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Yes, customers are required to put in their tax ID. If they don't, we have to call them and get it.
It's our way of verifying them.
There is an exception to this.  If you call and they are applying for one (new business) we do not need it until they order.

We create a new sales orders for "add on's". See internal Coventry procedures.

Check the quantity on the website and make sure it is a 4 digit number such as "9999."

1. Look at the customer's address - is it in Canada? If so, the customer must go through Quanta.

2. Look at what group the customer is in.

3. Make sure that the shopping cart has the $100 needed for the minimum order. To find this out, contact the customer directly and ask.

The Coventry rep can ask for the Dropbox link, which is viewable only, and forward to the customer.

1. Search to see if lead is in the zoho database. If so don't add.

2. Add to zoho as an account
-> account owner: to Gerald C.
-> Rating: New lead
-> Fill out address info
-> Fill out any additional info (email, URL, contact name)
-> in the description put lead from CCI office.

If windows 7, make sure firewall is off and network is set to home
If windows 10, make sure network is set to private and windows feature for smb is checked
--> to get to windows features : Control panel -> programs -> turn windows features on / off -> Make sure SMB is on

Windows 10 april patch disables smb sharing.

Check the template.The correct one that shows the sales rep is called "Customer Sales Order Invoice." If it has defaulted to "The Coventry Invoice" or any other, it is probably incorrect. 

This especially tends to happen if a new company file has recently been created, or new users have been added.

Here is the process to be followed for when customer issues come up. 
1. Account manager or customer service person finds out an issue and creates a case in zoho. Put as much information in the detail field as possible and select the correct type of issue. Assign to the CCI user in zoho with a due date of that day. Set the urgency to normal unless something warrants a higher level. The person entering the case will send an email to with the same details put in zoho. 
2. Each call or email is entered in as a task  in zoho to track where someone left off with the customer. (Needed for any staff changes or vacations). 
3. When the issue is resolved the customer service person puts in a task for the account manager to follow up on the case and close the case. That task should be scheduled 10 days out. 
4. The account manager will log the results of the follow up on the customer account notes with the case name/number.
You will see cases if you go into the customer account and scroll to the bottom in zoho. You can create new cases by clicking the plus sign. 
Note: Once the case has been created and assigned to the CCI user the account manager has handed that off to the CCI user, there is no need for the account manager to insert themself into the conversation until CCI has confirmed the issue has been resolved and a follow up task is assigned. If a significant amount of time has passed and the case has not been updated you will escalate to me for next steps.  
Find out from the customer:

1) What browser they are using
2) What operating system they are running
3) When was the last time they were able to place an order.
4) What their email address is.
5) What is their group on the Type 40 site
6) What page were they on or what were they doing when this happened?
7) what Time and date did the issue happen?
8) Are you able to replicate this issue on the Type 40 prod or dev site?
Put all this in the zoho case and assign a task out. Cases and Tasks do not always send an email. You need to always email the person it's assigned to. 

When a customer is having a web issue, take the order over the phone.   Have them read it to you. Enter a case and record the error and the entire order and attach the account.

This happens when the website does not get a proper completion message from the payment gateway. Confirm the order has been paid. Then change the status to new so it can be processed. Daily check for new missing status orders.
 No preventative action can be done.



1) Login as shared account on dev site (varies per site)
2) Recreate order complete with correct quantities and shipping
address. Or if customer is having other issues see if you can recreate
the error the customer is seeing.
3) Put Details of order or error into an email and send to tech staff.
4) Be ready to retest and sign off as changes are made.

How to fix:
1. have the person reporting the problem go to and type in
"What's my IP"
2. log into (website backend) Joocart -> Users -> API
3. Under the API tab click IP addresses and put their IP in and save.

Token needs to be renewed. Contact Jeremy


Make sure the formatting is correct - no headers, and the date/time match what Hootsuite expects (at the time of this post, that was hh:mm and if seconds were added, then there was an error. 

Postal code is missing during checkout.

8 weeks after getting all pre production information.

New products will be available on the vending site after all preproduction information is sent to vending management.


The following items need to be sent over to vending management before the process can get started:
1. Recipes
2. Model and upc codes
3. Label artwork
4. Additional supplies required (i.e. cards, bags, bottles, etc)
5. Target rollout date.
6. Prices (retail & wholesale)

 if a blog doesn't show up run the pipeline by hand 

components -> ob grabber - > click arrow by category name -> manual post

see if it published

if not published, check for "/" in front of "images" 
If it still is not on website, look at the advanced pipes for the blog category to see if "update" is turned on - change force update to "no"
then re-enebale the blogs. The force update will change it to be unpublished.   


http not HTTP for Google tracking links

STANDARD(URL) all in caps within blog post

STANDARD links only work for website blog posts. Use direct links for anything else (newsletters, landing page, etc)

Go into the pipe and see if they match what's on resource if there's ever a question  

Check to see if the obgrabber process has been blocked by rsfirewall.  Moving to a new server will need a new ip whitelisted.

php7.4-cli php7.4-common php7.4-curl php7.4-fpm php7.4-gd php7.4-json php7.4-mbstring php7.4-mysql php7.4-opcache php7.4-readline php7.4-sqlite3 php7.4-tidy php7.4-xml php7.4-xsl php7.4-zip

Next time if you get same errors , then edit components/com_opencart/system/library/db/mysqli.php
Find line number 47 and 48 then comment them as follows and save
        //$this->connection->query("SET SESSION sql_mode = 'NO_ZERO_IN_DATE,NO_ZERO_DATE,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION'");
  1. Unpublish the new blogs. Enable one at a time to see which one is not working.
  2. See if there are any special characters in the name (anything besides texts/numbers)
  3. Whack the text in the blog  and replace it with just some test text. See if that goes through.
    1. If that works it's probably a cut and paste special character.  You'll have to put chunks in to see where the issue is.
    2. Make sure to clear the system cache on resource before each pull.

Example of a cause for error: One of the links had http:/// (extra slash)

--> check to see if firewall is on
--> check to see if desktop is in the same workgroup
--> check to see if current network is set to public or work (should be set to "home" or private network for windows 10)
--> check to see if bonjour service is turned off
--> check to see if SMB service is disabled because of windows 10 security patch



Can anyone else access Kosh? Y/N
Can you see other devices on the network and/or get to the internet? Y/N
Did your password change or get a new system account? Y/N
Add a task in zoho and assign to Stacy B and send an email to issues to let folks know there is a problem. Post the answers to the questions in the email and task.

Note: make sure to add user IDs as lowercase on Kosh and the windows PC. Any mixed case userids will give you problems and not work right. 

1) ssh to kosh putty login as the windows user and password

2) type "su -" use password <um no... no password on the web lol>
3) type "useradd new user name"
4) type "passwd new userid"
5)type "smbpasswd -a (new userid)"
6) type "/bin/
--> check to see if the file is named correctly
--> check that the correct date is in the file name
--> check to see if there are more than 2 columns in the file after the item description. (delete the extra blank columns as needed).
  1. use the url and copy the IPV4 information
  2. paste the copied information into an email and send to and note the issue, who it is for (self/customer) and WHICH website.
    1. if for customer access, create a case in Zoho and assign to Stacy B.

Customer numbers are the phone numbers. They need to have the parentheses removed and put in as XXX-XXX-XXXX

 If the company name does not match the company name in QB it will create a new customer. The duplicate customer will have to be merged in QB and updated in the website. 

Customer notes will only get wiped out when the address is updated and the customer notes are not kept in a notes/memo area.