Sept Astro MagicThankfully, we had an astrological break in August from the intense energies that occurred in July. However, and there is no way to sugar coat this, September is as difficult as July was.  There are more than a few unsavory aspects that will make our collective skin crawl. 

In Kabbalah, Virgo is known as Elul and is the cosmic month of repentance (Teshuvah). This is the time when we let go of the negative actions we engaged in throughout the year. We will all be called to increase our understanding of the root causes and make personal changes to avoid repeating them in the future. It’s also the month where we need to make good on any promises (vows) we made over the last year. So, you can see, on the spiritual level, life is about to get rather demanding. 

In the mundane world, Virgo season is equally difficult. Virgo is about details and this can be overwhelming to many, especially the fire signs. However, focusing on details may be the only way we can get the results out of life we prefer. Pay close attention to information you receive throughout September because it may be the key to removing obstacles in your life. 

Act One

On September 2nd, the Sun conjoins Mars in Virgo and is a powerhouse that can attract new things and break through obstacles. For Sun conjunct Mars, we recommend Attraction Blessed Herbal oil and Out of My Way Wicked Witch Mojo oil.  Beware of using too much verbal force on the 3rd. That’s when Mercury conjoins Mars.  It will serve you well not to let your tongue control your better sensibilities. When the trickster planet is aligned with the God of War there is a tendency to not filter your conversations. To protect yourself, consider lighting the Gossip Stop Hoo Doo candle. To balance impulsive tendencies, we recommend the Root Chakra Magic Success candle or spray

In other parts of heaven, dear Venus tango’s with Virgo, which is the sign of her fall. Venus feels exceptionally weak kneed in Virgo, and can lead us to feelings of insecurity in both love and money. On September 4th, Venus opposes Neptune. Venus-Neptune aspects are extremely tricky because we tend toward idealization, fantasy, and eventually disappointment when ordinary people can’t live up to our expectations. So, relationship difficulties are likely, and financial problems can easily occur. Its fun to get caught up in the glamor of money, at least until the bill comes due. We recommend the Truth and Justice Blessed Herbal candle to bring clear vision while Venus is in the sign of the Virgin, but Love’s Enchantment and Self-esteem Blessed Herbal candles work nicely once Venus moves into Libra on September 14th

Although Mars makes mainly positive aspects throughout September, it does form a difficult aspect to Neptune on September 4th.  This is a potentially potent energy drain.  We suggest burning the Energy Will Blessed Herbal candle to increase your stamina and get through the Neptunian slump like it never happened.

Mid-Month Magic Needed

The Full Moon is in the sign of Pisces on September 13th. Pisces is difficult to maneuver because it is never clear about anything. Also, Pisces is the sign associated with addiction. Use this Full Moon to get clear on your addiction and deal with it. We recommend Healing, Heart, and Needed Change Blessed Herbal candles for this Piscean Full Moon. Also, on September 13th, the Sun trines Pluto. This energy is great for standing in your personal power. Celebrate you with a Goddess candle from the affirmation line.  Venus moves into its own sign of Libra on the 14th.  This will improve relationships and financial difficulties. Another reason to celebrate.

The famous final scene

The New Moon enters Libra on September 28th. Libra is the sign of relationships and is the best time of the year to do love magic. To improve your relationships, we recommend Adam and Eve Hoo Doo candle and Love’s Enchantment Blessed Herbal candle. To bring in a new relationship, call on Attraction Blessed Herbal candle and Come to Mama Wicked Witch Mojo oil to boost your charisma.  To keep you grounded in reality we suggest you also burn Stability and Self-Esteem and Truth and Justice blessed Herbal candles.

Mercury moves into fair-and-balanced Libra but unfortunately forms difficult aspects to Saturn on September 22nd and Pluto on September 26th. While Mercury is square Saturn you may feel depressed and have difficulties seeing the positive in your life. Avoid negative thinking as best as you can and use the Chakra Magic Love spray to keep your mood elevated. Then, when Mercury squares Pluto a few days later, hidden information may become known which can shake things up. Analyze everything and get to the facts. You may need to put your circumstances into perspective or trouble could occur when Venus squares Saturn on September 25th.  We hope you cruse through September with grace and ease.  Coventry products will certainly help.  

Special thanks to our Astrology expert, Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, for his astute guidance on how the planets affect our daily lives.  Meet Storm at  

For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion.  His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology.  A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars.

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Copy of Magic AstroAugust 470sqAfter an incredibly turbulent July, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. August is calm and there are only two difficult aspects, but there are several good ones that we can take advantage of throughout the month. Now, Leo is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac (along with Scorpio) and pop-culture astrology sites use keywords like self-involved, attention seekers, prideful, egotistical, and narcissistic to describe the sign of the lion, and these are at times valid descriptions. But, because of these over the top descriptors, the deeper essence of Leo gets lost.

The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, the giver of life, which is aptly described in the Tarot card of the Sun that features a naked child riding a horse without a care or problem in the world. The nakedness of the child reflects the essence of the sign of Leo, that at the core of our being and once all the clothes created by living life are removed, the only that that we have left is our individuality. And, that is what Leo is about – the process of becoming individual.

Every sign is available to all of us, and Leo season is no exception. Leo is the month out of the year where we develop our own personal PR strategy for the next year. Focus on what you would like to do and achieve and then develop a strategy of self-promotion. Essentially, it’s a whole month of you doing you, so take advantage of this energy while you can.

The Sun only forms positive aspects throughout the month, including trines to Jupiter and Uranus and a conjunction to Venus. So, this month is great to amp up your luck, attract new things (including people) to you and exploring new options by opening your mind to new experiences. We recommend Black Cat Hoo Doo, Attraction Blessed Herbal, and Everything and Then Some Wicked Witch Mojo candles for the month.


Through the first half of the month Mercury in Cancer will still be in shadow, meaning he has not returned to the point that he went retrograde in July. Communication difficulties may persist through mid-August, but many of the themes that came up during the retrograde will be resolved. During the second half of the month, Mercury moves into fiery Leo and slams head first into Uranus on August 16th. Mercury square Uranus makes us feel nervous, agitated, reactive, and we put our foot in our mouth at the worst possible time that can lead to arguments and disagreements. However, towards the end of the month creative ideas and activities are recommended. For the first half of the month, I would continue to burn Van Van Hoo Doo candles, but for the second half I would recommend Energy Will Blessed Herbal candles to increase creativity.

For Love and Money:

It’s the month of summer lovin’ as most of the month Venus moves through romantic Leo and towards the middle of the month, Venus trines Jupiter activating one of the most romantic days of the year. Use this month to magically improve your relationships or even attract a new one.

Although your love life may be off the hook, financially Venus moving through Leo should come with a caution sticker. Avoid overspending and try to conserve your finances throughout the month, especially when Venus trines Jupiter because this aspect often throws caution to the wind. We recommend Stability Blessed Herbal candle to stay grounded and Prosperity Blessed Herbal candle to keep money flowing.



Mars moves through fiery Leo during the first part of August. This cycle is great to attract people to you that will help push you to the next level. Mars in Leo is when you should go after what you want and succeed at getting it. Anoint yourself with lodestone oil or Attraction Blessed Herbal oil until August 17th when Mars moves into Virgo. While Mars is in Virgo, if you want to change jobs this would be a good time to work on it magically. Although Querent Caller Hoo Doo candle is used to attract clients, it can also be used to find steady work.


Special thanks to our Astrology expert, Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, for his astute guidance on how the planets affect our daily lives.  Meet Storm at  

For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion.  His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology.  A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars.

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July Astro Magic Brace for an Astrological ass whoopingWe’re going to rip the bandaid off fast. July is by far the most difficult month of the year.  With the help of Coventry products and faith in yourself, you will get through it. We’ve got two powerful potent eclipses and Mercury goes retrograde. Eclipses put the brakes on and Mercury retrograde means irritating malfunctions and miscommunications.

During the season of the crab we are all about creating emotional security and building a stable foundation.  Which is why in the US Cancer is associated with baseball, hotdogs, and Mom’s apple pie. Not to mention being enthusiastically patriotic. Of course, each country has their own icons for a happy home and national pride and security.

This year our beloved Cancer season is going to be exceptionally intense because of other players in the zodiac. Never the fault of Cancer itself of course.  The Sun will tangle with the zodiacal bad boys, Saturn and Pluto. This means the choices and decisions we made (or failed to make) six months ago will be tested. We may experience difficulties with people which may include confrontations, conflicts, and arguments. To keep your emotions calm anoint your wrists daily with Happy Home Blessed Herbal oil.  To ease tensions at home keep an Adam & Eve Hoo Doo or Heart Blessed Herbal candles burning (remove all packaging and never leave a burning candle unattended). Don’t forget, we highly recommend burning a Van Van Hoo Doo candle while Mercury is retrograde. The hot bed day is July 8th when arguments, disagreements, and reactive behavior are not only probable, the could get pretty intense.  In other parts of the heavens, Venus influences us to do something out of our comfort zone and shake things up a bit. Our romantic relationships are ripe for more excitement.

The first eclipse of eclipse season happens on July 2nd in Cancer. This solar eclipse happens during the new moon.  Ordinarily, New Moons are the time to do manifestation magic, but with Mercury about to turn retrograde, this is not the best course of action. Instead, we can use this New Moon to get in touch with our emotions and motivations.  Self-analysis could reveal some truths we need to see. July is also about being fully present, valuing the way we spend our time, reducing stress, and being in the moment. Meditate on your chakras with our Chakra Magic candles during this beautifully reflective time and release pent up stress that wastes our energy and messes with our zen.  

Next up, is Mercury retrograde which happens on July 7th. This retrograde begins in the sign of Leo, but the traditional warnings are still applicable.  Do not begin anything new, avoid signing documents or making firm agreements. Resist making big purchases. It could bring on buyer’s remorse next month.  Communication problems are likely, travel plans may be interrupted, and technology tends to break down. We always recommend burning Van Van Candles during a Mercury retrograde. Financial frustrations in the second half of the month may trigger anxiety and loss of faith. We suggest Road Opener, Needed change, or Out of My Way candles to keep the money flowing and in the right direction.

July 16th we have a lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. The sign of the goat governs our station in life and manages our reputation, place in society, and the labels that define who we are. Since this eclipse is also a powerful Full Moon, we can use it to re-invent ourselves and let go of behaviors that no longer define us.  Also, this is a great time to repair our reputations. A possible path to revelation is to get honest about the motivations behind our past bad choices and decisions, forgive ourselves and let it all go. Also on the 16th is when trouble begins in the confidence department. Insecurities and self- doubt may begin to plague us and bleed into our relationships. This internal struggle will continue straight through the rest of the month.  Strengthen the solar plexus with Coventry’s Confidence Chakra Magic spray. Adam & Eve and Happy Home candles will protect our relationships until we feel better.

This month something occurs that is very rare. We have two New Moons in one month. This New Moon on July 31st is in fiery Leo.  It’s a great Moon to do self-improvement magic, beauty magic, and attraction magic. Our Self-Love and Forgiveness Witches Union Spell will be greatly enhanced by the power of this moon.  Bonus, Mercury goes direct on July 31st too.

Although Mercury retrograde and solar eclipses interfere with beginning anything new, life still goes on. Mars moves through fiery Leo and brings a silver lining. Our creative projects become more important and achieving goals boost individual satisfaction. Stay positive and proactive!


Special thanks to our Astrology expert, Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, for his astute guidance on how the planets affect our daily lives.  Meet Storm at  

For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion.  His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology.  A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars.

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Copy of Blog MagicMaker 470sqWe have 104 candles, 56 oil blends, and 15 sprays, and wow that is a lot of magic to choose from.  What is even a bigger task, is guiding you toward the best product for your situation. We know because we get asked all the time, which candle should I burn?  Which oil or spray should I use and how do I use it? As much as we think our stuff is self-explanatory, we realize it is not. Not for everyone.

Our first pick a candle guide was a booklet.  Now we’ve gone digital and are so excited to offer this information free and easily accessible to all.  Here is the link to our Build a Spell page.

Magic is easier when you approach it systematically.  Just like baking a cake. We are happier with the results when we follow the recipe.  Here is our step by step process in building your perfect spell with our candles.

Step one: Identifying the problem.  Do a quick grounding and centering meditation and reflect on your situation.  Then pick one of the six categories. Click on it to reveal the list of drill down questions.

Step two: Choose your question.  Of this list of questions, one represents your situation best. Check that box. It will reveal to you the products we recommend.  Click on the one(s) that really resonate with you. If you want it, put it in your shopping cart.

Step 3: When you are ready to purchase, look to the top of the page. There will be flashing red dot showing that you have items in your shopping cart.  Click on the red dot and you will be taken to check out.

Step 4:  Yay, your candles have arrived.  Now you can do your spell in the comfort of your own home.  Have fun and remember to practice safe magic by using candle holders and removing all packaging before lighting your candles.

Digging deeper into building a spell

Spell crafting can be daunting, especially if you are trying this for the first time.  This can cause a big barrier between you and diving into the empowering world of doing spells.  The biggest reason we turn to magic and spell work is that we want to create a reality that closely resembles our deepest hopes and dreams.  We have all had that wake-up and smell the coffee moment of, “Wow, this is not where I saw myself going five or more years ago. Where did I go wrong?”  

Jacki and Patty at Coventry Creations completely understand.  It is the main inspiration behind all their products. The candles, oils, and sprays are tools that help get your life back on track.  Above all, they open the door to empowering you to dream bigger. They also help you build courage, so you can take action, negotiate pop up barriers and make those needed sweeping changes so your ideal life can take front stage.  

In step one we gave you six categories to choose from.  In life, most situations fall into these six categories. If you are not sure which box to choose, try distilling your problem down to its core elements.  For example, if you got fired from your job, it's reasonable to assume the prosperity category will lead you to your perfect spell. But, if there is something to clear or heal first, you may be missing an opportunity to work on yourself.  Taking care of your hurt first could make the difference between flubbing the next interview or nailing it. The path to success is not always the obvious one. Just for fun, click around in the six categories and review the list of questions.  If something jumps out at you, it could be your intuition talking. Listen

After you’ve clicked on the category of choice you will be presented with a list of questions.  If you don’t find a question that exactly meets your needs, don’t let that deter you. Once you get to the part where you are ready to light your candles, it’s your intention that will do the final course corrections for the energy.  Now, pick your question and put a check mark in the box then click the purple “see matching products”. You are on your way.

Behold the beautiful images of all the products that could be part of your spell.  One or more of them will speak to you. Click on it and review the description provided.  Each product will open in a new window. This will allow you to keep referring back to your list of candles and give you a chance to read all the descriptions.  Put the ones that resonate with you the best in your shopping cart. Huzzah a spell is born.

At times an oil or spray makes its way into your list.  You can use the oil to anoint your candle to add a dimension to your spell, you can wear the oil on your body, anoint object, diffuse it or put in wash water.  Sprays are used for changing the vibration in rooms and auras. Don’t forget the candle holders!

If you wish to continue shopping after you’ve gone to the shopping cart, use the navigation on the left side of the page.   You will need to go back to the build a spell page and recreate your spell because we cannot navigate you back to your original spell.  Sorry about that. It’s a limitation of our website.

While you are waiting for your candles to be shipped we recommend you read our blogs for examples on how to do a candle spell or ritual.  Start with Healing Magic, Live the magic and Living with Moon Magic blogs. It won’t take you long to pick up on the cadence. We also recommend getting Coventry Magic with Candles, Oils, and Herbs by Jacki Smith.  There is a wealth of information for both the newcomer and experienced spell caster.

Ding dong, your candles have arrived and you are excited to put them to work.  To carefully remove all packaging you can use a razor blade. Make a straight cut down the back of the label and plastic sleeve for easy removal. Then put your candles in candle holders.  If you are anointing, scribing names, words or symbols in the candle do that before you light the candle. Now is when you say your intention. You can write it out and put the paper underneath the candle holder, or you can speak your intention aloud.  You can also say the blessing or intention on the label. Change the words enough to make it personal.

Burn your candle for no more than three hours at a time.  Let them burn all the way down and never leave a burning candle unattended.  When the candle is done, your spell is done. If you still don’t see results, give the energy more time to work.   Be open to any change in your life, your attitude and the attitudes of others. They are hints as to how your spell is taking shape in your life.   Happy spell casting, happy life.

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Throw a Coventry Magic party Evergreen blogAt some point during a girl’s night out we get to complaining about our problems.  We all have that one situation we just don’t know how to handle and we reach out to our best friends for insight or a big ‘ole shoulder to cry on.  How would you like to have an easy way to guide them through the tough questions? Not only do we have a candle for that, we have an oracle for that.  Our Coventry Magic Oracle can give direction and a plan of action for just about every scenario you and your posse can come up with. Let’s help you lighten the mood by showing you how to throw a Coventry Magic Oracle party.  It will take the focus off the problem and put it right where it needs to be, on the solution. This is an excellent twist to your gatherings.

Here’s how it works: When it’s your turn to host the girl’s night out, make it a Coventry Magic night.  You can do this at your home, café or bar. Another idea is to talk to your local metaphysical store owner and ask if they’d be willing to stay open late one night and host it for you. Then you have a full stock of Coventry Candles at your fingertips.  Being able to buy the Coventry candle in the moment is such a gratifying experience.

Let everyone know it’s a Coventry Magic party and come ready to put a problem to the CMO test and be ready with one or a few Coventry Magic Oracle decks, paper and pens.  Once the chit chat turns to airing problems pull out your deck, shuffle it a few times and ask the question, What does (Nancy) need to help her solve this problem? Pull one to three cards.  If (Nancy) is open to it, you and your friends can contribute to the interpretation of the card.

A quick lesson on how to read the CMO cards

Each card shows a Coventry Candle, the blessing or affirmation on the label and five ways to interpret the card.  We put life into these five categories because everything life throws at you fall into one of these five points. If you get stuck, think of the situation with a question in mind.  For example, is this about a relationship of any kind (for love), is this about my job, career, investment, new business idea (for prosperity), is this about my emotional, mental or physical health (for healing), is this about my luck, security or safety in any way, including psychic or spiritual (for protection), is this about the quality of my personal energy, the energy of my space and the energy around my relationships or situation (for clearing)?

You can approach the card from two directions.

  1. Ask about money, love or relationship, illness or health, protection or security, or clearing issue.  Clearing is for anything spiritual, mental, emotional or situational.
  2. Bring the situation to the deck and after picking a card, assess what solution or guidance best fits it.  

When doing a three card spread you will assign a meaning to each card.

  1. The first card is what you need to heal
  2. Second card is what you need to clear
  3. The third card is the blind spot and the magic you need to do (the action you take) to overcome it.

Here is an example reading to inspire you

What do I need to do to get my needs met?  Are you in a situation where no matter what you do or say, there is something left to be desired when it comes to getting your needs met? Sure, everyone is busy, taxed, distracted or just plain out of gas and not in a great space to help you out.  So where do you turn when you seriously feel like you’ve gotten the short end of the stick of life? Let’s see what the Coventry Magic Oracle has to say.

What you need to Heal – Ancestor Blessed Herbal Candle – Burn this candle to open up that connection to your higher self (the light) and source of your inspiration.  While meditating with this candle, ask that you be healed of all negative beliefs and be shown where you are sabotaging your efforts that leave you feeling abandoned, disrespected or ignored.

What you need to Clear – Lakshmi World Candle – Burn this candle to attract the attention of the goddess of wealth and opportunity.  Appeal to her generosity and ask for help in clearing all blocks to being worthy of success, recognition and assistance.  When the gates open you will find it much easier to meet your own needs and get cooperation from others as well.

What you’re ready to manifest – Mak’in Tracks Wicked Witch Mojo candle – Burn this candle to help you give the boot to wrong thinking and bad behavior directed at you from others.  Remember, they are just fulfilling a self-professed prophecy that you just can’t get your needs met. The energy and attitude of the Wicked Witch Mojo Mak’in Tracks candle will make it impossible for ill will to stay in your vicinity and makes room for you to manifest a life filled with people, situations and opportunities that support the new you that believes you are worth it.    

The overview - The advice we get from our oracle is to stop looking around you for input or rescuing and go straight to the source.  Not the source of the problem but the source of your inspiration. Some call it going within, others call it inviting in the light or praying.  We call it, living with the reality you created. The world around you is a mirror of your own beliefs. If you secretly believe you are not worthy of getting your needs met, it will be harder for you to attract or act on desired opportunities.  You may already be experiencing a cycle of getting passed over. The cool adjunct here is that you can stop defeating beliefs in their tracks and recreate your reality into one that works for you instead of against you. It just takes a little magic from us and some attitude adjustment from you. Let’s work together!

Let’s go shopping!

Of course you’re not going to turn your home into a store, but the idea is, your friends will go online or pop into their local new age or metaphysical store and pick up the candles recommended in the reading.  Doing the reading will get you the insight and trigger some soul searching, and that is awesome. Putting those thoughts into action is where the magic happens. Lighting the candle and doing the meditation, affirmation or blessing is where we start creating our own reality and certainly changing the one we’re sitting in right now.  You and your friends will have so much more to talk about when you introduce this very empowering tool into their life. You are such a cool friend.

Dazzle your friends by being a Coventry Creations magic maker!    

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