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Yes, customers are required to put in their tax ID. If they don't, we have to call them and get it.
It's our way of verifying them.
There is an exception to this.  If you call and they are applying for one (new business) we do not need it until they order.

We create a new sales orders for "add on's". See internal Coventry procedures.

Check the quantity on the website and make sure it is a 4 digit number such as "9999."

1. Look at the customer's address - is it in Canada? If so, the customer must go through Quanta.

2. Look at what group the customer is in.

3. Make sure that the shopping cart has the $100 needed for the minimum order. To find this out, contact the customer directly and ask.

The Coventry rep can ask for the Dropbox link, which is viewable only, and forward to the customer.

When a customer is having a web issue, take the order over the phone.   Have them read it to you. Enter a case and record the error and the entire order and attach the account.

8 weeks after getting all pre production information.

New products will be available on the vending site after all preproduction information is sent to vending management.