Shake things and explore beyond your comfort zone.  New ideas and activities lead to long-term inspiration. Best candles for the week are Blessed Herbal Stability, Affirmation Guardian Protector, Muse Blessing Kit


December 28, 2020 – January 3, 2021. The last week of 2020 begins with a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer. Family matters and personal security may be a major theme throughout the week. Otherwise, it’s a great time to clear up issues from the past. On Wednesday, Venus forms a tough square to Neptune. Romantic confusion could lead to disappointment on New Year’s Eve. Try to avoid falling into victim mindsets. Finally, the New Year brings in a decent aspect between Mercury and Neptune. Your creative juices may overflow. This is a great time to begin creative projects. Spiritual matters may surface. Best candle for the week are Blessed Herbal Happy Home, Hoo Doo Adam and Eve, Affirmation Meditation


Meet Storm at  For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion. His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology, and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology.  A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing, and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars. Meet Patty Shaw at


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Nov2020 RetailAstroMagicAre you afraid of the dark? If so, turn on your nightlight because once again we are in Scorpio season, which governs everything that goes bump in the night and our focus is going to be on sex, death, and regeneration.  

Now for the specifics. The heavy hitter this month is the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It is about restrictions and limitations combined with power and the tearing down of existing structures that are no longer working or viable. Put this conjunction in Capricorn and the areas of life that are affected are governments, corporations, and hierarchy. So, it’s not surprising that racial discrimination, governmental corruption (real and imagined), and the disparity between social classes are the top stories online and cable news shows.  

Up next is Jupiter. This big boy expands whatever planet it touches, and ordinarily, Jupiter conjunct Pluto gives us the drive towards achievement and self-betterment. This is still true on the personal level if you are willing to play by Saturn’s rules, which are hard work, determination, and patience. On the collective level, however, Jupiter amplified Saturn conjunct Pluto toppled the world economy as “stay at home” orders started throughout the world. Of course, this spawned never-ending new conspiracy theories, governmental mistrust, and the coronavirus became a political issue, especially in the United States. We have become a factious society on the verge of an election season unlike anything we have ever seen with pressing concerns that left people feeling scared, anxious, and fearful about the future, and perhaps most importantly, for the first time in history, Americans must vote like their lives depend on it – because it does.


Bringing it home to now. On November 12, 2020, Jupiter will conjoin Pluto for the last time until 2033. Since this conjunction has already amplified the pandemic and the economic crisis that has occurred because of COVID-19, we can expect that both will be highlighted once again. Additionally, we may see inflamed political figures on the world stage due to the results of the presidential election. Regardless of the results, sparks will fly, especially with Mars being involved. Coventry Candles to soothe and protect are our Blessed Herbal Protection and Healing, Goddess Affirmation. Stay strong, stay grounded, and stay hopeful.


Moon Magic

Up to bat first, we have a New Moon in Scorpio that occurs on November 15, 2020. The monthly New Moon is great for new beginnings and in Scorpio, magic focusing on shared resources, loans, and reinventing yourself is recommended. The New Moon forms a lovely sextile to Pluto, Jupiter, and  Saturn, which provides us with an opportunity to let go of the old and start a new cycle that is more structured and sound, and able to stand up to the punches of day-to-day life. Recommended Coventry Candles are the Blessed Herbal Prosperity and Needed Change/Banishing, Transition Blessing Kit. 

Next up, we begin the last eclipse season on November 30, 2020, with a lunar eclipse in Gemini. Eclipse season is the lunar high point of the year. Since this is a north node eclipse and is not mangled by malefics, it’s ok to do magic. The sign of the twins is about ideas and communication, so this is the perfect time to do verbal spells, affirmations, incantations, prayers, or even a bit of ink magic. Speak or write or draw your desires on a petition then send them out into the universe, and allow them to manifest. Coventry candles for this Full Moon are Affirmation Meditation, Chakra Magic Throat Chakra, Blessed Herbal Truth and Justice


Weekly AstroMagic

November 2, 2020 – November 8, 2020. This week is going to be interesting, to say the least. Mercury turns direct on November 3rd (Election Day in the United States), and the last time Mercury changed directions was in 2000. It took over a month for the United States to find out who the President-Elect would be. Like the issue with the hanging chads, problems with vote counting are bound to occur. Otherwise, expect communication issues to slowly improve for the rest of the week as Mercury begins to move forward. The only other aspect to pay attention to occurs on Friday when Mercury forms a tense square to Saturn. Overall it’s a great week for solo projects or anything that keeps you distanced from others and you’ll be better with tasks that require disciplined thinking. However, you may need to push away negative thoughts or feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. Best Coventry candles for the week are Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer, Hoo Doo Van Van and Spiritual Cleansing, Blessed Herbal Inner Balance, and Truth and Justice.


November 9, 2020 – November 15, 2020. The second week of November has more energy than a nuclear bomb. There are 6 aspects, a New Moon, a sign change, and a planetary station. Hang onto your hat, turbulence is incoming! On Monday, Venus in Libra forms an opposition to Mars in Aries. Oppositions are known for their tendency to create conflict, and with Venus and Mars, this is no exception. Relationship conflicts can be intensified. If you have repressed feelings, they could easily erupt now.  However, despite the tension, the makeup sex should be good if not great. Tuesday is an interesting day with Mercury moving out of Libra and into Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio likes to dig deep, so we can use this energy to do research, investigate subjects we have interest in, or solve long-standing problems. Since Mars goes direct on Friday, you will now be able to act and make changes to areas where you have felt blocked over the last two months. This leads us to the weekend with Mars going direct on Friday, and the Sun forming an empowering aspect to Pluto. On Sunday morning, we have a new Moon in Scorpio but be forewarned, Venus forms a nasty square to Pluto and repressed relationship issues may easily surface. Best Coventry candles to get you through the week are Hoo Doo Adam and Eve, Blessed Herbal Needed Change, and Love’s Enchantment.

November 16, 2020 – November 22, 2020. The third week of November is the most challenging week of the month. Of course, this will be amplified by the Thanksgiving holiday prep. It’s often a source of anxiety for many and this year could be intensified if we’re not flexible with our plans. We start on Monday with Venus square Jupiter. Venus helps us feel good and she is at home in her own sign of Libra. The good news is that Jupiter expands any planet it gets involved with so Jupiter gives an extra helping of the good stuff. Try not to get too carried away or do things excessively. The trouble begins on Tuesday when Mercury opposes Uranus. You may find your mind in overdrive and anxious thoughts and feelings may easily surface. Take a pause and remember to be gentle in your speech. We are all feeling sensitive these days. Midweek brings us a mixed bag of tricks with the Sun forming a sextile to Saturn, and Venus forming a  nasty square to the ringed planet. Keep things simple and methodical, focusing on essential tasks and duties. This is the best way to play the day because being footloose and fancy-free triggers feelings of self-doubt, and rejection. Your carelessness may easily override potential accomplishments. This weekend we have two sign changes as Venus moves into emotionally intense Scorpio and the Sun moves into fiery Sagittarius, so focus on future potentials and possibilities instead of today’s problems. Best Coventry candles to get you through the week are Wicked Witch Everything and Then Some, Blessed Herbal Stability/Self-Esteem, Hoo Doo Van Van, Adam and Eve, and Road Opener  


November 23, 2020 – November 29, 2020. The last week of November starts off with a creative trine between Mercury and Neptune. Monday and Tuesday are great days to work on creative projects or whatever inspires you. Seek out people and activities that uplift you and fill your spirit. Midweek brings us the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Tensions will easily spark as the Moon moves through combative Aries and forms a nasty square to Pluto, Saturn, and Mars. Try to avoid dinner table arguments and dodge political conversations. Have a ‘to go’ conversation starter in your back pocket. Thanksgiving weekend is rather intense. On Friday, Venus opposes Uranus in Taurus. Relationships will be in the crosshairs where arguments and disagreements may easily occur. However, let’s hope that cooler heads prevail when Mercury sextiles jovial Jupiter on Saturday. Best Coventry candles for the week are Blessed Herbal Spiritual Cleansing, Happy Home, Protection, Hoo Doo Adam and Eve.

Meet Storm at  For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion. His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology, and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology.  A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing, and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars. Meet Patty Shaw at


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Sep2020 RetailAstroMagicThe 2020 roller coaster comes back with its third act (there are four if you are counting), and the month of September not only features Virgo Season but one of the most difficult energies of the year. So, if you thought that 2020 has been a rocky ride, there is more to come. But, let’s start with the essence of Virgo…


If you open a beginner’s astrology book, you will notice some curious keywords for Virgo. They are practical, efficient, meticulous, obsessive-compulsive, and neurotic. There is an archetypal purpose to every sign, and although Virgo may be a ‘drag’ after the empowerment packed sign of Leo, it is necessary. Virgo is an earth sign, so she is concerned with the physical world, natural laws, and how the real world operates. She is the sign that is naturally concerned with jobs, tasks, and responsibilities. In astrology, Virgo is the sign of the servant, and although we are not a servant (at least in the western world) to anything, we do have an obligation to take care of ourselves and manage our lives. So, while we are in Virgo season it is necessary for us to take a look at what areas of our lives need to be managed, what needs repair, what needs to be fixed, and possibly most importantly, what needs to be nurtured. Being aware of our ‘whole life’ and making the effort to make it more efficient and effective helps us access the positive dimensions of this sign, and in doing so, we make amends to the person we need to the most – ourselves. 


September AstroMagic. On September 9th, Mars is going to retrograde in his own sign of Aries and will remain retrograde until November 13th. Mars retrograde happens every 2 years, and when the war planet reverses course, his ability to act is diminished. You may feel like your energy is low or that you do not have the gumption you ordinarily do. However, remember every planetary condition has a purpose and in the case of Mars retrograde, you are encouraged to review the actions you have taken over the past two years and where you are unhappy with the results, begin to strategize a plan of action you can take once Mars goes direct. During his retrograde cycle, Mars is going to go back and forth through Aries, and he forms a square to the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. This aspect takes us back to the conjunction of these four planets that occurred in Feb/March, which of course is when the pandemic exploded and led to lockdowns and restrictions. Mars likes to ‘act’, and Saturn likes to restrict. So, it’s likely that a second wave of the virus could lead to further restrictions that could last on and off for the rest of 2020. Storm’s metaphor for Mars/Saturn is ‘driving with the brakes on’. This attempt to push the gas (Mars) and going nowhere (Saturn) can be extremely frustrating. The key to this aspect is to SLOW DOWN. The slower you go, the more you increase your chance for success. Finally, with Pluto and Jupiter involved you can expect more conspiracy theories, internet shenanigans, and Hatfield/McCoy animosities in politics. Just remember, Pluto’s purpose in Capricorn is to tear down governmental structures and hierarchies that are no longer serving the collective and Jupiter amplifies it. Often, we will see the darkness for a period before we see the light. We are in one of those cycles now and patience is required. 

Candle Recommendations: BHC Protection, Hoo Doo Fiery Wall or Uncrossing, WWM Flying Monkeys.


Full Moon Magic. The Full Moon occurs on September 2nd in mystical Pisces. In paganism, the autumn months are synonymous with the thinning of the veil between the physical and spiritual realms. Astrologically, this occurs with the Full Moon in Pisces. The Full Moon in Pisces is great for increasing your spiritual connection, listening to messages in your dreams, and enhancing your psychic abilities. Also, since Pisces is a sign associated with healing, this is a great time for healing magic and intention work, especially if it’s aimed at removing illness and disease. Candle Recommendations: DDM Full Moon, AF Angel or Intuition, Chakra Magic Heart, BHC Healing


New Moon Magic. The New Moon occurs on September 17th in Virgo. This Virgo New Moon forms a lovely trine to Saturn in Capricorn, which could be beneficial to strengthen work relationships and build a better rapport with your supervisors. This New Moon is great for seeking a new job, a promotion, or would like to do health-related magic or intention work. Also, it’s recommended to begin a new health-related regime, such as diets or exercise programs during this lunation. 

Candle Recommendations: HD Querent Caller or Road Opener or Crown of Glory, BHC Healing


August 31, 2020 – September 6, 2020. The first week of September is probably the most decent week of the month and things start unraveling slowly as the weeks go by. The stress this week involves relationships and financial matters, so stay on guard! The week begins with a harmonious trine between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury trine Pluto is great for inner revelations and using your insights to transform who you are as an individual. Mercury will also trine Saturn later in the week and you are able to practically use any revelations gained from Mercury/Pluto in a productive and tangible way. The Goddess of Love (Venus) gets clobbered midweek leaving you feeling isolated and alone. Unexpected financial pains may also occur with this opposition. On Friday, Venus forms a harsh square to Mars in Aries. Problems that have simmered beneath the surface may burst out if you are not careful. Finally, this weekend both Mercury and Venus change signs. On Saturday, Mercury moves into diplomatic Libra and Venus moves into passionate Leo. Both sign changes should be an improvement and lighten existing tensions – at least for now. Candle Recommendations: BHC Stability or Inner Balance or Heart, Financial Growth (Blessing Kit)


September 7, 2020 – September 13, 2020. The second week of September is not as action-packed as the first week. In fact, except for the lovely trine between the Sun and Jupiter, everything else is low energy. The week begins with the Moon moving through Taurus on Labor Day and forms lovely aspects to the Sun and Jupiter. Monday should be rather calm, and you should spend some time enjoying the close of summer. Oh, and a little indulgence never hurt anyone. On Tuesday and during the day on Wednesday, the Sun forms a lovely trine to Jupiter in Capricorn. Sun/Jupiter aspects are incredibly positive, and an uplifting optimistic spirit is in the air. Later on Wednesday, Mars turns retrograde in Aries and this can be quite a downer. As I said earlier in the monthly overview, Mars retrograde can slow down our ability to act, and our ability to use the force of our will to get what we want is minimized substantially. This weekend, The Sun opposes Neptune leaving us feeling further drained and confused. It’s best to avoid untrustworthy people and don’t take anything at face value. Candle Recommendations: WWM Everything and then Some, HD Crown of Glory, BHC Energy, Truth Spell (Blessing Kit)


September 14, 2020 – September 20, 2020. The third week of September brings love and relationships front and center with a difficult aspect between Venus and Uranus. Relationship problems could reach a boiling point, and for some separations may occur. So, be on guard and try to be proactive rather than reactive. Also, we have a decent New Moon this week so take advantage of the energy. The week begins with a mixed bag of tricks. On Monday, the Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn. Sun/Pluto is about personal power and standing up for who you are as an individual. This aspect is about self-growth and the more you can express your own wants and needs, the more you can recognize someone else’s. On Tuesday, Venus squares Uranus. Although normally this difficult aspect works through relationships, finances can also be affected. Avoid making impulsive purchases or decisions over the next few days. As we move into midweek, you may want to watch what you say to others because Mercury squares Jupiter, which can lead to foot and mouth disorder. Despite your tongues needing to wag, the Sun does form a lovely trine to Saturn on Thursday and if you have tasks that need to be completed, Thursday and Friday would be great days to wrap things up. Finally, the weekend may be rather turbulent with the Moon moving through Libra and Scorpio. If relationship conflicts occurred earlier in the week, you may feel the need to fix things or make them better. Proceed with caution because the Moon makes nasty aspects to Pluto, Saturn, and Mars and you may just make matters worse. Candle Recommendations: Make Up or Break Up (Blessing Kit), BHC Heart or Healing, Chakra Magic Heart


September 21, 2020 – September 27, 2020. I’m going to be blunt; the final week of September is a rough one and this tense, combustible, and frustrating energy bleeds throughout October. We begin the week with a tense square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury/Pluto difficult aspects tend to be obsessive and worrisome. Avoid trying to coerce others into anything because it could lead to potential long-term conflicts. On Tuesday, Libra season begins, and our focus shifts from our day-to-day lives to relationship matters. Since the Sun in Libra is in a significant square to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn and an opposition to Mars, tensions could escalate quickly, especially if frustrations and resentments build over time. The Middle of the week brings more difficulty as Mercury squares Saturn and opposes Mars. This may be where the cork pops off the lid and leaves a mess that may be hard to clean up. Try to avoid disagreements with authority figures. The week ends with Mercury moving out of Libra and into Scorpio, where Mercury will remain (except for a brief dip into Libra when he retrogrades) until December. You will seek the truth in matters, but sometimes ‘knowing’ can lead to its own set of troubles. Candle Recommendations: WWM Outta’ My Way or Bitch Be Gone or Shut Your Mouth or Tornado Alley or Poof.

September 29 - October 4, 2020. Hallelujah, Saturn goes direct this week.  You will feel like you’ve been let out of prison. Renewed strength and patience returns.  You will need it because Mars squares Saturn and brings delays, obstacles, and frustrations.  Midweek, Venus tango’s with Virgo the perfectionist.  If you start looking at your mate with a critical eye and want to start fixing them, DON’T. It will not end well and you will be the bad guy.  By the weekend, Pluto goes direct and triggers your need to do something about what you learned about power struggles that happened over the last 5 months. Reminder, September 14th activated your personal power, lean on that when you’re feeling less than.  

Candle Recommendations: BHC Inner Balance, HD High John


Meet Storm at  For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion. His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology, and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology.  A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing, and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars.

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Oct2020 RetailAstroMagicThe Season of Libra is the season of relationships and the scales govern all relationships, even relationships with our enemies. The undercurrent of Libra brings to mind a Greek tale called ‘The Judgment of Paris’. A young shepherd boy named Paris was randomly chosen by Zeus to judge who was the most beautiful Olympian Goddess. The contestants were Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. Each of the three goddesses bribes Paris based upon their divine attributes. Hera offers Paris world domination, Athena offers him strategy in war, and Aphrodite simply drops her magic girdle and offers Paris the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris being a young man ruled by his hormones and without worldly sophistication, chose Aphrodite. She rewards him with Helen of Troy as his prize. At first glance, this looks like a story of love but Helen of Troy, was already married and the result of their illicit affair caused the Trojan War. This story is really about choices, and on its deepest level, so is the sign of Libra.


This month our choices matter, so we need to make them carefully! The planets will provide us with another three months of difficult aspects, so we must be more keenly aware of our surroundings and perspectives. The more we stay attuned to the energy of the universe, the better off we will be. Our best advice is to stay strong in faith, look at the big picture, and lean on our positive belief system. We will get help from Jupiter sextile Neptune for goals and plan big picture objectives. Use this energy to plant seeds for an eventual harvest in the future. We suggest these Coventry Candles and oils. Blessed Herbal Stability, Need Changes, and Protection, Motor City Hoo Doo Uncrossing, and Wicked Witch Out of My Way


Lunar Magic

We have a blue Full Moon in Taurus this month on Halloween in addition to a Full Moon in Aries and a New Moon in Libra. Magically speaking, you can use the moons to make changes in your life with spells or intentions. The New Moon cycle is about making things grow and nurturing potentials and possibilities, whereas, the Full Moon cycle is about minimizing difficulties, banishing negative situations, or working through endings. The Full Moon in Aries occurs on October 1st. The sign of Aries is about potential growth, new beginnings, and initiation. When a Full Moon occurs in the first of the fire signs, it symbolizes a process of releasing past mistakes and choices that have limited our growth and potential. Use this energy to clean the slate, let go of limiting self-defeating behaviors, and face our inner demons by releasing them once and for all. Best Coventry candles are Blessed Herbal Energy and Heart and Hoo Doo Road Opener.


The New Moon is in Libra on October 16th. If you want to attract a new romance or reboot an existing one, this New Moon is your opportunity. On the business and professional front, this New Moon is great for collaborations and new customers. Also good for initiating contracts and legal matters. Best Coventry candles are Blessed Herbal Attraction and Love’s Enchantment and Truth and Justice, and Hoo Doo Adam and Eve.


Get ready for a little more trick and less treats with a ‘Spooktacular’ Full Moon on October 31st. The Full Moon in Taurus is about financial matters and resources and we get an opportunity to use Taurean energy to remove debt, create sustainable financial plans, and release possessions that are no longer of use to us. So, cleaning out those closets and having a late fall yard sale would be a productive use of this energy. Best Coventry Candles are Blessed Herbal Stability, Healing, and Prosperity, Wicked Witch Mojo Out of My Way, Chakra Magic Success (Root Chakra). 

In the first week of October, you can expect difficulties and frustrations to occur regularly, and problems with authority figures could surface. A productive way of dealing with Mars square Saturn is to slow down and do things methodically. It’s not the time to rush anything. This weekend is a good time to do a little housekeeping on the relationship front. You may also need to create boundaries. The best Coventry Candle is Motor City Hoo Doo Crown of Glory.

The second week of October is rather uneventful until the weekend when the Kraken rises out of the sea and unleashes his cosmic spew throughout the rest of 2020. So, enjoy a brief cosmic intermission before Act III begins. On Friday, avoid manipulation tactics or other underhanded activities because the blowback can be harsh. There is potential for clashes and power plays. This leads to a weekend of getting carried away and acting impulsively. Check your motivations before acting and keep other people’s perspectives in mind. Best Coventry Candle is Blessed Herbal Truth and Justice.

The third week of October is a traffic jam of astrological energy. So, buckle up! Monday is a good day to have last-minute conversations that are necessary before Mercury turns retrograde. On Tuesday, Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio. Make sure to back up your computers and electronic devices, give more time for traffic, and plans may go awry. On the deeper level, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio allows you to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter on most issues that may be troubling you. Use this energy wisely. Friday is a great day to work on relationships and sew some seeds to bring positive energy into your life, which is necessary with the difficult energy this month.  The weekend brings an opportunity for needed reality checks. Clarity! The best Coventry candle is the Hoo Doo Van Van.

The fourth week of October once again is filled to the brim with astrological activity and financial opportunities and surprises arise. You will be able to pursue things of value and meaning. On Thursday Scorpio season begins. Our senses become stronger and the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world thins. It’s an auspicious time to focus on fears, phobias, and blocks that may be impeding your overall growth. Discover them and transform them into something positive and you will level up. This weekend financial issues may surface. This will give you an opportunity to put your fiscal plan into perspective. The best Coventry Candle this week is Blessed Herbal Prosperity

In the last week of October express your political or controversial opinions on Monday. By Tuesday people may tune you out. Later in the week, the ‘spooktacular’ Halloween Full Moon should rattle a few cages. Expect the unexpected to occur. Sunday, your mood may be melancholy and it may take an extra dose of caffeine to get you going, it’s a good day to focus on practical matters and complete tasks that need attention to details. The best Coventry candle is the Blessed Herbal Inner Balance. 


Meet Storm at  For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion. His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology, and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology.  A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing, and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars. Meet Patty Shaw at


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August2020 RetailAstroMagicIt’s Leo Season now and although the first part of the month will continue the difficult trend of the last two months, relief is on the way! We don’t want you to miss the real opportunity of Leo just because it’s been one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Pop-culture astrology uses keywords like narcissistic, self-absorbed, attention-seeking, prideful, and egotistic to describe the sign of the king of the beasts. Though at times these are valid descriptions, the deeper essence of Leo gets lost in negativity. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, the giver of life, which is aptly described in the Tarot card of the same name. It features a naked child riding a horse without care or problem in the world. The nakedness of the child reflects the essence of the sign of Leo. After all the clothes created by living life are removed, at the core of our being, the only thing we have left is our individuality. And, this is what Leo is about – the process of becoming an individual. Take advantage of the Leo month where we develop our own personal PR strategy. Focus on what you would like to accomplish and then develop a plan of self-promotion. Essentially, it’s 31 days of you doing you.  


August Snapshot 


August starts off with a boom as the Sun and Uranus tangle in the heavens. The Sun is focused on the individual and Uranus is focused on collective progress, which can easily lead to a potential clash between the two planets. Often, you may feel at odds with the group, groupthink, or hive-mind mentalities. In other ways, you may feel restricted by the group and feel the need to break free and do your own thing. Additionally, unexpected surprises and sudden changes could leave you feeling rattled and insecure. Try not to overreact when these incidents occur because it will only make matters worse.


Along with the Sun-Uranus square grudge match in the cosmos, Mercury does battle with both Pluto and Saturn. This combination can leave you feeling filled with self-doubt and then negative mindsets can easily take over. It is best to acknowledge why you are feeling the way that you do and try to get to the core root of the problem.  This will help you make better decisions and choices in the future. Getting your mind focused on overcoming challenges rather than falling into a victim mentality will help be centered and grounded when Mars Saturn and Pluto rain on your parade mid-month.


Towards the end of the month, Mercury moves into Virgo (the sign he rules) and makes some lovely trines to Uranus and Jupiter. This should allow you to see the big picture and put situations and circumstances in their proper (Virgo) perspective (Mercury). Uranus likes innovation and Jupiter likes to expand, so pay close attention to your thoughts because they may give you insights that you can use to your advantage in the future.


The Full Moon occurs on August 3rd in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of the groups and collective ideals. Full Moon cycles are the time of the month that we begin to remove things in our lives that are no longer working for us. Removing friendships that have gone sour, leaving groups that no longer feed your soul, and discovering which collective ideas we no longer resonate with and formulating individual beliefs is important. We recommend Blessed Herbal Needed Change, Spiritual Cleansing, and Protection candles to help you navigate the August full moon.


The New Moon occurs on August 18th in fiery Leo. This is the first New Moon that is viable to perform magic since May. Since Leo is about self-promotion and creativity, this would be a great time to do any form of enhancement or glamor magic. Spruce things up by charging cosmetics, lotions, colognes, and perfumes. We recommend Hoo Doo Cleo Mae, Wicked Witch Mojo Everything and then Some, and Red Stilettos candles for your magical successes. 

August 3, 2020 – August 9, 2020 begins on a rather depressing note with Mercury opposed to Saturn. Take charge of your life by exploring your place in the world and looking at areas that need change because your practical needs are important now. Focusing on ‘life correction’ is the pathway through the overwhelming thoughts and will help you begin a new course of action. A good solid plan will boost your confidence and make you more secure within yourself.


On Tuesday, Mars squares Jupiter in Capricorn, and Mercury moves out of Cancer and into Leo. This is a lot of fire in one day and may be the elixir that breaks the spell of Mercury opposed Saturn. Fire is concerned with future potentials and Mars square Jupiter provides plenty of energy to make things happen. Please avoid making rash decisions and do not take on more than you can handle.


A sign change for the love goddess Venus happens. She leaves airy Gemini and dives into the deep emotional waters of Cancer. Venus in Cancer requires deep emotional connections to others, and you will find your relationships important over the next four weeks. Work on relationship issues as they surface.


Coventry candle Suggestions for this week are, Blessed Herbal Stability, Energy and, Emotional Balance, and Hoo Doo Adam and Eve 

August 10, 2020 – August 16, 2020 is the last week of extremely intense energies and then we get a little break from 2020. The week begins with a difficult square between Mercury and Uranus. Mercury square Uranus is extremely impulsive, scattered, and can lead to intense thoughts that are difficult to control. Stay ‘rooted’ in the now to minimize some of the mental anxiety caused by this aspect. Also, avoid saying anything impulsively that you may later regret. 

During the middle of the week, Mars forms a nasty square to Pluto. Mars square Pluto may lead to power struggles, especially on the career front. You may feel at odds with others and this could easily cause conflict. Avoid shady and manipulative people!


The good news is that after the darkness comes the light and this may be the best week of the past eight months. The Sun and Mercury form a lovely trine to Mars in Aries. It’s a great weekend to just be yourself and enjoy living. If obstacles do arise, you should be able to handle them easily. Coventry candles for the week are, Blessed Herbal Protection, Hoo Doo Uncrossing, Reversing, and Wicked Witch Mojo Everything and Then Some

August 17, 2020 – August 22, 2020 is the breath of fresh air we’ve been waiting for. It begins with lovely conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Leo and a sextile between Venus and Uranus. The Sun conjunct Mercury will increase your conversations with others, and you will feel the need to socialize, express your opinions, and share your ideas. Meanwhile, Venus sextile Uranus urges you to shake up your relationships by adding a bit of excitement. So, spice up your romantic life by ditching the same ole same ole and add some new activities that both of you will enjoy. Make it memorable. Later in the week, we move into Virgo season and our focus will change from being your best you to becoming an efficiency master. In addition to the Sun moving into Virgo, Mercury also moves into the sign of the Virgin. Mercury’s co-presence allows you to see details easily, identify problems, and make constructive changes. Eyes and attention turn toward what we can do to improve our health. Renewed interest in an exercise regime and eating to strengthen our immune system blossom. This will help us re-attune our bodies and increase our energy levels. The perfect way to enter into the fall and the flu season.

Coventry candles for this week are, Wicked Witch Mojo Everything and then Some, Blessed Herbal Love’s Enchantment, Inner Balance, and Stability


August 23, 2020 – August 30, 2020 is a mixed bag because we have several difficult aspects blending in with positive ones. This can lead to denial because we tend to escape into the good aspects in order to buffer (or ignore) the more challenging ones. We start the week off with a potent square between Mars and Saturn. This is exactly like driving with the brakes on. Daily activities can lead to frustration, irritation, and possibly anger. Outside influences also play a part in feeling blocked and unable to take matters into your own hands. Mars square Saturn leads us to Mercury trine Uranus and Venus opposed to Jupiter. Both Mercury trine Uranus and Venus oppose Jupiter want to escape reality and avoid the seriousness of Mars square Saturn. Mercury-Uranus fills your mind with new thoughts and inspiration, whereas Venus oppose Jupiter would prefer to escape altogether. This is not a good time to make major financial decisions or purchases. Midweek we have Venus trine Neptune. Venus-Neptune aspects bring the imaginal world into relationships. Romantic encounters can feel magical and intoxicating and can lead to idealisms. However, make sure you realize this ‘feeling’ is temporary and do not invest too seriously in it or it could lead to future problems. At the end of the week Venus opposes Pluto and Mercury opposes Neptune. The combination could cause difficulties in relationships. Venus oppose Pluto could lead to power plays. Any attempts to manipulate your partner will boomerang back and not in a nice way. Moreover, Mercury oppose Neptune creates confusion and uncertainty. This is not the time to make decisions or choices, especially in relationship matters. Coventry candles for the week are, Wicked Witch Mojo Outta' My Way, Blessed Herbal Protection, Heart, Healing, and Truth and Justice


Meet Storm at  For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion. His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology, and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology.  A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing, and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars.

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